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Vector Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Code Name VECTOR
Height 6'0"
Weight 195 LBS
Intelligence 6
Strength 4
Speed 5
Durability 4
Energy Projection 7
Fighting Skills 4
Vector Marvel XP


Maria Hill Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY MARIA HILLEdit


Classification: Professional Criminal

Nationality: American

Criminal Record: Extensive

Powers: Vector is a master of telekinesis, picking up and repelling objects many times larger than himself simply through the power of his mind.

Known History: Industrialist Utrecht outfitted and manned a spaceship in order to deliberately steer it into the cosmic ray belt in an attempt to repeat what Reed Richards and his group had done by accident years before: change their bodies with cosmic radiation. Utrecht got what he wanted. He became Vector, master of telekinetic and psychokinetic terror, throwing things around with the power of his mind and he and his crewmates began terrorizing the world as the “U-Foes.”

Observations: “I have had to deal with Vector and his criminal pals (who call themselves the “U-Foes”) on several occasions. It has never gone especially well for me…though I always manage to make sure things go even worse for him.

Of course, it’s not really me who does these things. It’s that…other part of me.” — Dr. Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

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