Name Ability Type
A-Bomb Icon 1
A-Bomb-Chameleon Punch Chameleon Punch Melee Unarmed
A-Bomb-Ready To Rumble Ready To Rumble Melee Unarmed
A-Bomb-20 Mile Crash 20 Mile Crash Melee
Agent Venom Icon 1

(Under Control mode)

Agent Venom-Advanced Combat Training Advanced Combat Training Melee Unarmed
Agent Venom Icon 1

(Out of Control mode)

Agent Venom-Rip To Shreds Rip To Shreds Melee Slashing
Agent Venom-Along Came A Venom Along Came A Venom Melee Slashing
Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1
Amazing Spider-Woman-Web Slingshot Web Slingshot Melee Unarmed
Amazing Spider-Woman-Repelled Uppercut Repelled Uppercut Melee Unarmed
Angel Icon 1
Angel-Absolution Absolution Slashing Melee
Angel-Rapture Rapture Unarmed Melee
Angel Icon 2
Angel-War War Unarmed Melee
Angel-Famine Famine Unarmed Melee Energy
Angel-Death Death Slashing Melee
Angela Icon 1
Angela-Xiphos Xiphos Melee Slashing
Angela-Blades of Ichor Blades of Ichor Melee Slashing
Angela-Blood Angel Blood Angel Melee Slashing
Ant-Man Icon 1
Ant-Man-Break In Break In Melee Unarmed
Ant-Man-Pint-Size Surprise Pint-Size Surprise Melee Unarmed
Anti-Venom Icon 1
Anti-Venom-Bloodletting Bloodletting Slashing Melee
Anti-Venom-I AM THE CURE! I AM THE CURE! Slashing Melee
Anti-Venom-Crusade Crusade Slashing Melee
Anti-Venom-Cleansing Touch Cleansing Touch Melee
Ares Icon 1
Ares-Art of War Art of War Melee Slashing
Baron Mordo Icon 1
Baron Mordo-Astral Projection Astral Projection Magic Melee Summon
Baron Mordo-Sinister Summoning Sinister Summoning Melee Summon
Beast Icon 1
Beast-The Jungle The Jungle Unarmed Melee
Beast-A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms Slashing Melee
Beast Icon 2
Beast-The Jungle Heart of Darkness Unarmed Melee
Beast-A Farewell to Arms Jekyll and Hyde Unarmed Slashing Melee
Beta Ray Bill Icon 1
Beta Ray Bill-Stormbreaker Stormbreaker Electric Melee
Beta Ray Bill-Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning Electric Melee
Bishop Icon 1
Bishop-Cyberkinetic Crash Cyberkinetic Crash Unarmed Tech Melee
Black Bolt Icon 1
Black Bolt-Kingly Fists Kingly Fists Melee Unarmed
Black Bolt-Royal Flight Royal Flight Melee Unarmed
Black Cat Icon 1
Black Cat-Cat Scratch Cat Scratch Slashing Melee
Black Cat-Unlucky Strike Unlucky Strike Unarmed Melee
Black Cat-Nerve Chop Nerve Chop Unarmed Melee
Black Knight Icon 1
Black Knight-Ebony Blade Ebony Blade Slashing Melee
Black Knight-Shield of Night Shield of Night Melee
Black Knight-Valinor Valinor Melee
Black Knight-Cursed Blade Cursed Blade Slashing Melee
Black Panther Icon 1
Black Panther-Anti-metal Claws Anti-metal Claws Vibranium Slashing Melee
Black Panther-Wakandan Arts Wakandan Arts Unarmed Melee
Black Widow Icon 1
Black Widow-Martial Arts Combo Martial Arts Combo Unarmed Melee
Black Widow-Flying Kick Flying Kick Unarmed Melee
Blade Icon 1
Blade-Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge Slashing Melee
Blade-Dead by Dawn Dead by Dawn Melee Unarmed
Blizzard Icon 1
Blizzard-Arctic Attack Arctic Attack Melee Ice
Cable Icon 1

(T-O Control Mode)

Cable-Askani Arts Askani Arts Unarmed Melee
Cable Icon 1

(T-O Overdrive Mode)

Cable-Techno-Organic Rampage Techno-Organic Rampage Melee Tech
Cammi Icon 1
Cammi-Jet Pack Combo Jet Pack Combo Unarmed Melee
Cannonball Icon 1
Cannonball-Comin' Through Comin' Through Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Cannonball-Nothin's Impossible Nothin's Impossible Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Cannonball-Cleared For Take Off Cleared For Take Off Melee Kinetic Fire
Captain America Icon 1
Captain America-Shield Bash Shield Bash Melee Vibranium
Captain America-Leading Strike Leading Strike Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain Icon 1
Captain Britain-Right Is Might Right Is Might Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain-Save the Queen Save the Queen Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain-Britannic Britannic Unarmed Melee
Chase Stein Icon 1
Chase Stein-Get 'em Old Lace! "Get 'em Old Lace!" Melee Slashing
Chase Stein-Team Rocket Team Rocket Melee Ranged Slashing Explosion
Colleen Wing Icon 1
Colleen Wing-Keen Kenjutsu Keen Kenjutsu Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Meito Massacre Meito Massacre Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Impeding Iaijutsu Impeding Iaijutsu Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Hissatsuwaza Hissatsuwaza Melee Slashing
Colossus Icon 1
Colossus-Steel Fists Steel Fists Unarmed Melee
Colossus-Decimate Decimate Unarmed Melee
Constrictor Icon 1
Constrictor-Crackdown Crackdown Melee Slashing Electric
Constrictor-Lightning Lash Lightning Lash Melee Slashing Electric
Constrictor-Snake Eater Snake Eater Melee Slashing Electric
Crystal Icon 1
Crystal-Geokinesis Geokinesis Melee
Cyclops Icon 1
Cyclops-Exploit Weakness Exploit Weakness Unarmed Melee
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1
Daimon Hellstrom-From Hell's Heart From Hell's Heart Melee Slashing
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: La Petite Mort Melee Summon
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 2
Daimon Hellstrom-Soulbreaker Soulbreaker Melee Fire
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Mort Douce Succubus: Mort Douce Melee Summon
Daredevil Icon 1Daredevil Icon 2
Daredevil-Billy Club Billy Club Melee
Daredevil-Snap Kick Snap Kick Unarmed Melee
Daredevil Icon 3
Daredevil-Billy Club Imperious Indictment Melee
Daredevil-Snap Kick Violent Verdict Unarmed Melee
Daredevil-Onus Probandi Onus Probandi Unarmed Melee
Deadpool Icon 1
Deadpool-Sharp Pointy Things Sharp Pointy Things Melee
Deadpool-No Holds Barred No Holds Barred Melee
Destroyer Icon 1
Destroyer-Crush Crush Melee Unarmed
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Basher Summon Servo Basher Summon Tech Melee
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1
Doctor Voodoo-Staff of Legba Staff of Legba Melee Magic
Domino Icon 1
Domino-Spinal Scratch Spinal Scratch Ranged Melee Slashing
Drax Icon 1
Drax-Obliterate Obliterate Unarmed Melee
Drax-Hack and Slash Hack and Slash Slashing Melee
Drax-Daggerfall Daggerfall Slashing Melee
Elektra Icon 1
Elektra-Heavy Sais Heavy Sais Melee
Elektra-Ancient Art Ancient Art Melee
Elektra-Rain of Blood Rain of Blood Melee
Elektra-Assassinate Assassinate Melee
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
Elsa Bloodstone-Gravedigger Gravedigger Melee
Emma Frost Icon 1
Emma Frost-War Diamond War Diamond Melee Unarmed
Falcon Icon 1
Falcon-Swoop Swoop Unarmed Melee
Falcon-Dive Bomber Dive Bomber Unarmed Melee
Fandral Icon 1
Fandral-Have At Thee Have At Thee Melee Slashing
Fandral-Flynning Circus Flynning Circus Melee Slashing
Gambit Icon 1
Gambit-Bo Roulette Bo Roulette Melee Kinetic
Gambit-Ragin Cajun Ragin Cajun Melee Kinetic
Gamora Icon 1
Gamora-Mortal Strike Mortal Strike Unarmed Melee Slashing
Gamora-Whirlwind Whirlwind Melee Slashing
Gamora-Execute Execute Melee Slashing
Ghost Rider Icon 1
Ghost Rider-Damnation Chains Damnation Chains Melee Fire Shadow
Ghost Rider-Highway to Hell Highway to Hell Melee Fire
Gorgon Icon 1
Gorgon-Walk All Over You Walk All Over You Melee Unarmed
Gorgon-Show No Mercy Show No Mercy Melee Unarmed
Groot Icon 1
Groot-I am...GROOT! I am...GROOT! Melee
Groot-I am Groot! I am Groot! Unarmed Melee
Hank Pym Icon 1
Hank Pym-Growing Pains Growing Pains Unarmed Melee
Hank Pym-Goliath Punch Goliath Punch Unarmed Melee
Hank Pym-Bug Squashing Bug Squashing Unarmed Melee
Havok Icon 1
Havok-Shattering Punch Shattering Punch Melee Energy
Hawkeye Icon 2
Hawkeye-Sure Shot Adamantium Arrow Slashing Melee
Hawkeye-Arrow Volley Adamantium Volley Slashing Melee
Heimdall Icon 1
Heimdall-Hofund Hofund Melee Slashing
Heimdall-Uru Blade Uru Blade Melee Slashing
Hellcat Icon 1
Hellcat-Krav Maga Krav Maga Melee
Hellcat-Cleaving Claws Cleaving Claws Melee Slashing
Hellcat-Laceration Laceration Melee Slashing
Hellcat-Capoeira Capoeira Melee
Hercules Icon 1
Hercules-Pankration Pummel Pankration Pummel Melee Unarmed
Hercules-Column Down Column Down Melee
Hogun Icon 1
Hogun-Windup Swing Windup Swing Melee
Hogun-Meteor Smash Meteor Smash Melee
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Eat My Glove! "Eat My Glove!" Melee Unarmed
Howard the Duck-Reinfarcements Reinfarcements Melee Summon
Howard the Duck-Friggin' Sword of Hope Friggin' Sword of Hope Melee Slashing
Howard the Duck-Quack-Fu Quack-Fu Melee Unarmed
Hulk Icon 1
Hulk-Rage Punch Rage Punch Unarmed Melee
Hulk-Hulk Smash Hulk Smash Melee
Hulk Icon 5
Hulk-Rage Punch Incredible Rage Punch Unarmed Melee
Hulk-Thunder Clap Giant-Size Hulk Smash Unarmed Melee
Hybrid Icon 1
Hybrid-Riot Riot Melee Slashing
Hybrid-Agony Agony Melee Slashing
Hybrid-Backstab Backstab Melee Slashing
Hyperion Icon 1
Hyperion-Fists of Fusion Fists of Fusion Unarmed Melee
Hyperion-Solar Strike Solar Strike Unarmed Melee
Iceman Icon 1
Iceman-Ice Capades Ice Capades Ice Melee
Iceman Icon 2
Iceman-Ice Capades Cold Day Ice Melee
Iron Fist Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-K'un L'un Combo K'un L'un Combo Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist-The Iron Fist The Iron Fist Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Five Fingers of Death Five Fingers of Death Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist-White Hot Iron Fist White Hot Iron Fist Unarmed Melee
Iron Man Icon 5
Iron Man-Iron Pummel Iron Pummel Melee Unarmed Tech
Iron Man-Iron Smash Iron Smash Melee Tech

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