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Gender: Agent Male Gender Male
Carries Metal? No
A retired electrical engineer who inadvertently contacted a rogue group of Kree, known as the Lunatic Legion, though his ham radio hobby. They altered his genetic makeup, allowing him to explode his body's molecules and reassemble them at will.
First Marvel: Avengers Alliance Appearance: Chapter 4 - You, Foe: Mission 2 - Center Point
First Comic Appearance: Captain Marvel #34 (September, 1974) (Marvel Database Page)
Story Appearances
Season 1: Chapter 4 - Mission 2, Chapter 7 - Mission 5, Chapter 12 - Mission 4
Season 2: Chapter 1 - Mission 6, Chapter 2 - Mission 3, Chapter 4 - Mission 2
Special Operations Appearances
Missions: Spec Ops 7 - Mission 1
Other Appearances
Daily Missions: None
Simulator: Villain Archive



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