Mission Score Screenshot

Mission score in S2 C6 M2.

Mission Score is where the player get score from battles and deploys. Earning enough scores will earn mastery star(s). There are 5 stars in every missions, the more star earned, the greater the reward received. In order to earn more scores, a player have to play and finish the same mission. It appears after the player clicked "Exit Map in mission."

Cumulative Score is the sum of mission scores on the number of runs in a particular mission. Canceling the mission will not add to the cumulative score.

The highest mission score can be viewed on the Mission Info, showing leaderboard in descending order.

  • Mission Complete - Base score for completing the mission
    • Scored 1,000 points for completing mission.
  • Battles - Combines score for all fights on this mission
  • Hero Deploys - Bonus score for sending heroes on deploy events
    • 500 points per completed deploy mission.
  • Survival - Bonus score for completing the mission with few defeats in combat
    • Scored for surviving the battle. It is equal to the score of battles, however it decreases if a player lost the battle.
  • Total Score - Sum of Mission Complete, Battles, Hero Deploys, and Survival.
  • Mission Mastery - Includes 5 stars (colored star means a star is reached) and progress bar.

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  • Group Boss score cannot be added in Battles.
  • Mission score on the bottom right side of the screen during a mission, part of the mission progress bar, is equivalent to the post mission Battle Score.
  • Players can improve their Mission scores with the PvE Score Modifier.

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