Chapter 8: Trial by FireEdit

The Circle of Eight are advancing, and there is a disturbance in the demonic realms. The unstable pyres of dark magicks and questionable science are being fueled by greed and the lust for power.


  • New Uniform: Kuurth, Breaker of Stone (Spider-Woman)
  • New Boss Villain: Kraven
  • New Empowered & Augmented Iso-8 for your heroes


Kuurth, Breaker of Stone (New Uniform for Spider-Woman)Edit

Bio: Upon touching the hammer of the Worthy, Spider-Woman was corrupted by the power of the Serpent and became Kuurth, Breaker of Stone.

Classes: Scrapper & Bruiser

  • Passives
    • Breaker of Stone
      • All single-target attacks apply Shield Breaker
      • Immune to Stun and Immobilized
      • High chance to resist critical hits
    • Flying
      • Immune to ground attacks
    • Serpent Spider Serum
      • Immune to Poisoned, Radiation, and Bio effects
      • Immune to Psychic and Delirium effects
    • Worthy
      • Immune to Burning, Chilled, Poison, Radiation, and Fear
    • Worthy Vengeance
      • 50% chance to counter Melee attacks with Stonebreaker
      • 50% chance to counter Ranged attack with Road to Ruin

Action 1: Stonebreaker

  • Unlocked at level 1
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Melee
  • Special Properties

Action 2: Road to Ruin

  • Unlocked at level 2
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Ranged, Magic
  • One Enemy
    • Biofeedback
      • Deals bio damage every turn
      • Small chance to lose turn
      • Counts as Stun and Poison for actions that affect those targets
    • Rune of Ruin
      • Attacks against this target are guaranteed to hit and crit
      • All attacks against this target ignore the defense stat
      • This character becomes Disabled when this Rune explodes
      • Counts as a Targeting effect

Action 3: Fear Me

  • Unlocked at level 6
  • Targets All Enemies
  • Type: Debuff
  • Special Properties
    • Subtle
      • Does not trigger most status effects
  • All Enemies
    • Intimidated
      • Reduces Attack, Accuracy, and Evasion
    • Pheromones
      • Those chemicals go straight to the brain
    • Rune of Fear
      • 20% Chance for attacks to fail and cower in fear, only occurring once per round
      • Reduces the damage of attacks
      • This character's buffs are removed when this Rune explodes
      • Counts as a Fear effect

Action 4: Love Me

  • Unlocked at level 9
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Debuff
  • Special Properties
    • Subtle
      • Does not trigger most status effects
  • One Enemy
    • Mind Control
      • 50% chance to Protect enemies from allies' single-target attacks
      • Removed after triggering
      • Counts as a Psychic effect
    • Disoriented
      • Single-target attacks have a chance of hitting allies
      • Removed after attacking an ally
    • Rune of Control
      • Counter-attacks allies that attack a Worthy
      • This character's Stamina is completely drained when this Rune explodes
    • Converted
      • Deals extra damage while attacking allies

New Boss Villain: KravenEdit

Sergei Kravinoff is a world famous big game hunter better known as Kraven the Hunter. With an intense obsession, he hunts for Spider-Man as his next trophy.


Season 2 chapters are now easier to unlock. By completing Mission 5 of a Season 2 chapter, the next chapter will become available to play. Players who may have already completed Mission 5 of a Season 2 chapter will automatically have the subsequent chapter unlocked.

Undocumented ChangesEdit

Chapter 8 - Trial By FireEdit

  • Chapter 8 - Mission 1
    • Mission name changed
      • From Sentinel City to Circle of 8 City
    • Mission preview image changed
      • From S2 C08 M1 to S2 C08 M1a
  • Missions 4 and 5 preview images swapped


Staff of Storms Staff of Storms

  • Terrifying Storm damage reduced
  • Multi-Function Action Icons updated

Staff of Tepid Storms Staff of Tepid Storms

  • Storm damage reduced
  • Multi-Function Action Icons updated


  • Added feature that some heroes with alternate uniform, alternate uniform names are used as a hero name (e.g. Beast - Modern Beast, Horseman of Pestilence - Horseman of Pestilence)
  • Spider-Woman Icon 1 Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Woman-Brawl Brawl
      • Total damage increased by 10%.
      • Stamina cost increased by 5%.
    • Spider-Woman-Venom Blast Venom Blast
      • Total maximum damage increased by 11.23%.
      • Total minimum damage increased by 11%.
      • Stamina cost increased by 5%.
    • Spider-Woman-Fear Pheromones Fear Pheromones
      • Stamina cost increased by 5%.
    • Spider-Woman-Seduction Pheromones Seduction Pheromones
      • Stamina cost increased by 2%.


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