Mindless Ones Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Intelligence 1
Strength 4
Speed 2
Durability 6
Energy Projection 4
Fighting Skills 2
Mindless Ones Marvel XP



Note:This File is also in Dormammu's Dossier Files.

TRANSCRIPT RECORDING of PSY-OPS operative Marvin Flumm who began “Speaking in Tongues” upon his psychic probing of the portal opened to “Dark Dimension” in NYC:

You. Human.

You do not wish to hear me but you do. You fight my presence, and your fight strengthens me though I have no need of strength to enter your mind and your soul. You are chattel to me, and food.

I have used your kind as eyes and ears and hands and tongues since you have had those organs to use. What do you know of Dormammu?

What do you know of infinity? Only that you fear it.

You believe Strange will protect you. He cannot. Even Strange is human, and even he must die when Dormammu wills it.

You open doors and think that you can control what will come through them. You sense the power of this realm, of the spaces beyond your space, and you dare to think you can bend it to your will. In doing so, you do Dormammu’s bidding. Dormammu uses you to do his work, and his work is to destroy you. When you destroy yourselves, you do his work. Blind and weak and stupid, you think yourselves the measure of the universe, and unwittingly you become my tools.

Come to me. I beckon you. See what lies beyond the doors you have opened. Reach to take the power you feel, and open yourself to my will. Then, in the last moment before the void, you may know Dormammu.

The feeding of the Mindless Ones sharpens my hunger. Doors open. Beyond them I smell fear, and even more deliciously I smell the courage of fools.

Soon all you will have left is despair, and I will feast on that as well.

Spider-Man Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY SPIDER-MANEdit

Report from the field:

Doc Strange called them “The Mindless Ones.” Seems apt. I still have nightmares about them.

“I’ve seen weirder things, I suppose. These were just your average one-eyed shambling rock monsters. Fire energy blasts out of their one eye. In my line of work, you run across a lot of stuff like this and frankly, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen ‘em all.

“So it wasn’t the sight of them that haunts me. It was seeing what they could do. What they would do, if given half a chance.

“When Doc Strange was battling Dormammu, one of those things punched me into next week. Literally. I got knocked through some kind of dimensional portal and I saw the future. One possible future, and one that I was eventually able to avert. But it existed. Somewhere out there, in some alternate timeline, it exists still.

“In that future, Times Square is in ruins and my girlfriend is dead.

“I saw her die. I tried to stop them but I failed.

“Technically that future is in the past now. In the sense that I dealt with it long ago. The future I got is much more agreeable.

“I hope it lasts. And that there are no Mindless Ones looking at it through their lone, empty eyes… and waiting for their orders.” -- Spider-Man

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