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October 15, 2013 Patch Notes

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Season 2: Chapter 2

With the latest update, we are pleased to announce the debut of Season 2: Chapter 2! In Season 2: Chapter 2, players will be introduced to an entirely new grunt faction the “Circle of Eight.” The Chapter Mastery reward for Chapter 2 is the Uncanny Cyclops uniform.

New Hero Uniform: Uncanny Cyclops

Uncanny Cyclops
Team Passive : Uncanny Leadership
Cyclops and his allies have a chance to gain an extra turn after attacking
Team Passive : Don’t Die on Me
Attacks that would reduce an ally's health to 0 have a 25% chance to reduce the ally to 1% instead

Hero Max level increased to level 13

The players have been asking for it, and we delivered! With the rollout of Season 2: Chapter 2, agents will now be able to increase their heroes’ levels by one, to a new max level of 13. Heroes who reach level 13 will also earn a new “Diamond Elite” PvP bonus. Training times and costs have also been adjusted.

New ISO-8 type: Empowered ISO-8

We are rolling out a whole new type of ISO in conjunction with Season 2: Chapter 2. Players will be able to socket these new ISO types in their heroes’ uniforms to change the passive effects any particular costume may have. More information here:

New Heroic Battles

Dr. Strange vs. Dormammu
Daredevil vs. Bullseye
Iron Man, Captain America, & Thor vs. Tactical Force, Militant, & Hammer
Wolverine vs. Deadpool and Bob: Agent of HYDRA
Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver vs. M-Series Sentinels

New Incursions

There will be new incursion battles throughout Season 2: Chapter 2, with the exception of mission 6, which will have 2 incursions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Survival bonuses were not being calculated correctly on the client if the user had to refresh the fight
  • Fixed an issue with the Cruel Glaive, which caused it to gain stacks of Cruelty faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Viper’s Gas Grenade from properly applying Knockout Gas
  • Prime Sentinels in the Season 1, Chapter 2 Heroic Fight will now change classes
  • Fixed an issue that kept Incapacitation from Stunning
  • The PVP daily bonus has been updated to have the correct high-level PVP items in it
  • Fixed an issue with Solar Storm not causing counters
  • Players will no longer survive an attack that would KO them if they are in a party with Phoenix and Phoenix is KO’ed without activating Death and Rebirth

Balance Changes


  • Incapacitation now has a chance to Stun at the end of the character’s turn instead of the beginning
  • Beneficial morale effects and Intimidated will replace each other when applied


  • Get Back in the Fight will no longer proc while stunned
  • Area attacks on teammates will have a 50% chance of proccing a team Get Back in the Fight
  • Combat Expertise on Evasive Maneuvers has been replaced with Combat Awareness
  • Mega Optic Blast now has a 60% chance of applying Incapacitation


  • Southern Comfort will now correctly trigger only when Rogue is attacked
  • Southern Comfort will no longer proc a stun when used as a counter

Known issues

  • Several heroes who are featured in Heroic Battles do not have Character Restricted ISO-8 earnable in their Heroic Battles. These include Nightcrawler (Chapter 1), Iron Man (Chapter 2), and Wolverine (Chapter 2). For now Wolverine’s Chapter 2 Heroic Battle features the same ISO-8 as his Chapter 1 battle. We hope to fix this when we release Moon Knight.

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