The Maggia Marvel XP Sidebar Informations
Organization The Maggia
Alignment Villains
Leader Unknown
Activities Various Criminal Activites
Base New York City
Influence United States, Europe
Size National
The Maggia Marvel XP

Files Edit

Jasper Sitwell Marvel XP SidebarPREPARED BY JASPER SITWELL Edit

S.H.I.E.L.D. BRIEF: The Maggia

Type: Criminal Organization

Designation: Illegal

Mission Statement: To make as much money for its “made men” as possible.

Affiliation: The Maggia’s influence has spread throughout much of the United States and Europe (particularly Italy) but is concentrated primarily in the five boroughs of New York City. The most prominent Maggia “Families” historically have been the Karnellis, the Manfredis, and the Nefarias.

Known Members and Associates: Silvermane, Hammerhead, Count Nefaria, Whiplash

Base of Operation(s): New York City

Observations: “These guys are walking stereotypes, with their expensive tailored suits, slicked-back hair and Brooklyn accents. Gangsters like these would ordinarily fall well outside the jurisdiction of S.H.I.E.L.D. and into the realm of a conventional law enforcement agency like the FBI, but in their neverending quest for a quick buck the Maggia has gotten into the Iso-8 business in a big way, hijacking our shipments of it and selling it to much more dangerous, let’s-rule-the-world types like R.A.I.D. and A.I.M.. Hopefully Director Fury will let us drop a Helicarrier strike team on one of their ‘Social Clubs’ and then they can go back to running numbers and boosting car stereos.” — Jasper Sitwell

“One of the biggest clients for the Maggia’s black market Iso-8 is an organization codenamed the Syndicate. At first we believed this to simply be another name for the Maggia itself, but recent intel suggests that isn’t the case. All agents should be on the lookout for any chatter that might shed some new light on this new outfit.” — Maria Hill

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