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Nightcrawler Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 5'9"
Weight 161 LBS
Intelligence 5
Strength 4
Speed 7
Durability 5
Energy Projection 7
Fighting Skills 7
Nightcrawler Marvel XP


Charles Xavier Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY CHARLES XAVIEREdit

Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters Student Record: Nightcrawler

Given Name: Kurt Wagner

Gender: Male

Nation of Origin: Germany

Enrolled: Second Class

Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.25

Danger Room Median Success Rate (DRMSR): 7.83

Active Mutations: Short-distance teleporting. When Kurt makes one of his “jumps” he briefly leaves open a portal to the “in-between” dimension he travels through, leaving behind a dark, acrid-smelling brimstone-like “smoke.”

Passive Mutations: Prehensile tail, three-fingers and -toes (wall-crawling ability), blue fur and overall “devilish” appearance, yellow eyes (no pupils).

Hereditary Mutation? Yes. Kurt’s biological parents, “Azazel” and Raven Darkholme (Mystique) are both mutants.

Student Background: Abandoned by his parents not long after his birth, Nightcrawler performed for many years in a traveling Bavarian circus. Unfortunately, separated from his fellow performers, Nightcrawler was blamed for a string of murders in a nearby village simply due to his freakish appearance. An angry mob pursued him until I located him and recruited him to my X-Men.

Notes: Kurt has very strong religious beliefs which have made him one of the most gentle and noble of my X-Men. At times, however, I am concerned that his convictions are because of, not in spite of, his “demonic” appearance, and may indicate a deep-seated self-loathing. I must stay vigilant and monitor his progress for signs of these negative feelings manifesting themselves in the field, where they may prove dangerous to his teammates and detrimental to mission performance.


Charles Xavier

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