New Hero: Black KnightEdit

  • Tactician
  • Magical Warding
  • Immune to Magic debuffs
  • Takes reduced damage from magic attacks
  • 1. Ebony Blade
    • Ignores Defence
    • Bleeding
    • Removes Chivalrous Duty
    • Gives you Blood Curse
      • Chance for a free sword attack when any ally attacks a bleeding target or a bleeding enemy attacks
  • 2. Atonement
    • Removes Blood Curse
    • Chivalrous Duty
      • Protect Single target or AOE
      • Infinite Duration
      • If attacked by range, absorb it and get a pip of Sword of Light
        • Increased damage and hit/crit chance of next Ebony Blade
        • Upgrades the animation to awesome
        • 3 Stack
      • If attacked by melee, parry it and counter-attack with Shield of Night
  • 3. Shield of Night
    • Weak point
    • Hemorrhaging Attack
  • 4. Valinor
    • AOE
    • Stealthy
    • Intimidated
    • Cornered

Other/Bug FixesEdit

  • Happy Easter! There are now a few Easter Egg item available in the gift page as well as on friend maps. The St. Patrick's day items have been removed.
  • The Tactician Power armor reward from PvP Season 5 has been adjusted so that Optical Camo functions properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some users to crash if they started researching an item, paid gold to speed up the research, then attempted to research something new.

External linksEdit

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