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Marvel XP is a kind of hub in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. It contains news about the game, statistics on a player's own game play, and unlocked dossiers and awards.

Marvel XP can only be accessed in the Facebook version of the game, as this feature is not available in the version.


Main Article: Marvel XP: News

The News Bulletin Section of Marvel XP. This section contains in-game news explaining more details about the story of the game.


Main Article: Marvel XP: Dossiers

Dossiers contain write-ups of characters and organizations, as well as stats on characters encountered in the game. They are unlocked by purchasing Heroes or through encounters in missions. There are 98 dossiers to unlock.


Main Article: Marvel XP: Awards

Award 000-Locked

Awards are given to players for achieving different kinds of feats in the game. Some Awards are unlocked by finishing certain missions or finishing a certain amount of missions, other Awards are unlocked by recruiting heroes. The Awards do not give any item or Gear in exchange for unlocking them. There are 30 different Awards that can be unlocked throughout the game.

Future Plans

Marvel XP is planned to be integrated with future Facebook games, as Marvel have teased that Avengers Alliance is "just the beginning of an epic storyline, continued across all Marvel XP games".


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