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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Hercules.

Hercules Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 6'5"
Weight 325 LBS
Intelligence 4
Strength 7
Speed 5
Durability 7
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 7
Hercules Marvel XP


Maria Hill Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY MARIA HILLEdit

PERSONNEL BRIEF, Directorate of Operations: Hercules

Designation: Extradimensional Friendly (EDF)

Nationality: Greek

Criminal Record: Numerous misdemeanor charges of drunk and disorderly.

Powers: Hercules claims to be the Greek god of heroism of ancient legend, a son of Zeus and a mortal woman with divine levels of strength and invulnerability. Eyewitness accounts from Thor, Spider-Man , Black Widow and other Avengers confirm this to be true; in fact, he once personally dragged the island of Manhattan back into place after it was displaced during an alien invasion, an act matching the feats of strength he performed during his legendary Twelve Labors.

Known History: Hercules descended from Mount Olympus at the beginning at what he calls "the return of the Age of Heroes" because, and we quote, "For the first time in centuries, beings once again walked the Earth worthy to receive the gift of battle."

Fortunately, he's matched his boasts with deeds and served with distinction as a member of the Avengers on several occasions.

Observations: "Where else does the Lion of Olympus belong but among this modern pantheon of true heroes? The rage-filled Hulk reminds me of my half-brother Ares, fierce god of war! Tony Stark, the Iron Man, is as skilled a fashioner of weaponry as the smith god Hephaestus himself! Captain America is as much a beacon of hope as the sun's own Apollo! And Thor's long golden locks -- why, they are as lovely as Aphrodite's own! BARKEEP! MORE WINE! -- Hercules

"If he doesn't stop looking at my butt I'm filing a personal complaint with S.H.I.E.L.D. Human Resources. God or no god. I'm serious." -- Maria Hill

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