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Marvel XP is a portal connecting Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Avengers Initiative, and other future Marvel games. It contains in-game news, stories, dossiers, and awards. It's like a database.

The stories and news articles in Marvel XP are interconnected with content in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Avengers Initiative.

Additionally, Marvel XP represents a shared reward system across Marvel games. Achievements in one of the games connected to Marvel XP will provide rewards in other connected games.

Marvel XP can only be accessed in the Facebook version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance, as this feature is not available in the version.

Games Connected to Marvel XP


Main Article: Marvel XP: News

The News Bulletin Section of Marvel XP contains in-game news with more details about the storyline of the game.


Main Article: Marvel XP: Dossiers

Dossiers contain write-ups of characters and organizations, as well as stats on characters encountered in the game. They are unlocked by recruiting Heroes or through encounters in missions. There are 133 dossiers to unlock.


Main Article: Marvel XP Awards

Award 000-Locked

Awards are given to players for different achievements in the game. Some Awards are for finishing missions, while other Awards are given for recruiting heroes. The Awards do not directly confer special items or Gear in exchange for unlocking them.

There are 30 different Awards that can be unlocked throughout Marvel: Avengers Alliance, with a further 54 available in Avengers Initiative.


Main Article: Marvel XP Rewards

Command Points, S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, Silver, Heroes, Alternate Uniforms, and weapons are currently available as rewards.

Logging in

Marvel XP is accessed via the Marvel XP button at the top of Avengers Alliance. Signing up is automatic, but requires creating a login with a valid email address.

Users who have entered an incorrect email address or who wish to activate the Daily Marvel Bonus email may use the following link:***********#/login Replace the asterisks with your USERID found at the bottom of the MAA game screen.


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