This page features Announcements that were released in NYCC on October 12th, 2013.

NEW Announcements also added from Justin Woods Live Interview:

  • Domino is confirmed as the reward for Adamantium league in PVP Season 12. Next PVP Season will also feature new Armoury feature.
  • Special Operations 14 is going to be based on Thor: The Dark World with Heimdall as the Hero. Malekith is confirmed as Special Operations 14 Villian and Kurse as Group Boss.
  • Loki is confirmed to be the next Lockbox Hero.
  • Loki will have new abilites.
  • Sabretooth is confirmed to be the next Lockbox Hero after Loki.
  • Doctor Voodoo is confirmed to be released for Command Point in the store without tasks.
  • People who complete Season 2, Chapter 3 Mastery will be awarded with Original Daredevil.
  • Moon Knight is confirmed to be released in October.
  • Kingpin and Sin are confirmed to appear in Season 2,Chapter 3 as villians .
  • Season 2, Chapter 2 will feature new Iso-8 that will grant passives based on the Iso-8.
  • Season 2,will introduce Multi-Purpose weapons like Synthetic Cube.
  • Season 2, Chapter 2 is being tested and will be released soon.
  • The first five Special Operations reward heroes (MockingbirdEmma Frost, Magik, Ghost Rider and Valkyrie) will be released permanently.
  • Punisher and Beast will get released for MAA Mobile. Deadpool is confirmed as next PVP hero in the iOS version.
  • Android version of M:AA is confirmed to be released on November 21, 2013.

Image GalleryEdit

  • Malekith Full Artwork
  • Heimdall Full Artwork
  • Kingpin Full Artwork
  • Lockbox Loki Full Artwork
  • Domino Full Artwork
  • Lockbox Sabretooth Full Artwork
  • Kurse Full Artwork
  • Sin Dialogue Artwork

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