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Mephisto Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Intelligence 6
Strength 7
Speed 7
Durability 7
Energy Projection 7
Fighting Skills 7
Mephisto Marvel XP


Doctor Strange Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY STEPHEN STRANGEEdit

S.H.I.E.L.D. Brief: Mephisto
(Excerpt from Page xxiii, Bloodstone’s Taxonomy of Daemons (13th ed., 1617), provided to S.H.I.E.L.D. by Dr. Stephen Strange)

Perhaps before we delve into the great variety of supernatural beings I have encountered during my many millennia of monster-hunting I should pen a few words about the demon, the one all Christendom fears.

The Fallen Angel. Lucifer Morningstar. The Prince of Lives. The Lord of Evil. The King of Hell. Mephistopheles.

Or, as I have come to know him over our many encounters, “Mephisto.” I am sad to report he is not a myth. He is real. He is eternal. He wants to corrupt each and every one of us so he may claim our immortal souls to populate his infernal realm upon our mortal deaths.

When he comes to you, he will almost always do so as a friend. He will offer you whatever you desire at what appears to be an insignificant price.

I urge you, Reader: Reject his ways. Spurn his advances. When he knocks upon your door, do not answer.

For the cost is always the same, and it is more than you can bear.

And Mephisto always collects.

-- Ulysses Bloodstone

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