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PVP Tournament Gear are be obtained by finishing in certain leagues in PVP Tournaments. Players who finish in Diamond League or higher receive a weapon, while players who finish in Vibranium League or higher also receive a blueprint for uniforms.

PVP Tournament     Diamond League Reward          Vibranium League Reward     
1 Focal Plasma CannonFocal Plasma Cannon Blueprint: Infiltrator's Power Armor
2 Nanite Inductive NailgunNanite Inductive Nailgun Blueprint: Scrapper's Power Armor
3 Scroll of AngolobScroll of Angolob Blueprint: Bruiser's Power Armor
4 Army of OneArmy of One Blueprint: Blaster's Power Armor
5 Chakra StrikeChakra Strike Blueprint: Tactician's Power Armor
6 Spirit EdgeSpirit Edge Blueprint: Infiltrator's Aegis Armor
7 S.H.I.E.L.D. SluggerS.H.I.E.L.D. Slugger Blueprint: Scrapper's Aegis Armor
8 Savant's SpearSavant's Spear Blueprint: Bruiser's Aegis Armor
9 SparkpluggerSparkplugger Blueprint: Blaster's Aegis Armor
10 Emerald PrismEmerald Prism Blueprint: Tactician's Aegis Armor
11 MysticMystic Blueprint: Infiltrator's Empowered Armor
12 Beyond Corp Can OpenerBeyond Corp Can Opener Blueprint: Scrapper's Empowered Armor
13 Voodoo Staff Voodoo Staff Blueprint: Bruiser's Empowered Armor
14 Grim MaceGrim Mace Blueprint: Blaster's Empowered Armor
15 OverloaderOverloader Blueprint: Tactician's Empowered Armor
16 Satellite SupportSatellite Support Blueprint: Infiltrator's Safeguard Suit
17 Rune of ResolveRune of Resolve Blueprint: Scrapper's Safeguard Suit
18 T-Bolt GloveT-Bolt Glove Blueprint: Bruiser's Safeguard Suit
19 Hugin's EyeHugin's Eye Blueprint: Blaster's Safeguard Suit
20 Magnetic Pulse CannonMagnetic Pulse Cannon Blueprint: Tactician's Safeguard Suit
21 Li'l BoomerLi'l Boomer Blueprint: Infiltrator's Flight Suit
22 Black RoscoeBlack Roscoe Combatant Empowered Iso-8
23 CarafistCarafist Elite Empowered Iso-8
24 Luna-CLuna-C Rampant Empowered Iso-8
25 Roaring RampageRoaring Rampage Energizing Empowered Iso-8
26 Dark Energy BladeDark Energy Blade Blueprint: Infiltrator's Infused Techsuit
27 The Grim HunterThe Grim Hunter Blueprint: Scrapper's Infused Techsuit
28 Femme FatalonsFemme Fatalons Blueprint: Bruiser's Infused Techsuit
29 Spirit BladeSpirit Blade Blueprint: Blaster's Infused Techsuit
30 Screaming CannonScreaming Cannon Blueprint: Tactician's Infused Techsuit

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