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PVP Tournament: Season 11

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PVP Tournament: Season 11
—Image © Marvel and Playdom
Status: ENDED
Date Began: October 1, 2013
Date Ended: October 28, 2013
Unlockable Hero: Spiral
Table of Contents
Important Notes:
  • The rules are the same as PVP Tournament: Season 10.
  • Spiral will become available for recruitment at some point after the season ends.
  • Season Rewards are awarded to the players that placed and maintained their League until the end of the whole Season, not just by placing on the required League alone.
  • Players not only obtain the Season Reward for their current League but also the rewards of the lower Leagues.
  • Players that are suspended from PVP cannot participate in PVP Tournament Seasons.
  • See External Links for helpful information regarding PVP.


Revamped PVP Pre-Fight and Victory Screen

The pre-fight loading screen has been removed in PVP. Clicking on the Fight button now sends users directly into combat. As a result, players should no longer experience their browser or Flash freezing up after initiating a fight in PVP. Additionally, the victory screen has been simplified in favor of a cleaner result page with less clutter. The information that was previously displayed can now be retrieved by visiting their opponent’s profile.

PVP Turn order change

In order to reduce the chance of a lopsided PVP fight due to all opponents going back-to-back, the turn order algorithm has been updated. Now turn order will alternate between the two teams evenly. The placement of members in that team order is still determined randomly. Note: This only affects PVP battles.


As players compete, they will be placed in a League. Players are placed in different Leagues according to their Rating, Ranking, and their number of PVP fights done in that Season. By gaining the number of ranked PVP fights required and attaining a high enough Rating, players can be promoted to higher Leagues. If a player loses Rating, they can be demoted back to a lower League.

Each League has its own Season Reward. The higher the League players placed in by the end of the Tournament, the better the Season reward.

There are five Leagues as of Season 1. These are:


League Requirements

Note: Offline PVP Battles do not count towards the players' required PVP Battles.

For the Agent to be placed in a league, he must have either the minimum league rating OR the minimum league rank required for that league.

League Name Awarded Badge Minimum Ranked Fights Minimum Top Agents Rating Required Minimum Rank
Silver League 1 Ranked attack All Ratings All Rankings
Gold League 10 Ranked attacks 900 Rank in top 25%
Diamond League 20 Ranked attacks 1050 Rank in top 10%
Vibranium League 35 Ranked attacks 1250 Rank in top 3%
Adamantium League 50 Ranked attacks 1550 Rank in the top 0.5%

Season Rewards

At the end of the Season, players win rewards based on the League they are in at the end of the season. Players must maintain their placement in their league until the very end of the season in order to win the reward. Each league has different rewards, and players that are in a higher league will win that leagues reward plus the rewards of the lower leagues.

These rewards are:

Silver League
Silver League

100,000 Silver
Gold League
Gold League

10 Gold
Diamond League
Diamond League
Vibranium League
Vibranium League

Blueprint: Infiltrator's Empowered Armor
Adamantium League
Adamantium League
Spiral PVP Reward Icon

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