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Quicksilver Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 6'
Weight 175 LBS
Intelligence 3
Strength 2
Speed 7
Durability 2
Energy Projection 2
Fighting Skills 4
Quicksilver Marvel XP


Charles Xavier Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY CHARLES XAVIEREdit

Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters Recruitment Report: Quicksilver

Gender: Male

Nation of Origin: Transia (in the Balkans)

Affiliations: Brotherhood (Magneto’s original version), The Avengers

Active Mutations: Quicksilver can psionically reduce the friction around his body, allow him to move, and most of all, run, at speeds approaching the speed of sound.

Passive Mutations: None

Hereditary Mutations? Yes. Pietro’s father, Magneto, half-sister, Polaris, and twin sister, Scarlet Witch, are all mutants.

Recruit Background: Even when Pietro and his sister Wanda (Scarlet Witch) first battled my X-Men in Magneto’s Brotherhood they seemed reluctant adversaries; as was proven when they fled from under their father’s heel at the first chance they got to join the heroic Avengers, the team with which they are now, happily, most associated.

Attempt to Recruit Made? Yes. But Quicksilver is truly his father’s son, with all the self-righteousness and tremendous sense of wounded pride that makes Eric -- Magneto -- insufferable. He laughed at my attempts at outreach and simultaneously became insulted that I thought there was anything my school could teach him.

That said, Pietro has an overriding sense of duty to his sister from their many years living as runaways in Europe together. I am fairly certain that if I am successful in my attempts to coax Wanda into the school’s ranks, Quicksilver will inevitably follow.

Likelihood of Recruitment? Without the Scarlet Witch: Low. With the Scarlet Witch: Very high.


Charles Xavier

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