hdata = {
  ["A-Bomb"] = {"Abominable", "Armor Up", "Assemble!", "Buck The Trend", "Cancer Awareness", "Crowded", "Little Buddy", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Trusty Sidekick"},
  ["Adam Warlock"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arcane Rivals", "Clash of the Titans", "Cubed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Love at First Sight", "Magi", "Shining Example", "Written in the Stars"},
  ["Agent Venom"] = {"Big Guns", "Children of Venom", "Classy", "Close Encounters", "Crowded", "Fangs For The Memories", "Far Far Away", "Fully Armed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Keep it Secret", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Tangled Web", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Amazing Spider-Woman"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Arena Survivor", "Big Mouth", "Distaff Counterpart", "Magnetic", "Martial Training", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Street Level", "Swingers", "Web Warriors"},
  ["Angel"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Are You An Angel?", "Aviary", "Champions", "Children of the Atom", "Defenders", "Equestrians", "Feathered Friends", "First Class", "Flirt", "Hellfire", "Monster Hunters", "X-Force"},
  ["Angela"] = {"Antihero", "Are You An Angel?", "Asgardians", "Black Sheep", "Bloodlust", "Debbie Downers", "Fully Armed", "Godlike", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Natural Born Killers", "Not of This Earth", "Odin's Blood", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Redheads", "We Could Be Friends", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Ant-Man"] = {"Cross-Species", "Dr. Doolittle", "Familiar", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Future Foundation", "Heroes for Hire", "Kleptomaniac", "Newly Assembled", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Pym Particles", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Small Shoes To Fill", "Street Level"},
  ["Anti-Venom"] = {"Antihero", "Bloodlust", "Cancer Awareness", "Close Encounters", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Fangs For The Memories", "Far Far Away", "Maximum Carnage", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Revengers", "Sinister Six", "Street Level", "Tangled Web"},
  ["Ares"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Big Guns", "Bloodlust", "Debbie Downers", "Fear of the Dark", "Fully Armed", "Godlike", "Hellenic", "Newly Assembled", "Progeny of Olympus", "Safety First"},
  ["Avalanche"] = {"Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Seismic Shuffle"},
  ["Baron Mordo"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arcane Arts", "Arcane Rivals", "Bearded Bearing", "Debbie Downers", "Familiar", "Highway to Hell", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Untouchable"},
  ["Beast"] = {"All Hanks On Deck", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Children of the Atom", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Equestrians", "Exiles", "First Class", "Furry", "Illuminati", "Keep it Secret", "Rad Bromance", "Zero To Hero"},
  ["Beetle"] = {"Attorney-Client Privilege", "Aviary", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Corporate Sabotage", "Cross-Species", "Distaff Counterpart", "First Day On The Job", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Insectoids", "Kleptomaniac", "Money Talks", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Superior Foes"},
  ["Beta Ray Bill"] = {"Alias-Less", "Ambassador for Mankind", "Black Beauty", "Hammer Bros", "Hoofing It", "Horse Power", "Oathbrother", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Safety First", "Stormbringers", "Time to Bring Down the Hammer", "Tiny Transistors"},
  ["Bishop"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bearded Bearing", "Big Guns", "Children of the Atom", "Not of This Earth", "Tiny Transistors", "Two Fianchetto", "Wibbly Wobbly"},
  ["Black Bolt"] = {"Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Debbie Downers", "Does it Matter", "Illuminati", "Inhuman Relations", "Lead Vocals", "More Human Than Human", "One Voice", "Pro-Precog", "Sovereign", "The New Black"},
  ["Black Cat"] = {"Anything's Possible", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Cosplayers", "Downright Criminal", "Kleptomaniac", "Maximum Carnage", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Suffragettes", "The New Black", "Trusty Sidekick"},
  ["Black Knight"] = {"Assemble!", "Bloodlust", "British Invasion", "Darksteel", "Eggheads", "Excalibur", "Familiar", "Good Knight", "Horse Power", "Knight in Shining Armor", "Masters of Evil", "Monster Hunters", "Passing the Torch", "Safety First", "The New Black", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Black Panther"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Bless the Rains", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Illuminati", "King and Queen", "Martial Arts Masters", "Sovereign", "The New Black"},
  ["Black Widow"] = {"'Level 10' Clearance", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Anti-Precog", "Arachnophobia", "Assemble!", "Champions", "Dasvidaniya", "Fashionistas", "Fellow Travelers", "Frenemies", "Keep it Secret", "Martial Arts Masters", "Marvel Knights", "Natural Born Killers", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Suffragettes", "The New Black", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Blade"] = {"Bearded Bearing", "Bloodlust", "British Invasion", "Debbie Downers", "Kiss of Death", "Mighty Avengers", "Monster Hunters", "Orphanage", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Blizzard"] = {"Automotive Assault", "Cool and Collected", "Everybody Chill", "Good Advice", "Masters of Evil", "Money Talks", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Thunderbolts", "Tin Men", "Weather Patterns"},
  ["Blue Marvel"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Does it Matter", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Mighty Avengers", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Weird Rivalry"},
  ["Boomerang"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Masters of Evil", "Money Talks", "Natural Born Killers", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Superior Foes", "Thunderbolts", "Tossers"},
  ["Cable"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Big Guns", "Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Debbie Downers", "Does it Matter", "Family Reunion", "Mind Games", "Murderworld Survivors", "Not of This Earth", "Orphanage", "Six Pack", "Six Packs and Powder", "Tiny Transistors", "Wibbly Wobbly", "X-Force"},
  ["Cammi"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Average Joes", "Avengers Undercover", "Bombs Away", "Debbie Downers", "Fully Armed", "Masters of Evil", "Ran Away From Home", "Space Hulk", "Stupid. Weak. Slow."},
  ["Cannonball"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Aviary", "Bodies in Motion", "Children of the Atom", "Hot Stuff", "Murderworld Survivors", "New Mutants", "Red in the Ledger", "Rocketmen", "Seismic Shuffle", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "X-Force"},
  ["Captain America"] = {"Assemble!", "Bad Blood", "Buck The Trend", "Cubed", "Imposter", "Invaders", "Keep it Secret", "Maximum Carnage", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Rasslin' Ain't Rasslin'", "Shield Bearers", "Time to Bring Down the Hammer", "Training Montage", "War Buddies", "Weapon X", "Wings Of Liberty"},
  ["Captain Britain"] = {"Aviary", "Braddock Academy", "Braddocks", "British Invasion", "Dr.", "Excalibur", "Flatmates", "Hellfire", "Keep it Secret", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Seismic Shuffle", "Sovereign"},
  ["Chase Stein"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Average Joes", "Avengers Undercover", "Big Mouth", "Den Mother", "Familiar", "Fully Armed", "Good Advice", "I Wanna Be The Very Best", "Like A Big Brother", "Murderworld Survivors", "Orphanage", "Paradoxical Questions", "Ran Away From Home", "She's The Boss"},
  ["Cloak and Dagger"] = {"Debbie Downers", "Kleptomaniac", "Marvel Knights", "Maximum Carnage", "Needs Food Badly", "Ran Away From Home", "Street Level"},
  ["Colleen Wing"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Bail Bonds", "Big In Japan", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Daughters Of The Dragon", "Feathered Friends", "Flirt", "Heroes for Hire", "Martial Arts Masters", "Out of Hand", "Shinobi", "Street Level", "Suffragettes", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Colossus"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Armor Up", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Dasvidaniya", "Excalibur", "Hard and Soft", "Rasputins", "Seismic Shuffle", "X-Force"},
  ["Constrictor"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Frightful Four", "Masters of Evil", "Money Talks", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Roommates", "Six Pack", "Stink-Eye", "Whip it Good"},
  ["Crystal"] = {"Assemble!", "Close Encounters", "Drawn to the Flame", "Everybody Chill", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Hot Stuff", "Knight in Shining Armor", "More Human Than Human", "On Again, Off Again", "Peace Through Marriage", "Pro-Precog", "Redheads", "Shooting the Breeze"},
  ["Cyclops"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Family Reunion", "First Class", "Heart and Mind", "Orphanage", "X-Lovers"},
  ["Daimon Hellstrom"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arcane Arts", "Defenders", "Familiar", "Hammer Bros", "Hellbound", "Hellfire", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Masters of Evil", "Ordained", "Redheads", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Daredevil"] = {"Ambulance Chasers", "Anti-Precog", "Bail Bonds", "Big In Japan", "Disbarred", "Martial Arts Masters", "Marvel Knights", "Out of Hand", "Redheads", "Shinobi", "Stick It", "Street Level"},
  ["Deadpool"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Antihero", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Cancer Awareness", "Code Red", "Fashionistas", "Frightful Four", "Fully Armed", "Money Talks", "Natural Born Killers", "Roommates", "Six Pack", "Six Packs and Powder", "Thunderbolts", "Weapon X", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Death Locket"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Armor Up", "Avengers Undercover", "Big Guns", "Fully Armed", "Masters of Evil", "Street Level", "Terminators"},
  ["Deathlok"] = {"All Hanks On Deck", "Big Guns", "Bombs Away", "Debbie Downers", "Fully Armed", "Hot Stuff", "Maximum Carnage", "Natural Born Killers", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Terminators", "Tiny Transistors"},
  ["Destroyer"] = {"Alias-Less", "Armor Up", "Asgardians", "Big Guns", "Crowded", "Hot Stuff", "It's Alive!", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Tinfoil Hats"},
  ["Doctor Doom"] = {"Doom"},
  ["Doctor Voodoo"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Dr.", "Familiar", "Mind Games", "Monster Hunters", "Murderworld Survivors", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Sorcerer Supremes", "Untouchable"},
  ["Domino"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Anything's Possible", "Bombs Away", "Caught Red-Handed", "Children of the Atom", "Fully Armed", "Murderworld Survivors", "Red Herring", "Six Pack", "X-Force"},
  ["Dr. Strange"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Arcane Rivals", "Bearded Bearing", "Debbie Downers", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Illuminati", "Magi", "Monster Hunters", "Newly Assembled", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Sorcerer Supremes"},
  ["Drax"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bloodlust", "Body Swap", "Clash of the Titans", "Close Encounters", "Debbie Downers", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Lost and Found", "Space Hulk", "Titanomachy"},
  ["Electro"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Downright Criminal", "Frightful Four", "Money Talks", "Red in the Ledger", "Sinister Six", "Sparks Fly"},
  ["Elektra"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Bloodlust", "Code Red", "Hellenic", "Martial Arts Masters", "Martial Training", "Natural Born Killers", "Out of Hand", "Red Herring", "Red in the Ledger", "Shinobi", "Suffragettes", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Elsa Bloodstone"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Braddock Academy", "British Invasion", "Debbie Downers", "Distaff Counterpart", "Doom's Avengers", "Fully Armed", "Hot Stuff", "I'll Drink To That", "Legion of Monsters", "Monster Hunters", "Passing the Torch", "Redheads", "Street Level", "Suffragettes"},
  ["Emma Frost"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Cosmic Fire", "Flirt", "Girls of Summer", "Heart and Mind", "Hellfire", "Mind Games", "Red in the Ledger"},
  ["Enchantress"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Arcane Arts", "Asgardians", "Bitter Rivals", "Deceptive Origin", "Flirt", "Godlike", "Green With Envy", "It's Alive!", "Masters of Evil", "Mind Games", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Suffragettes", "What Is Love?"},
  ["Faiza Hussain"] = {"Alias-Less", "Braddocks", "British Invasion", "Close Encounters", "Does it Matter", "Dr.", "Excalibur", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Suffragettes", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Falcon"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "All-New", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Aviary", "Bearded Bearing", "Birds of a Feather", "Defenders", "Dr. Doolittle", "Feathered Friends", "Mighty Avengers", "Passing the Torch", "Proud To Serve", "Shield Bearers", "Street Level", "Trusty Sidekick", "Wings Of Liberty"},
  ["Fandral"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Bearded Bearing", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Flirt", "I'll Drink To That", "Ladies Man", "Murderworld Survivors", "Pro-Precog", "Swingers", "Warriors Three", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Fantomex"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Children of the Atom", "Crowded", "Flirt", "Kleptomaniac", "X-Force"},
  ["Fixer"] = {"Attorney-Client Privilege", "Bearded Bearing", "Bloodlust", "Bombs Away", "Classy", "Eggheads", "Fully Armed", "Masters of Evil", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Thunderbolts", "Tiny Transistors"},
  ["Gambit"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bombs Away", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Flirt", "Kleptomaniac", "Ladies Man", "Partners In Crime", "Red in the Ledger", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "Southern Hospitality", "Stick It"},
  ["Gamora"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Bloodlust", "Death in the Family", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Make Love Not War", "Natural Born Killers", "Red in the Ledger", "Rude Awakening", "Titanomachy", "We Could Be Friends", "Written in the Stars", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Ghost Rider"] = {"Antihero", "Chain Gang", "Champions", "Debbie Downers", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff", "Legion of Monsters"},
  ["Gorgon"] = {"Bearded Bearing", "Close Encounters", "Hoofing It", "More Human Than Human", "Pro-Precog", "Seismic Shuffle", "Training Montage"},
  ["Groot"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arboreal", "Bloodlust", "Dr. Doolittle", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Trusty Sidekick", "Two Thugs"},
  ["Hank Pym"] = {"Academy", "Alias-Less", "All Hanks On Deck", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Big Shoes to Fill", "Bug Buddies", "Dr.", "Dr. Doolittle", "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Familiar", "Insectoids", "Pym Particles", "Small Shoes To Fill"},
  ["Havok"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmology", "Newly Assembled", "X-Factor"},
  ["Hawkeye"] = {"Academy", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Best Coast", "Big In Japan", "Big Shoes to Fill", "Birds of a Feather", "Flirt", "Frenemies", "Keep it Secret", "Orphanage", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Ran Away From Home", "Red in the Ledger", "Shinobi", "Team Hawkeye", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Heimdall"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Bearded Bearing", "Debbie Downers", "Godlike", "Pro-Precog", "Safety First", "Systkin", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Hellcat"] = {"Almost Famous", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Defenders", "Gumshoes", "Hand-Me-Down", "Hellbound", "On The Case", "Redheads", "Sisterhood", "Sisters From Hell", "Suffragettes", "Street Level", "Zero To Hero"},
  ["Hercules"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Bearded Bearing", "Champions", "Flirt", "Godlike", "Hellenic", "Monster Hunters", "Progeny of Olympus", "Stink-Eye", "Tossers"},
  ["Hogun"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Bearded Bearing", "Debbie Downers", "I'll Drink To That", "Murderworld Survivors", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Warriors Three"},
  ["Howard the Duck"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Big Mouth", "Birds of a Feather", "Bloodlust", "Cosplay Contest", "Debbie Downers", "Familiar", "Far Far Away", "Feathered Friends", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Gumshoes", "Hot Stuff", "Martial Arts Masters", "Not of This Earth", "I'll Drink To That", "Street Level", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Hulk"] = {"Assemble!", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Equestrians", "Explosive Relation", "Gamma Gang", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Keep it Secret", "Little Buddy", "Pro-Precog", "Puny God", "Sovereign", "Till Death Do Us Part", "Tossers"},
  ["Human Torch"] = {"Aviary", "Big Mouth", "Cosmology", "Drawn to the Flame", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flirt", "Future Foundation", "Hot Stuff", "Pro-Precog", "Sibling Rivalry", "Song of Torch and Ice"},
  ["Hybrid"] = {"Antihero", "Bloodlust", "Children of Venom", "Close Encounters", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Tangled Web"},
  ["Hyperion"] = {"Antihero", "Assemble!", "Aviary", "Cosmology", "Far Far Away", "Orphanage", "Not of This Earth", "Pro-Precog", "Race to Valhalla", "Redheads", "Tossers", "Weird Rivalry"},
  ["Iceman"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Big Mouth", "Champions", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Defenders", "Equestrians", "Everybody Chill", "First Class", "Flirt", "Polar Opposites", "Song of Torch and Ice"},
  ["Invisible Woman"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Chemical Attraction", "Cosmology", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Fashionistas", "Future Foundation", "Sibling Rivalry", "Spider Ward", "Suffragettes"},
  ["Iron Fist"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Back and Forth", "Elemental", "Heroes for Hire", "Martial Arts Masters", "Maximum Carnage", "Newly Assembled", "Rearmed", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Iron Man"] = {"All-New", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Automotive Assault", "Aviary", "Big Mouth", "Corporate Sabotage", "Dr.", "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Elemental", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Hearts of Iron", "Hellfire", "Illuminati", "Ladies Man", "Rearmed", "Safety First", "Trusty Sidekick", "Tin Men"},
  ["Jessica Jones"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Babysitter", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Debbie Downers", "Gumshoes", "Heroes for Hire", "Mighty Avengers", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Sisterhood", "Street Level", "Tough Love", "Tossers"},
  ["Juggernaut"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bodies in Motion", "Brotherhood", "Excalibur", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Safety First", "Spear and Magic Helmet", "Thunderbolts", "Tinfoil Hats"},
  ["Ka-Zar"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Dr. Doolittle", "Familiar", "Heart of the Jungle", "I Wanna Be The Very Best", "Orphanage", "Savages Savages"},
  ["Kamala Khan"] = {"Alias-Less", "All-New", "Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Big Mouth", "Close Encounters", "Familiar", "Marvelous", "Marvelous Protege", "More Human Than Human", "Passing the Torch", "Street Level", "Superfan"},
  ["Kang"] = {"Kang"},
  ["Karnak"] = {"Average Joes", "Bearded Bearing", "Close Encounters", "Martial Arts Masters", "More Human Than Human", "Pro-Precog"},
  ["Karolina Dean"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arena Survivor", "Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Cosmology", "Den Mother", "Far Far Away", "Like A Big Sister", "Not In That Way", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Ran Away From Home"},
  ["Kate Bishop"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Birds of a Feather", "Distaff Counterpart", "Passing the Torch", "Street Level", "Team Hawkeye", "Trusty Sidekick", "Two Fianchetto", "Young Avengers"},
  ["Kitty Pryde"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Best Friends Forever", "Cat Fight", "Children of the Atom", "Excalibur", "Exiles", "Familiar", "Hard and Soft", "Martial Arts Masters", "Protege", "Shinobi", "Trusty Sidekick", "Untouchable"},
  ["Knight America"] = {"Good Knight", "Home Of The Brave", "Not of This Earth", "Safety First", "Shield Bearers", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Kraven the Hunter"] = {"Avengers 1959", "Bearded Bearing", "Bless the Rains", "Bloodlust", "Dasvidaniya", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "I am the Spider", "I'll Drink To That", "Monster Hunters", "No Greater Game", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Sinister Six", "Stick It", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Lizard"] = {"Antihero", "Classy", "Crowded", "Dr.", "Dr. Doolittle", "Eggheads", "Fangs For The Memories", "I'll Drink To That", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Savages Savages", "Sinister Six"},
  ["Loki"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Asgardians", "Black Sheep", "Cubed", "Godlike", "Green With Envy", "It's Alive!", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Kleptomaniac", "Odinsons", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Puny God", "Red in the Ledger", "Which Is Witch", "Young Avengers"},
  ["Luke Cage"] = {"Alias-Less", "Babysitter", "Defenders", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Hammer Bros", "Heroes for Hire", "Mighty Avengers", "Newly Assembled", "Second Chances", "Seismic Shuffle", "Street Level", "Tough Love", "Thunderbolts", "Training Montage", "Upper Management"},
  ["Magik"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arcane Arts", "Best Friends Forever", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Dasvidaniya", "Exiles", "Familiar", "Highway to Hell", "New Mutants", "Portable", "Rasputins", "Sovereign", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Magneto"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Debbie Downers", "Does it Matter", "Eggheads", "Hellfire", "House of M", "In-Laws", "Magnetic", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Sovereign", "Tinfoil Hats", "Tossers"},
  ["Mantis"] = {"Arboreal", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Celestial Madonna", "Close Counsel", "Flirt", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Martial Arts Masters", "Mind Games"},
  ["Medusa"] = {"Close Encounters", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Frightful Four", "Future Foundation", "Hellenic", "Illuminati", "Inhuman Relations", "More Human Than Human", "One Voice", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Sovereign", "Suffragettes", "Tossers", "Whip it Good"},
  ["Misty Knight"] = {"Alias-Less", "Back and Forth", "Bail Bonds", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Daughters Of The Dragon", "Defenders", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Good Knight", "Heroes for Hire", "Martial Arts Masters", "Marvelous Roommates", "Pro-Precog", "Rearmed", "Serve and Protect", "Street Level", "Suffragettes", "Tiny Transistors"},
  ["Mockingbird"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Best Coast", "Birds of a Feather", "Classy", "Hammer Bros", "Keep it Secret", "Martial Arts Masters", "Stick It"},
  ["Molly Hayes"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arena Survivor", "Children of the Atom", "Den Mother", "Like A Big Brother", "Like A Big Sister", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Punisher Gets Punished", "Ran Away From Home", "Superfan", "Tossers", "Wolverine Is A Jerk"},
  ["Moon Knight"] = {"Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Bloodlust", "Classy", "Crowded", "Good Knight", "Imposter", "Keep it Secret", "Marvel Knights", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Street Level", "Walk Two Moons"},
  ["Moondragon"] = {"Assemble!", "Big Mouth", "Body Swap", "Celestial Madonna", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Defenders", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Lost and Found", "Love Stronger Than Death", "Martial Arts Masters", "Mind Games", "Red in the Ledger", "Sovereign", "Walk Two Moons"},
  ["Moonstone"] = {"Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Dr.", "Fear of the Dark", "Flirt", "Masters of Evil", "Ms. Fake", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Second Chances", "Thunderbolts", "Untouchable", "Walk Two Moons"},
  ["Morbius"] = {"Antihero", "Bearded Bearing", "Debbie Downers", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Fangs For The Memories", "I'll Drink To That", "Kiss of Death", "Legion of Monsters", "Maximum Carnage", "Needs Food Badly", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Unexpected Results"},
  ["Mr. Fantastic"] = {"Chemical Attraction", "Cosmology", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Future Foundation", "Illuminati", "Pro-Precog"},
  ["Ms. Marvel"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Distaff Counterpart", "Fashionistas", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Identity Theft", "Keep it Secret", "Marvel Mentor", "Marvelous", "Marvelous Protege", "Ms. Fake", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Suffragettes"},
  ["Nico Minoru"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arcane Arts", "Arena Survivor", "Avengers Undercover", "Aviary", "Den Mother", "Looking Grimm", "Murderworld Survivors", "Not In That Way", "Orphanage", "Paradoxical Questions", "Ran Away From Home", "She's The Boss"},
  ["Nightcrawler"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Children of the Atom", "Excalibur", "Furry", "Mommy Issues", "Ordained", "Orphanage", "Portable", "X-Force"},
  ["Nova"] = {"All-New", "Arena Survivor", "Aviary", "Big Mouth", "Close Encounters", "Nova Corps", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Rude Awakening", "Safety First", "Superfan"},
  ["Omega Sentinel"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Big Guns", "Classy", "Fully Armed", "Haste", "Red in the Ledger", "Serve and Protect", "Tiny Transistors", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Phoenix"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Children of the Atom", "Close Encounters", "Cosmic Fire", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Does it Matter", "Family Reunion", "First Class", "Girls of Summer", "Hellfire", "Hot Stuff", "Marvelous", "Marvelous Roommates", "Mind Games", "Redheads", "Tossers", "X-Lovers"},
  ["Phyla-Vell"] = {"Alias-Less", "Bloodlust", "Debbie Downers", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Love Stronger Than Death", "Passing the Torch", "Shining Example", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Psylocke"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Big In Japan", "Body Shoppe", "Body Swap", "Braddocks", "British Invasion", "Children of the Atom", "Crowded", "Equestrians", "Excalibur", "Exiles", "Fashionistas", "Hellfire", "Martial Arts Masters", "Mind Games", "Natural Born Killers", "Out of Hand", "Shinobi", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Punisher"] = {"Antihero", "Average Joes", "Bad Blood", "Big Guns", "Bloodlust", "Bombs Away", "Classy", "Debbie Downers", "Fully Armed", "Hot Stuff", "Natural Born Killers", "Ordained", "Pro-Precog", "Punisher Gets Punished", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Quake"] = {"'Level 10' Clearance", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Heartbreaker", "Man On The Wall", "More Human Than Human", "Orphanage", "Seismic Shuffle"},
  ["Quicksilver"] = {"Academy", "Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Bodies in Motion", "Bova's Calfs", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Elemental", "Haste", "House of M", "In-Laws", "Inhuman Relations", "On Again, Off Again", "Red in the Ledger", "Wunda Twins", "X-Factor"},
  ["Red Hulk"] = {"Abominable", "Antihero", "Bombs Away", "Caught Red-Handed", "Code Red", "Explosive Relation", "Foul Play", "Gamma Gang", "Hot Stuff", "Newly Assembled", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Red Relation", "Thunderbolts", "Tossers"},
  ["Red She-Hulk"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Code Red", "Defenders", "Distaff Counterpart", "Gamma Gang", "Red Relation","Red Herring", "Seismic Shuffle", "Till Death Do Us Part"},
  ["Rescue"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Distaff Counterpart", "Hearts of Iron", "Magnetic", "Redheads", "Safety First", "Tin Men"},
  ["Richard Rider"] = {"Aviary", "Cancerverse Collapse", "Close Encounters", "Defenders", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Keep it Secret", "Make Love Not War", "Nova Corps", "Rock Stars", "Rocketmen", "Safety First", "Tossers"},
  ["Rocket Raccoon"] = {"Alias-Less", "Anti-Precog", "Arboreal", "Average Joes", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Dr. Doolittle", "Far Far Away", "Fully Armed", "Furry", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Proud To Serve", "Rude Awakening", "Two Thugs"},
  ["Rogue"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Exiles", "Identity Theft", "Mommy Issues", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Red in the Ledger", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "Southern Hospitality"},
  ["Ronan"] = {"Alias-Less", "Dance-off, Bro", "Debbie Downers", "Far Far Away", "Hammer Bros", "Peace Through Marriage", "Sovereign"},
  ["Sabretooth"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Avengers 1959", "Bloodlust", "Brotherhood", "Cat Fight", "Children of the Atom", "Exiles", "Furry", "Out of Hand", "Red in the Ledger", "Savages Savages", "Tooth and Nail", "Tossers", "Weapon X", "X-Factor"},
  ["Sandman"] = {"Crowded", "Frightful Four", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Sinister Six", "Street Level", "Support Network"},
  ["Satana"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Aviary", "Familiar", "Flirt", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Legion of Monsters", "Masters of Evil", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Sisters From Hell", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Scarlet Witch"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Anything's Possible", "Arcane Arts", "Assemble!", "Bova's Calfs", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Cyber", "Does it Matter", "Exiles", "House of M", "It's Complicated", "Passing the Torch", "Red in the Ledger", "Suffragettes", "Which Is Witch", "Wunda Twins"},
  ["Shanna"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bless the Rains", "Crowded", "Distaff Counterpart", "Dr.", "Dr. Doolittle", "Heart of the Jungle", "Savages Savages", "Stick It", "Swingers", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Shatterstar"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Bad Mojo", "Body Swap", "Children of the Atom", "Murderworld Survivors", "Not of This Earth", "Orphanage", "Redheads", "X-Factor", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["She-Hulk"] = {"Ambulance Chasers", "Assemble!", "Distaff Counterpart", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flirt", "Future Foundation", "Gamma Gang", "Hammer Bros", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Mighty Avengers", "On The Case", "Suffragettes", "Tossers"},
  ["Shocker"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Downright Criminal", "Kleptomaniac", "Money Talks", "Red in the Ledger", "Sinister Six", "Street Level", "Sucker Punch", "Superior Foes", "Thunderbolts"},
  ["Sif"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Bitter Rivals", "Black Beauty", "Bloodlust", "Godlike", "Love at First Sight", "Pro-Precog", "Systkin", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Silk"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Distaff Counterpart", "Not of This Earth", "Pro-Precog", "Spider Bite", "Street Level", "Swingers", "Web Warriors"},  
  ["Songbird"] = {"Aviary", "Birds of a Feather", "Bloodlust", "Lead Vocals", "Masters of Evil", "Newly Assembled", "Rasslin' Ain't Rasslin'", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts", "Tiny Transistors"}, 
  ["Spider-Girl"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arachnophobia", "Arena Survivor", "Academy", "Distaff Counterpart", "Foul Play", "Not of This Earth", "Marvel Mentor", "Orphanage", "Spider Ward", "Street Level", "Superfan", "Swingers", "Web Warriors"},
  ["Spider-Gwen"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arachnophobia", "Arena Survivor", "Big Mouth", "Distaff Counterpart", "Not of This Earth", "Star Crossed", "Street Level", "Swingers", "Tossers", "Web Warriors"},
  ["Spider-Man"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Bad Blood", "Big Mouth", "Cosplayers", "Eggheads", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flatmates", "Future Foundation", "I am the Spider", "Imposter", "Maximum Carnage", "Murderworld Survivors", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Pro-Precog", "Rasslin' Ain't Rasslin'", "Sparks Fly", "Street Level", "Sucker Punch", "Support Network", "Swingers", "Tangled Web", "Unexpected Results"},
  ["Spider-Man 2099"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arachnophobia", "Bloodlust", "Eggheads", "Exiles", "Fangs For The Memories", "Not of This Earth", "Passing the Torch", "Street Level", "Swingers", "Toxic Personality", "Web Warriors", "Wibbly Wobbly"},
  ["Spider-Man Noir"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Antihero", "Arachnophobia", "Debbie Downers", "Gumshoes", "Natural Born Killers", "Not of This Earth", "Street Level", "Swingers", "The New Black", "Web Warriors"},
  ["Spider-Woman"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Aviary", "Bova's Calfs", "Distaff Counterpart", "Hammer Bros", "Keep it Secret", "Newly Assembled", "Red in the Ledger", "Suffragettes", "Toxic Personality"},
  ["Spiral"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arcane Arts", "Bad Mojo", "Body Shoppe", "Body Swap", "Fully Armed", "Hollywood", "Natural Born Killers", "Portable", "Red in the Ledger", "Tiny Transistors", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Spitfire"] = {"Bloodlust", "Bodies in Motion", "Braddock Academy", "British Invasion", "Family Tradition", "Fangs For The Memories", "Haste", "Invaders", "Kiss of Death", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "War Buddies"},
  ["Squirrel Girl"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Arboreal", "Arena Survivor", "Assemble!", "Babysitter", "Children of the Atom", "Cosplay Contest", "Dr. Doolittle", "Familiar", "Furry", "Martial Arts Masters", "Newly Assembled", "No Greater Game", "Trusty Sidekick"},
  ["Star-Lord"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Average Joes", "Big Mouth", "Cancerverse Collapse", "Close Counsel", "Close Encounters", "Cubed", "Dance-off, Bro", "Far Far Away", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Kleptomaniac", "Ladies Man", "Orphanage", "Rock Stars", "Safety First"},
  ["Storm"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Aviary", "Bless the Rains", "Children of the Atom", "Everybody Chill", "Hellfire", "King and Queen", "Kleptomaniac", "Newly Assembled", "Partners In Crime", "Shooting the Breeze", "Sovereign", "Stormbringers", "Suffragettes", "Weather Patterns"},
  ["Sunfire"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Aviary", "Big In Japan", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Hot Stuff", "Patriots", "Polar Opposites", "Red in the Ledger"},
  ["Superior Spider-Man"] = {"Antihero", "Arachnophobia", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Body Swap", "Crowded", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Fully Armed", "Mighty Avengers", "Not of This Earth", "Passing the Torch", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Sinister Six", "Spider Bite", "Swingers", "Tangled Web", "Tossers"},
  ["Taskmaster"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Bloodlust", "Classy", "Frightful Four", "Keep it Secret", "Masters of Evil", "Money Talks", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Training Montage", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Thane"] = {"Close Encounters", "Death in the Family", "More Human Than Human", "Pro-Precog", "Titanomachy"},
  ["Thing"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Cosmology", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Future Foundation", "Looking Grimm", "Newly Assembled", "Rasslin' Ain't Rasslin'", "Rock Stars", "Rock and Roll", "Seismic Shuffle", "Support Network", "Tossers"},
  ["Thor"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Assemble!", "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Godlike", "Hammer Bros", "It's Alive!", "Keep it Secret", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Oathbrother", "Odin's Blood", "Odinsons", "Pro-Precog", "Race to Valhalla", "Safety First", "Sovereign", "Stormbringers", "Time to Bring Down the Hammer", "What Is Love?", "Watch Where You're Going"},
  ["Thor (Jane Foster)"] = {"All-New", "Ambassador for Mankind", "Anti-Precog", "Bitter Rivals", "Cancer Awareness", "Crowded", "Distaff Counterpart", "Dr.", "Hammer Bros", "Keep it Secret", "Not of This Earth", "Passing the Torch", "Safety First", "Stormbringers", "Time to Bring Down the Hammer", "Watch Where You're Going", "Wibbly Wobbly"},
  ["Thundra"] = {"Chain Gang", "Code Red", "Frightful Four", "Not of This Earth", "Pro-Precog", "Rasslin' Ain't Rasslin'", "Red Herring", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Rock and Roll", "Suffragettes", "Tossers", "Wibbly Wobbly"},
  ["Tigra"] = {"Academy", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Flirt", "Furry", "Hand-Me-Down", "How to Cat", "Pro-Precog", "Savages Savages", "Serve and Protect", "Suffragettes"},
  ["Ultimate Spider-Man"] = {"All-New", "Arachnophobia", "Arena Survivor", "Not of This Earth", "Pro-Precog", "Street Level", "Superfan", "Swingers", "Toxic Personality", "Web Warriors"},
  ["Union Jack"] = {"Average Joes", "Braddock Academy", "British Invasion", "Family Tradition", "Invaders", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "War Buddies"},
  ["Valkyrie"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Deceptive Origin", "Defenders", "Doom's Avengers", "Familiar", "Godlike", "Horse Power", "Keep it Secret", "Pro-Precog", "Spear and Magic Helmet", "Stick It", "You Have My Sword"},
  ["Victor Mancha"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arena Survivor", "Aviary", "Den Mother", "Magnetic", "Orphanage", "Paradoxical Questions", "Pro-Precog", "Ran Away From Home", "Superfan", "Tiny Transistors"},
  ["Vision"] = {"All-New", "Assemble!", "Aviary", "Best Coast", "Classy", "Cyber", "Defenders", "In-Laws", "It's Complicated", "Pro-Precog", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Time to Bring Down the Hammer", "Tiny Transistors", "Untouchable", "Young Avengers"},
  ["Volstagg"] = {"Ambassador for Mankind", "Asgardians", "Bearded Bearing", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "I'll Drink To That", "Murderworld Survivors", "Needs Food Badly", "Pro-Precog", "Redheads", "Tossers", "Warriors Three"},
  ["War Machine"] = {"Aviary", "Best Coast", "Big Guns", "Fully Armed", "Keep it Secret", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Safety First", "Tin Men"},
  ["Wasp"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Assemble!", "Aviary", "Best Coast", "Bug Buddies", "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", "Fashionistas", "Insectoids", "Pym Particles", "Suffragettes", "Trusty Sidekick"},
  ["White Tiger"] = {"Academy", "Anti-Precog", "Antihero", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Disbarred", "Familiar", "Heroes for Hire", "How to Cat", "Mighty Avengers", "Orphanage", "Passing the Torch", "Savages Savages", "Street Level", "Upper Management", "Young Avengers"},
  ["Winter Soldier"] = {"Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Bombs Away", "Cool and Collected", "Fellow Travelers", "First Day On The Job", "Fully Armed", "Invaders", "Man On The Wall", "Martial Arts Masters", "Natural Born Killers", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Passing the Torch", "Patriots", "Pro-Precog", "Proud To Serve", "Red in the Ledger", "Shield Bearers", "Street Level", "Tiny Transistors", "War Buddies"},
  ["Wolverine"] = {"Anti-Precog", "Antihero", "Bad Blood", "Big In Japan", "Bloodlust", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Heartbreaker", "Imposter", "Martial Arts Masters", "Natural Born Killers", "Newly Assembled", "Protege", "Savages Savages", "Tooth and Nail", "Training Montage", "War Buddies", "Weapon X", "Wolverine Is A Jerk", "X-Force"},
  ["Wonder Man"] = {"Almost Famous", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Hollywood", "It's Complicated", "Masters of Evil", "Pro-Precog", "Rad Bromance", "Red in the Ledger", "Revengers"},
  ["X-23"] = {"Academy", "Anti-Precog", "Arena Survivor", "Bloodlust", "Children of the Atom", "Debbie Downers", "Distaff Counterpart", "Equestrians", "Murderworld Survivors", "Natural Born Killers", "Passing the Torch", "Stupid. Weak. Slow.", "Weapon X", "X-Force"}
return hdata

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