Icon Name Type
"Snikt" "Snikt" Melee Slashing
Acinaces Acinaces Melee Slashing
Tidal Fist Adamantium Knuckles Melee Unarmed
Algrim's Rage Algrim's Rage Melee
Anklebiter Anklebiter Unarmed Melee Slashing Debuff
Apocalypse's Subjugator Apocalypse's Subjugator Melee
Articulated Edge Articulated Edge Melee Slashing
Asgardian Gauntlet Asgardian Gauntlet Melee Unarmed
Barber's Razor Barber's Razor Slashing Melee
Barrowguard Barrowguard Melee Ice Magic
Batazer Batazer Melee Electric Tech
Beyond Corp Can Opener Beyond Corp Can Opener Melee Slashing
Beyond Corp Wreality Wrench Beyond Corp Wreality Wrench Melee
Blade Catcher Blade Catcher Melee Slashing
Blade of the Guardian Blade of the Guardian Melee Slashing
Blade of the Corruptor Blade of the Corruptor Melee Slashing
Bleak Harvest Bleak Harvest Melee Slashing Tech
Blind Justice Blind Justice Melee
Blind Rage Blind Rage Melee
Brannblodhammer Brannblodhammer Melee
Brannhammer Brannhammer Melee
Custom Grecian Sai Custom Grecian Sai Melee
Bashenga's Blade Bashenga's Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Bonechiller Bonechiller Melee Ice
Booster-Sledge Prototype Booster-Sledge Prototype Melee Tech
Brutal Claw Brutal Claw Slashing Melee
Brute (Gear) Brute Melee Magic
Cat's Claw Cat's Claw Melee Slashing
Cauterizer Cauterizer Melee
Ceramic Blade Ceramic Blade Slashing Melee
Ceramic Knife Ceramic Knife Slashing Melee
Chain Blade Chain Blade Slashing Melee
Chain Tonfa Chain Tonfa Melee Slashing
Chakra Strike Chakra Strike Melee Unarmed
Chain Wrapped Fist Chain Wrapped Fist Melee Unarmed
Chitter-Chatter Box Chitter-Chatter Box Melee Summon
Chitter Box Chitter Box Melee Summon
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Unarmed Melee Energy Electric Tech
Combat Knife Combat Knife Melee Slashing
Conductor Conductor Melee Slashing
Crescent Flayer Crescent Flayer Melee
Crimson Crusher Crimson Crusher Melee Unarmed Magic
Crooked Grin Crooked Grin Melee
Cryo-Tonfa Cryo-Tonfa Melee Ice
Crystal Shiv Crystal Shiv Melee
Custom Tidal Fist Custom Adamantium Knuckles Melee Unarmed
Custom Brutal Claw Custom Brutal Claw Slashing Melee
Custom Chain Blade Custom Chain Blade Slashing Melee
Custom Cryo-Tonfa Custom Cryo-Tonfa Melee Ice
Custom D.A.R.S. Suppressor Custom D.A.R.S. Suppressor Melee
Custom Energy Fist Custom Energy Fist Slashing Energy Melee
Custom Fang-L13 Custom Fang-L13 Melee Slashing
Custom Knuckle Sting Custom Foley's Heart Tickler Melee Slashing Debuff
Frag Bracer Custom Fistborne Defibrillator Electric Energy Unarmed Melee
Frag Bracer Custom Frag Bracer Gun Melee
Fury Blade Custom Fury Blade Melee Slashing
Custom Grecian Sai Custom Grecian Sai Melee
Custom Hidden Blade Custom Hidden Blade Slashing Melee
Custom Katana Custom Katana Slashing Melee
Custom Knuckle Sting Custom Knuckle Sting Melee Slashing
Custom Monofilament Blade Custom Monofilament Blade Slashing Melee
Custom Pyro-Tonfa Custom Pyro-Tonfa Melee Fire
Custom R-Pod Concealed Cutter Custom R-Pod Concealed Cutter Melee Slashing
Custom Retractable Baton Custom Retractable Baton Melee
Custom Tidal Fist Custom Revolt Electric Energy Melee
Custom Survival Knife Custom Survival Knife Slashing Melee
Custom Sword of the Barony Custom Sword of the Barony Slashing Melee
Custom Tactical Tonfa Custom Tactical Tonfa Melee
Custom Chain Blade Custom The Ripper Slashing Melee
Custom Tidal Fist Custom Tidal Fist Unarmed Melee
Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow Melee Unarmed Fire Shadow
Custom Tyrant Blade Custom Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Custom Vibra-Shotel Custom Vibra-Shotel Slashing Melee Vibranium
Custom Vibra-Trumbash Custom Vibra-Trumbash
Cybernetic Blade Cybernetic Blade Slashing Melee
Cybernetic Glaive Cybernetic Glaive Melee Slashing Energy
Retractable Baton D.A.R.S. Suppressor Melee
Dark Mace Dark Mace Melee
Das Boot Das Boot Melee Debuff
Decade Decade Melee Slashing
Decelerator Bar Decelerator Bar Ice Melee
Decelerator Sword Decelerator Sword Ice Melee
Demonic Dagger Demonic Dagger Melee
Demon Talon Demon Talon Melee
Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Melee Tech
Destruction Destruction Melee
Devil's Claw Devil's Claw Melee Slashing
Devil's Fang Devil's Fang Melee Slashing
Devourer Devourer Melee Slashing Magic
Dread Axe Dread Axe Melee Slashing
Electro-Tech Hammer Electro-Tech Hammer Melee Tech
Enchanted Crowbar Enchanted Crowbar Melee
Enchanted Odin's Steel Enchanted Odin's Steel Slashing Melee Magic Electric
Energy Fist Energy Fist Slashing Energy Melee
En Sabah Nur's Liberator En Sabah Nur's Liberator Melee
Face Punch Face Punch Melee Unarmed
Survival Knife Fang-L13 Melee Slashing
Feral Claw Feral Claw Slashing Melee
Ferric Blade Ferric Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Ferric Shield Ferric Shield Melee Tech
Fist of the Colossus Fist of the Colossus Melee
Fistborne Defibrillator Fistborne Defibrillator Electric Energy Unarmed Melee
Flaming Post Flaming Post Melee Psychic Fire
Knuckle Sting Foley's Heart Tickler Melee Slashing Debuff
Frag Bracer Frag Bracer Gun Melee
Frigga's Hope Frigga's Hope Melee Slashing
Frostbound Hatchet Frostbound Hatchet Melee Slashing Ice
Frozen Hell Frozen Hell Melee Slashing Fire
Fury Fury Melee Slashing
Fury Blade Fury Blade Melee Slashing

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