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Hydro-Man Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 6'2"
Weight 265 LBS
Intelligence 4
Strength 5
Speed 5
Durability 6
Energy Projection 6
Fighting Skills 5
Hydro-Man Marvel XP


Maria Hill Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY MARIA HILLEdit


Designation: Professional Criminal

Nationality: American

Criminal Record: Extensive

Powers: As his name implies, Hydro-Man’s body is comprised of living water he has total mental control over.

Observations: “I can honestly say it wasn’t my fault. I was having it out with the Sub-Mariner, as everyone seems to do from time to time. I wasn’t there to knock some poor guy off the deck of a boat. That was an accident. And if I’d known what would happen to him as a result, I would have tried a lot harder to avoid it.”

“I didn’t know a thing about the guy at the time; all the details came out afterward in the good old Daily Bugle. The guy’s name was Morrie Bench. He was just a regular guy with a normal life like everybody else, and then a dumb accident happened and he ended up in the drink while a radioactive generator and underwater volcanoes were combining to turn the water into a mutagenic soup.

“Now he can turn himself into water. His whole body! Running under locked doors and dripping through leaky faucets. Guns can’t stop him, jails can’t hold him. He can become ice, or steam. He’s got all this incredible power at his command, and all he can do is use it to rob and hurt and terrify people. Maybe if he was smarter…I mean, if he’d had better opportunities…

“Or maybe if I hadn’t knocked him into the drink and ruined his life, he wouldn’t be giving anyone any problems. Least of all me.” — Spider-Man

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