Special Ops Now Live!!!Edit

The first installment of Special Ops is now live. Check out your mission tab or the newspaper to unlock it.

Release notes coming soon.

Notes About Special Operations!:Edit

Special Operations are bonus time-limited missions with exclusive, unique rewards. To play, just click on the "Spec Ops" tab in the Mission Screen. These new missions offer a greater challenge than the main story missions, and with that challenge comes an opportunity to win a brand new hero not available in the store. 

To access battles and deploys in a Special Operation, you'll need a steady supply of Unstable Iso-8. S.H.I.E.L.D. has a supply to start you out, but you can also find these on any enemy in the game, as well as receive them as gifts from your friends! Be careful though, they will decay when the Special Operation is over.

Time is running out, good luck!

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