This article shall list the frequently-asked questions about Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Have a question about the game? Read this Article first before reading Marvel: Avengers Alliance-related Questions.

For technical issues, refer to this website for help.

Any other questions can be asked by leaving a question at the talkpage.

Who or What is the best Hero or Gear to use in the game?

Each Hero and Gear has its own situational use, and may depend on the players' play-style in the game.

Although there are popular multi-purpose choices among players in the game, like Captain America, Quantum Jumper, Golden Screaming Eagle, Digital Decoy, and Magnetic Field Generator.

Are they releasing X Hero in the future?

X = Name of currently existing Marvel Hero.

We do not know. Although some heroes have been mentioned in the game (like Hank Pym and Namor), but they are not entirely confirmed to be in the game in the future. Big Bertha was seen with an Artwork in one of the Behind The Scenes videos too.

Are there any new Villains in the future?

Again, we do not know. There are frequent mentions of Mole Man and Mandarin in the game, but they are not entirely confirmed to be in the game. Red Skull was also seen with an Artwork on one of the videos about Marvel: Avengers Alliance in Marvel's YouTube channel.

Why am I getting a Data Post / Game is updated Error?

For technical issues, refer to this website for help.

Getting the Chapter Mastery Reward includes Mastering Premium Missions?


I have 5-starred all Missions in a Chapter. Why didn't I get the Golden Weapon?

The game will oftentimes not notify the player that they have obtained the Golden Weapon. Here are some steps to getting the Golden Weapon:

  • Mastering all Missions, including Premium Missions, to 5 Stars.
  • Refreshing the game, then checking the Inventory if no notification is received.
  • Checking if all the Missions in the Chapter have 5 Stars. The game will sometimes rollback players' scores for an unknown reason.
  • Redoing Missions that had its scores rollbacked.
  • Contacting Playdom Support if none of the steps above work.

Please read User:Potkettleblack's Blog Post about the issue for further information.

Is there any way of farming Command Points in the game?

Currently, there is no sure way of farming Command Points in the game. Command Points dropping in battles have been removed by Playdom. This means that the formerly popular farming methods with Chapter 2 - Mission 3 Elektra, Epic Bosses, and Chapter 1 - Mission 4 M.O.D.O.K. will no longer work.

The only way to surely obtain Command Points are 5-starring Story Missions, the Reward Roulette at the end of each Boss Battle and paying Gold for Command Points. Please read User:Potkettleblack's Blog Post about farming for what used to be possible and an alternate method for maximizing Reward Roulettes.

Is there a sure way of obtaining a desired Item in a Roulette?

None. The roulette is entirely random and predetermined.

Does the unlockable Hero in Special Operations cost Command Points after unlocking?

No. They are immediately added to the players' roster for free.

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