data = {
  ["bonus"] = {
    ["Academy"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are from [ Avengers Academy]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hank Pym", "Hawkeye", "Quicksilver", "Tigra", "X-23"}
    ["Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are agents of [[S.H.I.E.L.D.]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Constrictor", "Falcon", "Hawkeye", "Mockingbird", "Taskmaster"}
    ["Alias-Less"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who go by their first and last name",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beta Ray Bill", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Emma Frost", "Groot", "Hank Pym", "Karolina Dean", "Kitty Pryde", "Luke Cage", "Molly Hayes", "Nico Minoru", "Rocket Raccoon"}
    ["All Hanks On Deck"] = {
      ["description"] = "Hank McCoy/Hank Pym",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Hank Pym"}
    ["Ambulance Chasers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are lawyers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daredevil", "She-Hulk"}
    ["Antihero"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are violent vigilantes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Deadpool", "Ghost Rider", "Hybrid", "Morbius", "Punisher", "Red Hulk", "Wolverine"}
    ["Anything's Possible"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who can manipulate probability",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Cat", "Domino", "Scarlet Witch"}
    ["Arachnophobia"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any spider-themed pair",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Spider-Man", "Spider-Woman"}
    ["Arboreal"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are friends to tree",
      ["heroes"] = {"Groot", "Rocket Raccoon", "Squirrel Girl"}
    ["Arcane Arts"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who use magic",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daimon Hellstrom", "Doctor Voodoo", "Dr. Strange", "Enchantress", "Loki", "Magik", "Nico Minoru", "Satana", "Scarlet Witch", "Spiral"}
    ["Asgardians"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are from [[Asgardians|Asgard]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Enchantress", "Fandral", "Heimdall", "Hogun", "Loki", "Sif", "Thor", "Valkyrie", "Volstagg"}
    ["Assemble!"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any pair of core [[Avengers]] members",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Beast", "Black Knight", "Black Panther", "Black Widow", "Cannonball", "Captain America", "Crystal", "Falcon", "Hank Pym", "Hawkeye", "Hercules", "Hulk", "Iron Man", "Mockingbird", "Moon Knight", "Ms. Marvel", "Quicksilver", "Scarlet Witch", "She-Hulk", "Squirrel Girl", "Sunfire", "Thor", "Tigra", "Vision", "Wasp", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Average Joes"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes without superpowers or supersuits",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Panther", "Elektra", "Falcon", "Hawkeye", "Ka-Zar", "Karnak", "Mockingbird", "Punisher", "Rocket Raccoon", "Star-Lord", "Union Jack"}
    ["Aviary"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any pair of [[Flying]] Heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Black Bolt", "Cannonball", "Captain Britain", "Falcon", "Human Torch", "Iron Man", "Karolina Dean", "Magneto", "Moonstone", "Ms. Marvel", "Nico Minoru", "Nova", "Omega Sentinel", "Phoenix", "Rescue", "Rogue", "Satana", "Spider-Woman", "Storm", "Sunfire", "Vision", "War Machine", "Wasp"}
    ["Babysitter"] = {
      ["description"] = "Luke Cage and his babysitter",
      ["heroes"] = {"Luke Cage", "Squirrel Girl"}
    ["Bad Blood"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who don't get along with [[Punisher]]",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Captain America", "Punisher"}, {"Punisher", "Spider-Man"}, {"Punisher", "Wolverine"}}
    ["Bad Mojo"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes from Mojoworld",
      ["heroes"] = {"Shatterstar", "Spiral"}
    ["Best Coast"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the [[West Coast Avengers]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hank Pym", "Hawkeye", "Mockingbird", "Moon Knight", "Tigra", "Vision", "War Machine", "Wasp", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Best Friends Forever"] = {
      ["description"] = "Best friends",
      ["heroes"] = {"Kitty Pryde", "Magik"}
    ["Big Guns"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Big Guns",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Ares", "Bishop", "Cable", "Deadpool", "Omega Sentinel", "Punisher", "Rocket Raccoon", "Star-Lord", "War Machine"}
    ["Big In Japan"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two characters with ties to Japan",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daredevil", "Hawkeye", "Psylocke", "Sunfire", "Wolverine"}
    ["Big Mouth"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that like to mouth off",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Cat", "Fandral", "Human Torch", "Iron Man", "Iceman", "Nova", "Rocket Raccoon", "Spider-Man", "Star-Lord", "Volstagg"}
    ["Big Shoes to Fill"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two heroes who used the Goliath persona",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hank Pym", "Hawkeye"}
    ["Birds of a Feather"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any hero with a bird theme name",
      ["heroes"] = {"Falcon", "Hawkeye", "Mockingbird"}
    ["Bitter Rivals"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantic rivals for Thor",
      ["heroes"] = {"Enchantress", "Sif"}
    ["Black Beauty"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beta Ray Bill", "Sif"}
    ["Bless the Rains"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that have lived in Africa",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Panther", "Shanna", "Storm"}
    ["Bloodlust"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with attacks that cause [[bleeding]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Ares", "Black Cat", "Black Knight", "Black Panther", "Blade", "Drax", "Elektra", "Gamora", "Groot", "Ka-Zar", "Moon Knight", "Sabretooth", "Sif", "Tigra", "Wolverine", "X-23"}
    ["Bodies in Motion"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with powers that involve movement",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cannonball", "Juggernaut", "Quicksilver"}
    ["Body Shoppe"] = {
      ["description"] = "Spiral switched Psylocke's body with a Japanese assassin",
      ["heroes"] = {"Psylocke", "Spiral"}
    ["Body Swap"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who aren't in their original body",
      ["heroes"] = {"Drax", "Psylocke", "Shatterstar", "Spiral"}
    ["Bova's Calfs"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes raised by [ Bova]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Quicksilver", "Scarlet Witch", "Spider-Woman"}
    ["Bombs Away"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that use explosives",
      ["heroes"] = {"Domino", "Gambit", "Fixer", "Punisher", "Red Hulk"}
    ["Boys of Summer"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are family members of the Summers by blood",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cable", "Cyclops", "Havok"}
    ["Braddocks"] = {
      ["description"] = "Brother and sister twins",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain Britain", "Psylocke"}
    ["British Invasion"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes from the United Kingdom",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Knight", "Blade", "Captain Britain", "Psylocke", "Union Jack"}
    ["Brotherhood"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants",
      ["heroes"] = {"Avalanche", "Juggernaut", "Magneto", "Quicksilver", "Rogue", "Sabretooth", "Scarlet Witch"}
    ["Bug Buddies"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hank Pym", "Wasp"}
    ["Cancer Awareness"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who have cancer",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Deadpool"}
    ["Cat Fight"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any hero who has a cat-themed name",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Cat", "Black Panther", "Ka-Zar", "Kitty Pryde", "Sabretooth", "Tigra"}
    ["Caught Red-Handed"] = {
      ["description"] = "Domino first knew Red Hulk's identity",
      ["heroes"] = {"Domino", "Red Hulk"}
    ["Champions"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of The [[Champions]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Black Widow", "Ghost Rider", "Hercules", "Iceman"}
    ["Chain Gang"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that use chains",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ghost Rider", "Thundra"}
    ["Chemical Attraction"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Invisible Woman", "Mr. Fantastic"}
    ["Children of the Atom"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are [[mutants]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Avalanche", "Beast", "Bishop", "Cable", "Cannonball", "Colossus", "Cyclops", "Domino", "Emma Frost", "Fantomex", "Gambit", "Havok", "Iceman", "Kitty Pryde", "Magik", "Magneto", "Molly Hayes", "Nightcrawler", "Phoenix", "Psylocke", "Quicksilver", "Rogue", "Sabretooth", "Scarlet Witch", "Shatterstar", "Squirrel Girl", "Storm", "Sunfire", "Wolverine", "X-23"}
    ["Children of Venom"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus from bringing Agent Venom and Hybrid",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Hybrid"}
    ["Classy"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes able to change their [[class]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Fixer", "Mockingbird", "Moon Knight", "Omega Sentinel", "Punisher", "Taskmaster", "Vision"}
    ["Close Encounters"] = {
      ["description"] = "Earthlings that have origins or powers granted by extraterrestrials",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Anti-Venom", "Black Bolt", "Crystal", "Drax", "Gorgon", "Hybrid", "Karnak", "Karolina Dean", "Medusa", "Moonstone", "Ms. Marvel", "Nova", "Phoenix", "Star-Lord", "Thane"}
    ["Cool and Collected"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes whose names reference ice",
      ["heroes"] = {"Avalanche", "Emma Frost", "Iceman"}
    ["Cosmic Fire"] = {
      ["description"] = "Any pair of [[Phoenix Five]] members",
      ["heroes"] = {"Colossus", "Cyclops", "Emma Frost", "Magik", "Phoenix"}
    ["Cosmology"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who have powers that involve cosmic radiation",
      ["heroes"] = {"Havok", "Human Torch", "Invisible Woman", "Karolina Dean", "Mr. Fantastic", "Thing"}
    ["Cosplayers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked, more so when in Costume",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Cat", "Spider-Man"}
    ["Crowded"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who have more than one personality at one point",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Anti-Venom", "Fantomex", "Hybrid", "Moon Knight", "Phoenix", "Psylocke", "Sandman", "Shanna"}
    ["Cyber"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Scarlet Witch", "Vision"}
    ["Death in the Family"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two children of [[Thanos]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Gamora", "Thane"}
    ["Debbie Downers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing Heroes who are dour",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Ares", "Black Bolt", "Blade", "Cable", "Dr. Strange", "Drax", "Ghost Rider", "Heimdall", "Hogun", "Magneto", "Morbius", "Phoenix", "X-23"}
    ["Defenders"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are member of [[The Defenders]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Beast", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Dr. Strange", "Falcon", "Hulk", "Iceman", "Luke Cage", "Valkyrie", "Vision"}
    ["Distaff Counterpart"] = {
      ["description"] = "Female counterparts of male heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ms. Marvel", "Rescue", "Shanna", "She-Hulk", "Spider-Woman", "X-23"}
    ["Doom"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for daring to work with Doctor Doom",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent", "Doctor Doom"}
    ["Dr."] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Doctorates",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Black Panther", "Captain Britain", "Doctor Voodoo", "Dr. Strange", "Hank Pym", "Hulk", "Iron Man", "Moonstone", "Morbius", "Mr. Fantastic", "Shanna"}
    ["Earth’s Mightiest Heroes"] = {
      ["description"] = "Founding members of the [[Avengers]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hank Pym", "Hulk", "Iron Man", "Thor", "Wasp"}
    ["Eggheads"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are geniuses",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Black Knight", "Black Panther", "Hank Pym", "Hulk", "Iron Man", "Magneto", "Morbius", "Mr. Fantastic", "Spider-Man"}
    ["Elemental"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that are named after an element",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iron Fist", "Iron Man", "Quicksilver"}
    ["Equestrians"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who were [[Horsemen of Apocalypse]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Beast", "Gambit", "Hulk", "Iceman", "Psylocke", "Rogue", "Sunfire", "Wolverine", "X-23"}
    ["Excalibur"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of [[Excalibur]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Knight", "Captain Britain", "Colossus", "Juggernaut", "Kitty Pryde", "Nightcrawler", "Psylocke"}
    ["Familiar"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that summon creatures to attack",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Knight", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Doctor Voodoo", "Hank Pym", "Ka-Zar", "Kitty Pryde", "Magik", "Satana", "Squirrel Girl", "Valkyrie"}
    ["Family Reunion"] = {
      ["description"] = "Son and Parent",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Cable", "Cyclops"}, {"Cable", "Phoenix"}}
    ["Fantastic"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the [[Fantastic Four]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Human Torch", "Invisible Woman", "Mr. Fantastic", "Thing"}
    ["Fantastic Fill-in"] = {
      ["description"] = "A Fantastic Four member and usual replacement",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Thing", "She-Hulk"}, {"Luke Cage", "Thing"}, {"Human Torch", "Spider-Man"}, {"Invisible Woman", "Medusa"}}
    ["Far Far Away"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes from space",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Anti-Venom", "Drax", "Gamora", "Groot", "Rocket Raccoon", "Star-Lord"}
    ["Fashionistas"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two heroes that have been a fashion designer or model",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Deadpool", "Invisible Woman", "Ms. Marvel", "Psylocke", "Wasp"}
    ["Fear of the Dark"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former or current members of Dark Avengers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Moonstone"}
    ["Feathered Friends"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with wings",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Falcon"}
    ["First Class"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are original members of the [[X-Men]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Beast", "Cyclops", "Iceman", "Phoenix"}
    ["Flatmates"] = {
      ["description"] = "College roommates",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain Britain", "Spider-Man"}
    ["Flirt"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are known to be flirtatious",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Emma Frost", "Fandral", "Fantomex", "Gambit", "Hawkeye", "Hercules", "Human Torch", "Iceman", "Iron Man", "Moonstone", "Satana", "She-Hulk", "Star-Lord", "Tigra"}
    ["Frenemies"] = {
      ["description"] = "Love-hate relationship",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Hawkeye"}
    ["Frightful Four"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are former members of the Frightful Four",
      ["heroes"] = {"Constrictor", "Deadpool", "Medusa", "Sandman", "Taskmaster", "Thundra"}
    ["Fully Armed"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with an arsenal of weapons",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Ares", "Deadpool", "Domino", "Iron Man", "Omega Sentinel", "Punisher", "Rocket Raccoon", "Spiral", "Star-Lord", "War Machine"}
    ["Furry"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are fur-skinned",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Nightcrawler", "Rocket Raccoon", "Sabretooth", "Squirrel Girl", "Tigra"}
    ["Future Foundation"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the Future Foundation",
      ["heroes"] = {"Human Torch", "Invisible Woman", "Medusa", "Mr. Fantastic", "She-Hulk", "Spider-Man", "Thing"}
    ["Gamma Gang"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two Hulks",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hulk", "Red Hulk", "She-Hulk"}
    ["Girls of Summer"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked to Scott Summers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Emma Frost", "Phoenix"}
    ["Godlike"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are mythological gods (or demigods)",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Heimdall", "Hercules", "Loki", "Sif", "Thor", "Valkyrie"}
    ["Good Knight"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Knight in their names",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Knight", "Knight America", "Moon Knight"}
    ["Guardians of the Galaxy"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are current or former members of the [[Guardians of the Galaxy]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Drax", "Gamora", "Groot", "Iron Man", "Rocket Raccoon", "Star-Lord"}
    ["Hard and Soft"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Colossus", "Kitty Pryde"}
    ["Haste"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that take two turns every round",
      ["heroes"] = {"Omega Sentinel", "Quicksilver"}
    ["Heart and Mind"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cyclops", "Emma Frost"}
    ["Heart of the Jungle"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing Ka-Zar and Shanna",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ka-Zar", "Shanna"}
    ["Hearts of Iron"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iron Man", "Rescue"}
    ["Hellenic"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Greek Ties",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Elektra", "Hercules", "Medusa"}
    ["Hellfire"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former or current [[Hellfire Club]] members",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Captain Britain", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Emma Frost", "Iron Man", "Magneto", "Phoenix", "Psylocke", "Storm"}
    ["Heroes for Hire"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are member of [[Heroes for Hire]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iron Fist", "Luke Cage"}
    ["Highway to Hell"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are linked to hell in some way",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daimon Hellstrom", "Ghost Rider", "Magik", "Satana"}
    ["Hollywood"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are actors",
      ["heroes"] = {"Spiral", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Home Of The Brave"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with America in their name",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Knight America"}
    ["Hot Stuff"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who use fire attacks",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cannonball", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Ghost Rider", "Human Torch", "Phoenix", "Red Hulk", "Satana", "Star-Lord", "Sunfire"}
    ["House of M"] = {
      ["description"] = "Father and child",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Magneto", "Quicksilver"}, {"Magneto", "Scarlet Witch"}}
    ["Identity Theft"] = {
      ["description"] = "Both got powers from another individual, Rogue stole Ms. Marvel's powers and Ms. Marvel got her powers from Mar-Vell",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ms. Marvel", "Rogue"}
    ["Illuminati"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are current or former members of the [ Illuminati]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Black Bolt", "Black Panther", "Dr. Strange", "Iron Man", "Medusa", "Mr. Fantastic"}
    ["Imposter"] = {
      ["description"] = "Moon Knight adopts a personality based on certain heroes",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Captain America", "Moon Knight"}, {"Moon Knight", "Spider-Man"}, {"Moon Knight", "Wolverine"}}
    ["Inhuman Relations"] = {
      ["description"] = "In-laws",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Black Bolt", "Quicksilver"}, {"Medusa", "Quicksilver"}}
    ["In-Laws"] = {
      ["description"] = "A hero and their in-law",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Magneto", "Vision"}, {"Quicksilver", "Vision"}}
    ["Invaders"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that were in the [ Invaders]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Union Jack"}
    ["Isn't Easy Being Green"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two green-skinned heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Drax", "Gamora", "Hulk", "She-Hulk"}
    ["It's Complicated"] = {
      ["description"] = "Love Triangle",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Scarlet Witch", "Wonder Man"}, {"Vision", "Wonder Man"}}
    ["Keep it Secret"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the Secret Avengers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Beast", "Black Widow", "Captain America", "Captain Britain", "Hawkeye", "Hulk", "Mockingbird", "Moon Knight", "Ms. Marvel", "Spider-Woman", "Taskmaster", "Thor", "Valkyrie", "War Machine"}
    ["Keys to the Kingdom"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are heirs to a throne",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daimon Hellstrom", "Loki", "Satana", "Star-Lord", "Thor"}
    ["King and Queen"] = {
      ["description"] = "King and Queen of [ Wakanda]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Panther", "Storm"}
    ["Kiss of Death"] = {
      ["description"] = "Vampiric heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Blade", "Morbius"}
    ["Kleptomaniac"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are heroic thieves",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Cat", "Fantomex", "Gambit", "Loki", "Star-Lord", "Storm"}
    ["Ladies Man"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are known casanovas.",
      ["heroes"] = {"Fandral", "Gambit", "Iron Man", "Star-Lord"}
    ["Looking Grimm"] = {
      ["description"] = "Sister Grimm/Ben Grimm",
      ["heroes"] = {"Nico Minoru", "Thing"}
    ["Marvelous"] = {
      ["description"] = "Marvel Girl/Ms. Marvel",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ms. Marvel", "Phoenix"}
    ["Mighty Avengers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of Luke Cage's Mighty Avengers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Blade", "Falcon", "Luke Cage"}
    ["Mind Games"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with psychic abilities",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cable", "Doctor Voodoo", "Emma Frost", "Phoenix", "Psylocke"}
    ["Mommy Issues"] = {
      ["description"] = "Son and adopted daughter of [[Mystique]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Nightcrawler", "Rogue"}
    ["More Human Than Human"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are Inhumans",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Bolt", "Gorgon", "Medusa", "Thane"}
    ["Ms. Fake"] = {
      ["description"] = "Moonstone had the role of Dark Ms.Marvel in the Dark Avengers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Moonstone", "Ms. Marvel"}
    ["Natural Born Killers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two assassins",
      ["heroes"] = {"Elektra", "Gamora"}
    ["Needs Food Badly"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with a ravenous hungers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Morbius", "Volstagg"}
    ["Newly Assembled"] = {
      ["description"] = "Members who have recently joined the [[Avengers]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Dr. Strange", "Havok", "Iron Fist", "Luke Cage", "Red Hulk", "Rogue", "Spider-Man", "Spider-Woman", "Squirrel Girl", "Storm", "Thing", "Wolverine"}
    ["New Mutants"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are former members of the [[New Mutants]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cannonball", "Magik"}
    ["Not of This Earth"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two heroes not from this reality",
      ["heroes"] = {"Bishop", "Cable", "Knight America", "Shatterstar", "Thundra"}
    ["Odinsons"] = {
      ["description"] = "Sons of Odin",
      ["heroes"] = {"Loki", "Thor"}
    ["One Voice"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Bolt", "Medusa"}
    ["Ordained"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with a background in divinity",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daimon Hellstrom", "Nightcrawler", "Punisher"}
    ["Orphanage"] = {
      ["description"] = "Orphaned Heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Blade", "Cable", "Cyclops", "Havok", "Hawkeye", "Hogun", "Hulk", "Ka-Zar", "Loki", "Nico Minoru", "Nightcrawler", "Rogue", "Shatterstar", "Spider-Man", "Star-Lord"}
    ["Out of Hand"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are former members of The Hand",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daredevil", "Elektra", "Psylocke", "Sabretooth"}
    ["Partners In Crime"] = {
      ["description"] = "Both heroes have teamed up stealing items",
      ["heroes"] = {"Gambit", "Storm"}
    ["Patriots"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who feels a strong support for his or her country",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Captain Britain", "Sunfire", "Union Jack"}
    ["Polar Opposites"] = {
      ["description"] = "Complete opposites, both in powers and personality",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iceman", "Sunfire"}
    ["Portable"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who can teleport",
      ["heroes"] = {"Magik", "Nightcrawler", "Spiral"}
    ["Progeny of Olympus"] = {
      ["description"] = "Olympus",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Hercules"}
    ["Protege"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who have a father/daughter like relationship",
      ["heroes"] = {"Kitty Pryde", "Wolverine"}
    ["Proud To Serve"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are military veterans",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Captain America", "Falcon", "Moon Knight", "Ms. Marvel", "Red Hulk", "Rocket Raccoon", "Union Jack", "War Machine"}
    ["Puny God"] = {
      ["description"] = "Avengers movie reference, Hulk massively beat up Loki",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hulk", "Loki"}
    ["Rad Bromance"] = {
      ["description"] = "Best Friends",
      ["heroes"] = {"Beast", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Rasputins"] = {
      ["description"] = "Brother and sister",
      ["heroes"] = {"Colossus", "Magik"}
    ["Ran Away From Home"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who ran away from home",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hawkeye", "Karolina Dean", "Molly Hayes", "Nico Minoru"}
    ["Red in the Ledger"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who started their careers as villains",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Avalanche", "Black Cat", "Black Widow", "Cannonball", "Constrictor", "Elektra", "Emma Frost", "Gambit", "Gamora", "Groot", "Hawkeye", "Juggernaut", "Loki", "Magik", "Magneto", "Medusa", "Moonstone", "Morbius", "Omega Sentinel", "Punisher", "Quicksilver", "Rogue", "Sabretooth", "Sandman", "Satana", "Scarlet Witch", "Spider-Woman", "Spiral", "Sunfire", "Taskmaster", "Thundra", "Vision", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Redheads"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with red hair",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Daimon Hellstrom", "Daredevil", "Juggernaut", "Medusa", "Phoenix", "Rescue", "Satana", "Shatterstar", "Thundra", "Volstagg"}
    ["Revengers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who were former members of the Revengers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Wonder Man"}
    ["Rock and Roll"] = {
      ["description"] = "Love-hate relationship",
      ["heroes"] = {"Thing", "Thundra"}
    ["Rock Stars"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with rock theme attack names",
      ["heroes"] = {"Star-Lord", "Thing"}
    ["Roommates"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who lived together at one point",
      ["heroes"] = {"Constrictor", "Deadpool"}
    ["Safety First"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who wear a helmet",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ares", "Avalanche", "Black Knight", "Heimdall", "Iron Man", "Juggernaut", "Knight America", "Magneto", "Rescue", "Star-Lord", "Thor", "War Machine"}
    ["Savage Savages"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that have feral tendencies",
      ["heroes"] = {"Ka-Zar", "Sabretooth", "Shanna", "Tigra", "Wolverine"}
    ["Second Chances"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former Villain and her handler",
      ["heroes"] = {"Luke Cage", "Moonstone"}
    ["Seismic Shuffle"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who like to shake things up",
      ["heroes"] = {"Avalanche", "Cannonball", "Colossus", "Captain Britain", "Gorgon", "Groot", "Luke Cage", "Sandman", "Thing", "Vision"}
    ["Serve and Protect"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that have been police officers",
      ["heroes"] = {"Omega Sentinel", "Tigra"}
    ["Shield Bearers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who have been Captain America",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Falcon", "Knight America", "Winter Soldier"}
    ["Six Packs and Powder"] = {
      ["description"] = "Cable & Deadpool",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cable", "Deadpool"}
    ["Sibling Rivalry"] = {
      ["description"] = "Brother and sister",
      ["heroes"] = {"Human Torch", "Invisible Woman"}
    ["Sidekick"] = {
      ["description"] = "Iron Man and his "sidekick"",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iron Man", "Squirrel Girl"}
    ["Sinister Six"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former Members of the [[Sinister Six]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Sandman"}
    ["Six Pack"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that were members of [[Six Pack]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cable", "Constrictor", "Deadpool", "Domino"}
    ["Shinobi"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that were ninjas",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daredevil", "Elektra", "Hawkeye", "Kitty Pryde", "Psylocke"}
    ["Song of Torch and Ice"] = {
      ["description"] = "Friendly Rivalry",
      ["heroes"] = {"Human Torch", "Iceman"}
    ["Sorcerer Supremes"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who once titled Sorcerer Supremes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Doctor Voodoo", "Dr. Strange"}
    ["South of the Mason-Dixon"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes from the Southeastern United States",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cannonball", "Gambit", "Rogue"}
    ["Southern Hospitality"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Gambit", "Rogue"}
    ["Sovereign"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that have been rulers of a nation or realm",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Bolt", "Black Panther", "Captain Britain", "Hulk", "Magik", "Magneto", "Medusa", "Storm", "Thor"}
    ["Spear and Magic Helmet"] = {
      ["description"] = "Juggernaut and Valkyrie",
      ["heroes"] = {"Juggernaut", "Valkyrie"}
    ["Stick It"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that use pole weapons",
      ["heroes"] = {"Daredevil", "Gambit", "Mockingbird", "Shanna", "Valkyrie"}
    ["Stink-Eye"] = {
      ["description"] = "Constrictor sued Hercules for excessive force and won.  Hercules hasn't forgiven Constrictor for suing him",
      ["heroes"] = {"Constrictor", "Hercules"}
    ["Street Level"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who fight in the street",
      ["heroes"] = {"Anti-Venom", "Black Cat", "Daredevil", "Falcon", "Iron Fist", "Luke Cage", "Moon Knight", "Punisher", "Sandman", "Spider-Man"}
    ["Suffragettes"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are current or former members of the Lady Liberators",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Widow", "Invisible Woman", "Medusa", "Scarlet Witch", "She-Hulk", "Spider-Woman", "Storm", "Thundra", "Tigra", "Wasp"}
    ["Support Network"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who helped reform [[Sandman]]",
      ["pairs"] = {{"Sandman", "Spider-Man"}, {"Sandman", "Thing"}}
    ["Swingers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that swing into action",
      ["heroes"] = {"Fandral", "Spider-Man", "Shanna"}
    ["Systkin"] = {
      ["description"] = "Asgardian brother and sister",
      ["heroes"] = {"Heimdall", "Sif"}
    ["Tangled Web"] = {
      ["description"] = "Former or current hosts of the Venom Symbiote",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Anti-Venom", "Spider-Man"}
    ["The New Black"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Black in their name",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Bolt", "Black Cat", "Black Knight", "Black Panther", "Black Widow"}
    ["Thunderbolts"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the new Thunderbolts",
      ["heroes"] = {"Agent Venom", "Black Widow", "Deadpool", "Elektra", "Hawkeye", "Iron Fist", "Juggernaut", "Luke Cage", "Moonstone", "Punisher", "Red Hulk", "Satana"}
    ["Tin Men"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with robotic armor",
      ["heroes"] = {"Iron Man", "Rescue", "War Machine"}
    ["Tinfoil Hats"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes immune to psychic abilities",
      ["heroes"] = {"Juggernaut", "Magneto"}
    ["Tiny Transistors"] = {
      ["description"] = "Cybernetic heroes",
      ["heroes"] = {"Bishop", "Cable", "Omega Sentinel", "Spiral", "Vision"}
    ["Titanomachy"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing two heroes with a grudge or vendetta against [[Thanos]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Drax", "Gamora", "Thane"}
    ["Tooth and Nail"] = {
      ["description"] = "Mortal enemies",
      ["heroes"] = {"Sabretooth", "Wolverine"}
    ["Tossers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with tossing abilities",
      ["heroes"] = {"Hercules", "Hulk", "Magneto", "Medusa", "Phoenix", "Red Hulk", "Sabretooth", "She-Hulk", "Thing", "Thundra", "Volstagg"}
    ["Training Montage"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes famous for training others",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Gorgon", "Luke Cage", "Taskmaster", "Wolverine"}
    ["Two Thugs"] = {
      ["description"] = "Best friends",
      ["heroes"] = {"Groot", "Rocket Raccoon"}
    ["Unexpected Results"] = {
      ["description"] = "Bonus for bringing Morbius and Spider-Man",
      ["heroes"] = {"Morbius", "Spider-Man"}
    ["Untouchable"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that can become intangible",
      ["heroes"] = {"Doctor Voodoo", "Kitty Pryde", "Moonstone", "Vision"}
    ["War Buddies"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that fought in World War II together",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Union Jack", "Wolverine"}
    ["Walk Two Moons"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes with Moon in their names",
      ["heroes"] = {"Moonstone", "Moon Knight"}
    ["Warriors Three"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of the [[Warriors Three]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Fandral", "Hogun", "Volstagg"}
    ["Weapon X"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes that were in the [[Weapon X]] Program",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Deadpool", "Sabretooth", "Wolverine", "X-23"},
    ["Which Is Witch"] = {
      ["description"] = "Loki once disguised himself as Scarlet Witch",
      ["heroes"] = {"Loki", "Scarlet Witch"}
    ["Whip it Good"] = {
      ["description"] = "Loki once disguised himself as Scarlet Witch",
      ["heroes"] = {"Constrictor", "Medusa"}
    ["Wings Of Liberty"] = {
      ["description"] = "Best friends",
      ["heroes"] = {"Captain America", "Falcon"}
    ["Wunda Twins"] = {
      ["description"] = "Siblings who grew up on Wundagore Mountain",
      ["heroes"] = {"Quicksilver", "Scarlet Witch"}
    ["X-Factor"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are new members of [[X-Factor]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Havok", "Quicksilver", "Sabretooth", "Shatterstar"}
    ["X-Force"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who are members of any incarnations of [[X-Force]]",
      ["heroes"] = {"Angel", "Cable", "Cannonball", "Colossus", "Deadpool", "Domino", "Fantomex", "Nightcrawler", "Psylocke", "Shatterstar", "Spiral", "Wolverine", "X-23"}
    ["X-Lovers"] = {
      ["description"] = "Romantically linked",
      ["heroes"] = {"Cyclops", "Phoenix"}
    ["You Have My Sword"] = {
      ["description"] = "Heroes who wield swords",
      ["heroes"] = {"Black Knight", "Blade", "Deadpool", "Fandral", "Gamora", "Heimdall", "Knight America", "Magik", "Psylocke", "Shatterstar", "Spiral", "Sif", "Taskmaster", "Valkyrie"}
  ["hero"] = {
    ["Agent Venom"] = {"Big Guns", "Classy", "Close Encounters", "Crowded", "Far Far Away", "Fully Armed", "Keep it Secret", "Proud To Serve", "Tangled Web", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Angel"] = {"Aviary", "Champions", "Children of the Atom", "Defenders", "Equestrians", "Feathered Friends", "First Class", "Flirt", "Hellfire", "X-Force"},
    ["Anti-Venom"] = {"Antihero", "Bloodlust", "Cancer Awareness", "Close Encounters", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Far Far Away", "Red in the Ledger", "Revengers", "Sinister Six", "Street Level", "Tangled Web"},
    ["Ares"] = {"Assemble!", "Big Guns", "Bloodlust", "Debbie Downers", "Fear of the Dark", "Fully Armed", "Godlike", "Hellenic", "Newly Assembled", "Progeny of Olympus", "Safety First"},
    ["Avalanche"] = {"Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Seismic Shuffle"},
    ["Beast"] = {"All Hanks On Deck", "Assemble!", "Children of the Atom", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Equestrians", "First Class", "Furry", "Illuminati", "Keep it Secret", "Rad Bromance"},
    ["Bishop"] = {"Big Guns", "Children of the Atom", "Not of This Earth", "Tiny Transistors"},
    ["Black Bolt"] = {"Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Debbie Downers", "Illuminati", "Inhuman Relations", "More Human Than Human", "One Voice", "Sovereign", "The New Black"},
    ["Black Cat"] = {"Anything's Possible", "Big Mouth", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Cosplayers", "Kleptomaniac", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "The New Black"},
    ["Black Knight"] = {"Assemble!", "Bloodlust", "British Invasion", "Eggheads", "Excalibur", "Familiar", "Good Knight", "Safety First", "The New Black", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Black Panther"] = {"Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Bless the Rains", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Illuminati", "King and Queen", "Sovereign", "The New Black"},
    ["Black Widow"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Arachnophobia", "Assemble!", "Champions", "Fashionistas", "Frenemies", "Keep it Secret", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Suffragettes", "The New Black", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Blade"] = {"Bloodlust", "British Invasion", "Debbie Downers", "Kiss of Death", "Mighty Avengers", "Orphanage", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Cable"] = {"Big Guns", "Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Family Reunion", "Mind Games", "Not of This Earth", "Orphanage", "Six Pack", "Six Packs and Powder", "Tiny Transistors", "X-Force"},
    ["Cannonball"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Bodies in Motion", "Children of the Atom", "Hot Stuff", "New Mutants", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "X-Force"},
    ["Captain America"] = {"Assemble!", "Bad Blood", "Imposter", "Invaders", "Keep it Secret", "Patriots", "Proud To Serve", "Training Montage", "War Buddies", "Weapon X", "Wings Of Liberty"},
    ["Captain Britain"] = {"Aviary", "Braddocks", "British Invasion", "Dr.", "Excalibur", "Flatmates", "Hellfire", "Keep it Secret", "Patriots", "Seismic Shuffle", "Sovereign"},
    ["Colossus"] = {"Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Excalibur", "Hard and Soft", "Rasputins", "Seismic Shuffle", "X-Force"},
    ["Constrictor"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Frightful Four", "Red in the Ledger", "Roommates", "Six Pack", "Stink-Eye", "Whip it Good"},
    ["Cyclops"] = {"Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Family Reunion", "First Class", "Heart and Mind", "Orphanage", "X-Lovers"},
    ["Daimon Hellstrom"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arcane Arts", "Defenders", "Familiar", "Hellfire", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Ordained", "Redheads"},
    ["Daredevil"] = {"Ambulance Chasers", "Big In Japan", "Out of Hand", "Redheads", "Shinobi", "Stick It", "Street Level"},
    ["Deadpool"] = {"Antihero", "Big Guns", "Cancer Awareness", "Fashionistas", "Frightful Four", "Fully Armed", "Roommates", "Six Pack", "Six Packs and Powder", "Thunderbolts", "Weapon X", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Doctor Doom"] = {"Doom"},
    ["Doctor Voodoo"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Dr.", "Familiar", "Mind Games", "Sorcerer Supremes", "Untouchable"},
    ["Domino"] = {"Anything's Possible", "Caught Red-Handed", "Children of the Atom", "Fully Armed", "Six Pack", "X-Force"},
    ["Dr. Strange"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Debbie Downers", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Illuminati", "Newly Assembled", "Sorcerer Supremes"},
    ["Drax"] = {"Bloodlust", "Body Swap", "Close Encounters", "Debbie Downers", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Titanomachy"},
    ["Elektra"] = {"Average Joes", "Bloodlust", "Hellenic", "Natural Born Killers", "Out of Hand", "Red in the Ledger", "Shinobi", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Emma Frost"] = {"Alias-Less", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Cosmic Fire", "Flirt", "Girls of Summer", "Heart and Mind", "Hellfire", "Mind Games", "Red in the Ledger"},
    ["Falcon"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Aviary", "Birds of a Feather", "Defenders", "Feathered Friends", "Mighty Avengers", "Proud To Serve", "Street Level", "Wings Of Liberty"},
    ["Fandral"] = {"Asgardians", "Big Mouth", "Flirt", "Ladies Man", "Swingers", "Warriors Three", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Fantomex"] = {"Children of the Atom", "Crowded", "Flirt", "Kleptomaniac", "X-Force"},
    ["Gambit"] = {"Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Flirt", "Kleptomaniac", "Ladies Man", "Partners In Crime", "Red in the Ledger", "Stick It", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "Southern Hospitality"},
    ["Gamora"] = {"Bloodlust", "Death in the Family", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Natural Born Killers", "Red in the Ledger", "Titanomachy", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Ghost Rider"] = {"Antihero", "Chain Gang", "Champions", "Debbie Downers", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff"},
    ["Gorgon"] = {"Close Encounters", "More Human Than Human", "Seismic Shuffle", "Training Montage"},
    ["Groot"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arboreal", "Bloodlust", "Far Far Away", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Two Thugs"},
    ["Hank Pym"] = {"Academy", "Alias-Less", "All Hanks On Deck", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Big Shoes to Fill", "Bug Buddies", "Dr.", "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Familiar"},
    ["Havok"] = {"Boys of Summer", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmology", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "X-Factor"},
    ["Hawkeye"] = {"Academy", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Best Coast", "Big In Japan", "Big Shoes to Fill", "Birds of a Feather", "Flirt", "Frenemies", "Keep it Secret", "Orphanage", "Red in the Ledger", "Shinobi", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Heimdall"] = {"Asgardians", "Debbie Downers", "Godlike", "Safety First", "Systkin", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Hercules"] = {"Assemble!", "Champions", "Flirt", "Godlike", "Hellenic", "Progeny of Olympus", "Stink-Eye", "Tossers"},
    ["Hogun"] = {"Asgardians", "Debbie Downers", "Orphanage", "Warriors Three"},
    ["Hulk"] = {"Assemble!", "Defenders", "Dr.", "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Equestrians", "Gamma Gang", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Keep it Secret", "Orphanage", "Puny God", "Sovereign", "Tossers"},
    ["Human Torch"] = {"Aviary", "Big Mouth", "Cosmology", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flirt", "Future Foundation", "Hot Stuff", "Sibling Rivalry", "Song of Torch and Ice"},
    ["Iceman"] = {"Big Mouth", "Champions", "Children of the Atom", "Cool and Collected", "Defenders", "Equestrians", "First Class", "Flirt", "Polar Opposites", "Song of Torch and Ice"},
    ["Invisible Woman"] = {"Chemical Attraction", "Cosmology", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Fashionistas", "Future Foundation", "Sibling Rivalry", "Suffragettes"},
    ["Iron Fist"] = {"Elemental", "Heroes for Hire", "Newly Assembled", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Iron Man"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Big Mouth", "Dr.", "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes", "Eggheads", "Elemental", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Hearts of Iron", "Hellfire", "Illuminati", "Ladies Man", "Safety First", "Sidekick", "Tin Men"},
    ["Juggernaut"] = {"Bodies in Motion", "Brotherhood", "Excalibur", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Safety First", "Spear and Magic Helmet", "Thunderbolts", "Tinfoil Hats"},
    ["Ka-Zar"] = {"Average Joes", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Heart of the Jungle", "Familiar", "Orphanage", "Savage Savages"},
    ["Knight America"] = {"Good Knight", "Home Of The Brave", "Not of This Earth", "Safety First", "Shield Bearers", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Kitty Pryde"] = {"Alias-Less", "Best Friends Forever", "Cat Fight", "Children of the Atom", "Excalibur", "Familiar", "Hard and Soft", "Protege", "Shinobi", "Untouchable"},
    ["Loki"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Asgardians", "Godlike", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Kleptomaniac", "Odinsons", "Orphanage", "Puny God", "Red in the Ledger", "Which Is Witch"},
    ["Luke Cage"] = {"Alias-Less", "Babysitter", "Defenders", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Heroes for Hire", "Mighty Avengers", "Newly Assembled", "Second Chances", "Seismic Shuffle", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts", "Training Montage"},
    ["Magik"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Best Friends Forever", "Children of the Atom", "Cosmic Fire", "Familiar", "Highway to Hell", "New Mutants", "Portable", "Rasputins", "Red in the Ledger", "Sovereign", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Magneto"] = {"Aviary", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Debbie Downers", "Eggheads", "Hellfire", "House of M", "In-Laws", "Red in the Ledger", "Safety First", "Sovereign", "Tinfoil Hats", "Tossers"},
    ["Medusa"] = {"Close Encounters", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Frightful Four", "Future Foundation", "Hellenic", "Illuminati", "Inhuman Relations", "More Human Than Human", "One Voice", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Sovereign", "Suffragettes", "Tossers", "Whip it Good"},
    ["Mockingbird"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Assemble!", "Average Joes", "Best Coast", "Birds of a Feather", "Classy", "Keep it Secret", "Sovereign", "Stick It"},
    ["Moon Knight"] = {"Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Bloodlust", "Classy", "Crowded", "Good Knight", "Imposter", "Keep it Secret", "Proud To Serve", "Street Level", "Walk Two Moons"},
    ["Moonstone"] = {"Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Dr.", "Fear of the Dark", "Flirt", "Ms. Fake", "Red in the Ledger", "Second Chances", "Thunderbolts", "Untouchable", "Walk Two Moons"},
    ["Morbius"] = {"Antihero", "Debbie Downers", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Kiss of Death", "Needs Food Badly", "Red in the Ledger", "Unexpected Results"},
    ["Mr. Fantastic"] = {"Chemical Attraction", "Cosmology", "Dr.", "Eggheads", "Fantastic", "Future Foundation", "Illuminati"},
    ["Ms. Marvel"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Close Encounters", "Distaff Counterpart", "Fashionistas", "Identity Theft", "Keep it Secret", "Marvelous", "Ms. Fake", "Proud To Serve"},
    ["Nico Minoru"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arcane Arts", "Aviary", "Looking Grimm", "Orphanage"},
    ["Nightcrawler"] = {"Children of the Atom", "Excalibur", "Furry", "Mommy Issues", "Ordained", "Orphanage", "Portable", "X-Force"},
    ["Omega Sentinel"] = {"Aviary", "Big Guns", "Classy", "Fully Armed", "Haste", "Red in the Ledger", "Serve and Protect", "Tiny Transistors"},
    ["Phoenix"] = {"Aviary", "Children of the Atom", "Close Encounters", "Cosmic Fire", "Crowded", "Debbie Downers", "Family Reunion", "First Class", "Girls of Summer", "Hellfire", "Hot Stuff", "Marvelous", "Mind Games", "Redheads", "Tossers", "X-Lovers"},
    ["Psylocke"] = {"Big In Japan", "Body Shoppe", "Body Swap", "Braddocks", "British Invasion", "Children of the Atom", "Crowded", "Equestrians", "Excalibur", "Fashionistas", "Hellfire", "Mind Games", "Out of Hand", "Shinobi", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Punisher"] = {"Antihero", "Average Joes", "Bad Blood", "Big Guns", "Bloodlust", "Classy", "Fully Armed", "Ordained", "Red in the Ledger", "Street Level", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Quicksilver"] = {"Academy", "Assemble!", "Bodies in Motion", "Bova's Calfs", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Elemental", "Haste", "House of M", "In-Laws", "Inhuman Relations", "Red in the Ledger", "Wunda Twins", "X-Factor"},
    ["Red Hulk"] = {"Antihero", "Caught Red-Handed", "Gamma Gang", "Hot Stuff", "Newly Assembled", "Proud To Serve", "Thunderbolts", "Tossers"},
    ["Rescue"] = {"Aviary", "Distaff Counterpart", "Hearts of Iron", "Redheads", "Safety First", "Tin Men"},
    ["Rocket Raccoon"] = {"Alias-Less", "Arboreal", "Average Joes", "Big Guns", "Big Mouth", "Far Far Away", "Fully Armed", "Furry", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Proud To Serve", "Two Thugs"},
    ["Rogue"] = {"Aviary", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Identity Theft", "Mommy Issues", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Red in the Ledger", "South of the Mason-Dixon", "Southern Hospitality"},
    ["Sabretooth"] = {"Bloodlust", "Brotherhood", "Cat Fight", "Children of the Atom", "Furry", "Out of Hand", "Red in the Ledger", "Savage Savages", "Tossers", "Tooth and Nail", "Weapon X", "X-Factor"},
    ["Sandman"] = {"Crowded", "Frightful Four", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Sinister Six", "Street Level", "Support Network"},
    ["Satana"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Aviary", "Familiar", "Flirt", "Highway to Hell", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Thunderbolts"},
    ["Scarlet Witch"] = {"Anything's Possible", "Arcane Arts", "Assemble!", "Bova's Calfs", "Brotherhood", "Children of the Atom", "Cyber", "House of M", "It's Complicated", "Red in the Ledger", "Suffragettes", "Which Is Witch", "Wunda Twins"},
    ["Shanna"] = {"Bless the Rains", "Crowded", "Distaff Counterpart", "Dr.", "Heart of the Jungle", "Savage Savages", "Stick It", "Swingers"},
    ["Shatterstar"] = {"Bad Mojo", "Body Swap", "Children of the Atom", "Not of This Earth", "Orphanage", "Redheads", "X-Factor", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["She-Hulk"] = {"Ambulance Chasers", "Assemble!", "Distaff Counterpart", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flirt", "Future Foundation", "Gamma Gang", "Isn't Easy Being Green", "Suffragettes", "Tossers"},
    ["Sif"] = {"Asgardians", "Bloodlust", "Godlike", "Systkin", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Spider-Man"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Bad Blood", "Big Mouth", "Cosplayers", "Eggheads", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Flatmates", "Future Foundation", "Imposter", "Newly Assembled", "Orphanage", "Street Level", "Support Network", "Swingers", "Tangled Web", "Unexpected Results"},
    ["Spider-Woman"] = {"Arachnophobia", "Aviary", "Bova's Calfs", "Distaff Counterpart", "Keep it Secret", "Newly Assembled", "Red in the Ledger", "Suffragettes"},
    ["Spiral"] = {"Arcane Arts", "Bad Mojo", "Body Shoppe", "Body Swap", "Fully Armed", "Hollywood", "Portable", "Red in the Ledger", "Tiny Transistors", "X-Force", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Squirrel Girl"] = {"Arboreal", "Assemble!", "Babysitter", "Children of the Atom", "Familiar", "Furry", "Newly Assembled", "Sidekick"},
    ["Star-Lord"] = {"Average Joes", "Big Mouth", "Close Encounters", "Far Far Away", "Flirt", "Fully Armed", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Hot Stuff", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Kleptomaniac", "Ladies Man", "Orphanage", "Rock Stars", "Safety First"},
    ["Storm"] = {"Aviary", "Bless the Rains", "Children of the Atom", "Hellfire", "King and Queen", "Kleptomaniac", "Newly Assembled", "Partners In Crime", "Sovereign", "Suffragettes"},
    ["Sunfire"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Big In Japan", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Hot Stuff", "Patriots", "Polar Opposites", "Red in the Ledger"},
    ["Taskmaster"] = {"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Classy", "Frightful Four", "Keep it Secret", "Red in the Ledger", "Training Montage", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Thane"] = {"Close Encounters", "Death in the Family", "More Human Than Human", "Titanomachy"},
    ["Thing"] = {"Cosmology", "Fantastic", "Fantastic Fill-in", "Future Foundation", "Looking Grimm", "Newly Assembled", "Rock and Roll", "Rock Stars", "Seismic Shuffle", "Support Network", "Tossers"},
    ["Thor"] = {"Asgardians", "Assemble!", "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes", "Godlike", "Keep it Secret", "Keys to the Kingdom", "Odinsons", "Safety First", "Sovereign"},
    ["Thundra"] = {"Chain Gang", "Frightful Four", "Not of This Earth", "Red in the Ledger", "Redheads", "Rock and Roll", "Suffragettes", "Tossers"},
    ["Tigra"] = {"Academy", "Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Bloodlust", "Cat Fight", "Flirt", "Furry", "Savage Savages", "Serve and Protect", "Suffragettes"},
    ["Union Jack"] = {"Average Joes", "British Invasion", "Invaders", "Patriots", "Proud To Serve", "War Buddies"},
    ["Valkyrie"] = {"Asgardians", "Defenders", "Familiar", "Godlike", "Keep it Secret", "Spear and Magic Helmet", "Stick It", "You Have My Sword"},
    ["Vision"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Best Coast", "Classy", "Cyber", "Defenders", "In-Laws", "It's Complicated", "Red in the Ledger", "Seismic Shuffle", "Tiny Transistors", "Untouchable"},
    ["Volstagg"] = {"Asgardians", "Big Mouth", "Needs Food Badly", "Redheads", "Tossers", "Warriors Three"},
    ["War Machine"] = {"Aviary", "Best Coast", "Big Guns", "Fully Armed", "Keep it Secret", "Proud To Serve", "Safety First", "Tin Men"},
    ["Wasp"] = {"Assemble!", "Aviary", "Best Coast", "Bug Buddies", "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes", "Fashionistas", "Suffragettes"},
    ["Wolverine"] = {"Antihero", "Bad Blood", "Big In Japan", "Bloodlust", "Children of the Atom", "Equestrians", "Imposter", "Newly Assembled", "Protege", "Savage Savages", "Tooth and Nail", "Training Montage", "War Buddies", "Weapon X", "X-Force"},
    ["Wonder Man"] = {"Assemble!", "Best Coast", "Hollywood", "It's Complicated", "Rad Bromance", "Red in the Ledger", "Revengers"},
    ["X-23"] = {"Academy", "Bloodlust", "Children of the Atom", "Debbie Downers", "Distaff Counterpart", "Equestrians", "Weapon X", "X-Force"}
return data

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