Icon Name Type
Galactic Crusher Galactic Crusher Melee Tech
Gamma Hammer Gamma Hammer Melee Energy Tech
Gamma Knuckles Gamma Knuckles Melee Tech
Gaunt Caress Gaunt Caress Unarmed Melee
Gauntlet Gauntlet Unarmed Melee
Gauntlets of Orthrus Gauntlets of Orthrus Melee Unarmed
Girl's Best Friend Girl's Best Friend Slashing Melee
Golden Fan Golden Fan Melee Slashing
"Snikt" Golden Feral Claws Slashing Melee
Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife Slashing Melee
Golden Katana Golden Katana Slashing Melee
Golden Kopis Golden Kopis Melee Slashing
Golden Tonfa Golden Tonfa Melee
Golden Tyrant Blade Golden Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee
Grave Digger's Spade Grave Digger's Spade Melee Slashing
Grecian Sai Grecian Sai Melee Slashing
Grief Grief Melee Slashing
Grim Mace Grim Mace Melee
Hammering Nail Hammering Nail Melee Slashing Magic
Hand of Apocalypse Hand of Apocalypse Melee
Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist Melee Unarmed
Hardened Wakandan Rungu Hardened Wakandan Rungu Melee Vibranium
Hard Nox Hard Nox Melee Slashing Magic
Heavy Sai Heavy Sai Melee
Heir of Hell Heir of Hell Melee Slashing Magic
Hidden Blade Hidden Blade Slashing Melee
Hoarfrost Mace Hoarfrost Mace Melee Ice
Hobnail Hobnail Unarmed Melee Slashing
Holographic Shield Holographic Shield Melee
Ice Sickle Ice Sickle Ice Melee
Incensor Incensor Melee Tech Fire
Ionic Hammer Ionic Hammer Melee Tech
Ionic Sledge Ionic Sledge Melee Tech
Ion The Ball Ion The Ball Melee Energy
Ion The Prize Ion The Prize Melee Energy
Indiction Indiction Melee
Infernal Axe Infernal Axe Melee Slashing
Infernal Blade Infernal Blade Melee Slashing Fire
Ironstar Ironstar Melee
Katana Katana Slashing Melee
Kinetic Blade Mk I Kinetic Blade Mk I Melee Kinetic
Kinetic Blade Mk II Kinetic Blade Mk II Melee Tech Kinetic
Kinetic Energy Blade Kinetic Energy Blade Melee Tech Energy Kinetic
Knuckle Sting Knuckle Sting Melee Slashing
Kuzuri Kuzuri Melee Slashing
Laprov Laprov Slashing Melee
Laprov! Laprov! Slashing Melee
Laser Sword Laser Sword Slashing Energy Melee Tech
Laufey's Knife Laufey's Knife Melee Slashing Ice
Laufey's Needle Laufey's Needle Melee Slashing Ice
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod Ranged Gun Electric Tech
Loki's Sceptre Loki's Sceptre Melee
Maddening Mace Maddening Mace Melee
Mahayuga Mahayuga Melee Slashing Energy
Manvantara Manvantara Melee Energy
Marksman Patch Marksman Patch Melee
Master's Sword Master's Sword Melee Slashing
Mechanical Mjolnir Mechanical Mjolnir Melee Tech
Mercurial Mercurial Melee Slashing
Mimic Mimic Melee
Molten Demonic Dagger Molten Demonic Dagger Melee
Monofilament Blade Monofilament Blade Slashing Melee

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