Jotun Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Intelligence 2
Strength 6
Speed 2
Durability 6
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 2
Jotun Marvel XP



S.H.I.E.L.D. BRIEF: Jotuns

[Excerpt from page 2329, Bloodstone’s Taxonomy of Daemons (13th ed., 1617) provided to the directorate by Doctor Stephen Strange:]

“Few are the times in recorded history that the denizens of the Nine Realms of Asgard have travelled up down Yggdrasil, the fabled World Tree, to enter one of the other eight planes of existence, but when they have, they have left naught but terror and awe in their wake.

“I had occasion, some three centuries prior to this writing, during the three-month long night in the dark heart of the Icelandic winter, to confront one such creature, a ‘Frost Giant,’ also called in the sagas an Etin or Jotun, who had been terrorizing remote mountain herdsmen and their families.

“I had no opportunity to ask the creature how he found his way here from his native realm Jotunheim, for he attacked me with an inhuman roar on sight. He was nearly invisible to me against the velvet night with his blueish-black, frostbitten skin. He used his mastery over ice and snow to form a giant icicle of a spear over one claw with which he sought to pierce me through. With his glinting eyes and towering stature, it was easy to see why even mighty Thor and wise Odin feared these warriors who had sworn death to the gods and ruin to Asgard so the chill of death may lay forever across the Nine Worlds.

“Fortunately I had sheathed at my side the Djinn Sword from the desert dunes of the Bedouin. When I drew it its enchantment caused a great tornado to shoot out from the blade and knock the jotun back into a nearby volcanic fissure. “T’was quite fitting that an evil creature from such an icy land met his end consumed by the superhot steam and lava in the bosom of Midgard -- what the Norsemen call our realm of Earth.”

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