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  • "I hate Facebook games and the people who play them. With gusto. So this game had to overcome alot of personal prejudice to get me to play it."

    We're on the same page, I log into Facebook only to play this game...

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  • G'day

    I hope you don't mind, but I renamed your Blog about Farming to about How to Make Quicksilver Hit Harder, since that's what your Blog was actually about.

    My preference is to usually make suggestions and to then leave it up to each User to make changes to their Blogs, since... well... it's their blog, but in this case, renaming Blogs can be a bit tricky, and (perhaps more importantly) I think the new name will attract input from experienced players - players that would normally skip a Blog about how to Farm CP, since they already know how to do that.

    Good luck with making the Twins work the way you want them to work.

    RG  : )

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    • i'd actually intended on going back and expanding it. but since you're one of the opinions i value: this blog is actually less about making wanda and pietro a viable team (pvp) and making them a perfect team for farming specifically (boosts to accuracy over attack, as that leads to more drops, and high def. and stamina to net bigger bonuses. it might sound similar, but pve and pvp play very differently, and the role of the agent and items is subtly different.

      do you use a certain agent weapon set for pve, as opposed to the one you use for pvp? my play strategy is very different, depending.

      while i've got you: the pvp strategy page is a problem. who do i need to consult before i delete or completely overhaul it?

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    • Why thank you.  : )

      So, what I should have done was to rename it, making the Twins Stronger, rather than just Quicksilver..  ; )

      Oh, well, start on Quicksilver, THEN make another Blog about making the Twins Stronger.

      I used to use a different Suit and Equipment for PVE than PVP, but then Playdom decided in all their wisdom to make whatever we have for PVE, being what is used in PVP, so now my Agent stays the same (which is boring). But I use different heroes for PVE.

      Sadly, whomever I'm using for PVE is usually geared towards, "who do I need to give XP to so that they can level?" Thankfully I have three at the moment, so I don't need to get too bored with it.

      As for the PVP page... TBH, I haven't looked at it...

      What sort of overhaul did you have in mind? I can't see anyone minding. If you're willing to put in work to make it better, who are we to complain?  ; )

      And if the other Staff don't like it, they can always take the bits they like of what you've done and add it to an old version. The great thing about WIki's is the ability to look at old versions.

      RG  : )

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    • as it stands, it's a pale version of the class and the hero review pages. rather than have a redundant page that nobody reads, we should have something that lives up to the title. i really liked your discussion on play styles and PKB's pages on ISO builds, and i think a fusion of those two ideas would be perfect for this page. start heroes, sorted into hammers, support, etc. the page currently sorts them by class, but that's not helpful at all to new players

      then move on to a discussion on class, uniform, and gadgets, with regards to your agent loadout. i asked pkb if we was interested in doing iso builds for agents, but with him being so swamped with heroes, i'd be happy to take that on. include different builds for each play-style.

      finally, close with team combinations that accent different playstyles and load-outs. the page will run long, so i'd would like to do a little at a time. or we could just delete the page and i could do it as a blog. my point being, the page as it stands does't work, and it could be a really great page that everyone swaps war-stories on.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Infiltrator page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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