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Mantis has the following Team-Up Bonuses:

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Arboreal: Heroes who are friends to tree
  • Assemble!: Any pair of core Avengers members
  • Best Coast: Heroes who are members of the West Coast Avengers
  • Celestial Madonna: Celestial Madonna candidates
  • Close Counsel: Mantis and Star-Lord
  • Flirt: Heroes who are known to be flirtatious
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Heroes who are current or former members of the Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Isn't Easy Being Green: Green-skinned heroes
  • Martial Arts Masters: Heroes who are known to be proficient with martial arts
  • Mind Games: Heroes with psychic abilities

All Possible Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Groot Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Rocket Raccoon Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Groot, Mantis, Rocket Raccoon, Squirrel Girl Arboreal
A-Bomb Icon 1Ares Icon 1Beast Icon 1Black Knight Icon 1Black Panther Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Blue Marvel Icon 1Cannonball Icon 1Captain America Icon 1Crystal Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Hellcat Icon 1Hercules Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Kate Bishop Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Quake Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Sunfire Icon 1Thor Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Vision Icon 1Wasp Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1 A-Bomb, Ares, Beast, Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow, Blue Marvel, Cannonball, Captain America, Crystal, Falcon, Hank Pym, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Hercules, Hulk, Hyperion, Iron Man, Kate Bishop, Mantis, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel, Quake, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Squirrel Girl, Sunfire, Thor, Tigra, Vision, Wasp, Winter Soldier, Wonder Man Assemble!
Hank Pym Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Vision Icon 1War Machine Icon 1Wasp Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1 Hank Pym, Hawkeye, Mantis, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Tigra, Vision, War Machine, Wasp, Wonder Man Best Coast
Mantis Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1 Mantis, Moondragon Celestial Madonna
Mantis Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1 Mantis, Star-Lord Close Counsel
Angel Icon 1Beetle Icon 1Colleen Wing Icon 1Emma Frost Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Fantomex Icon 1Gambit Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Hercules Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Human Torch Icon 1Iceman Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Kraven the Hunter Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Misty Knight Icon 1Moonstone Icon 1Satana Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1Tigra Icon 1 Angel, Beetle, Colleen Wing, Emma Frost, Enchantress, Fandral, Fantomex, Gambit, Hawkeye, Hercules, Howard the Duck, Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Man, Kraven the Hunter, Mantis, Misty Knight, Moonstone, Satana, She-Hulk, Star-Lord, Tigra Flirt
Adam Warlock Icon 1Agent Venom Icon 1Angela Icon 1Drax Icon 1Gamora Icon 1Groot Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Phyla-Vell Icon 1Richard Rider Icon 1Rocket Raccoon Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1 Adam Warlock, Agent Venom, Angela, Drax, Gamora, Groot, Iron Man, Mantis, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel, Phyla-Vell, Richard Rider, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy
Drax Icon 1Gamora Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Lizard Icon 1Mantis Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1 Drax, Gamora, Hulk, Lizard, Mantis, She-Hulk Isn't Easy Being Green
Black Panther Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Colleen Wing Icon 1Daredevil Icon 1Elektra Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 1Karnak Icon 1Kitty Pryde Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Misty Knight Icon 1Mockingbird Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Psylocke Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1 Black Panther, Black Widow, Colleen Wing, Daredevil, Elektra, Howard the Duck, Iron Fist, Karnak, Kitty Pryde, Mantis, Misty Knight, Mockingbird, Moondragon, Psylocke, Squirrel Girl, Winter Soldier, Wolverine Martial Arts Masters
Cable Icon 1Doctor Voodoo Icon 1Emma Frost Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Phoenix Icon 1Psylocke Icon 1 Cable, Doctor Voodoo, Emma Frost, Enchantress, Mantis, Moondragon, Phoenix, Psylocke Mind Games

50 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
A-Bomb Icon 1 A-Bomb Assemble!
Adam Warlock Icon 1 Adam Warlock Guardians of the Galaxy
Agent Venom Icon 1 Agent Venom Guardians of the Galaxy
Angel Icon 1 Angel Flirt
Angela Icon 1 Angela Guardians of the Galaxy
Ares Icon 1 Ares Assemble!
Beast Icon 1 Beast Assemble!
Beetle Icon 1 Beetle Flirt
Black Knight Icon 1 Black Knight Assemble!
Blue Marvel Icon 1 Blue Marvel Assemble!
Cable Icon 1 Cable Mind Games
Cannonball Icon 1 Cannonball Assemble!
Captain America Icon 1 Captain America Assemble!
Crystal Icon 1 Crystal Assemble!
Daredevil Icon 1 Daredevil Martial Arts Masters
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo Mind Games
Elektra Icon 1 Elektra Martial Arts Masters
Falcon Icon 1 Falcon Assemble!
Fandral Icon 1 Fandral Flirt
Fantomex Icon 1 Fantomex Flirt
Gambit Icon 1 Gambit Flirt
Hellcat Icon 1 Hellcat Assemble!
Human Torch Icon 1 Human Torch Flirt
Hyperion Icon 1 Hyperion Assemble!
Iceman Icon 1 Iceman Flirt
Iron Fist Icon 1 Iron Fist Martial Arts Masters
Karnak Icon 1 Karnak Martial Arts Masters
Kate Bishop Icon 1 Kate Bishop Assemble!
Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Kitty Pryde Martial Arts Masters
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1 Kraven the Hunter Flirt
Lizard Icon 1 Lizard Isn't Easy Being Green
Moonstone Icon 1 Moonstone Flirt
Phoenix Icon 1 Phoenix Mind Games
Phyla-Vell Icon 1 Phyla-Vell Guardians of the Galaxy
Quake Icon 1 Quake Assemble!
Quicksilver Icon 1 Quicksilver Assemble!
Richard Rider Icon 1 Richard Rider Guardians of the Galaxy
Satana Icon 1 Satana Flirt
Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Scarlet Witch Assemble!
Sunfire Icon 1 Sunfire Assemble!
Thor Icon 1 Thor Assemble!
War Machine Icon 1 War Machine Best Coast
Wolverine Icon 1 Wolverine Martial Arts Masters

100 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Black Panther Icon 1 Black Panther Assemble!, Martial Arts Masters
Black Widow Icon 1 Black Widow Assemble!, Martial Arts Masters
Colleen Wing Icon 1 Colleen Wing Flirt, Martial Arts Masters
Drax Icon 1 Drax Guardians of the Galaxy, Isn't Easy Being Green
Emma Frost Icon 1 Emma Frost Flirt, Mind Games
Enchantress Icon 1 Enchantress Flirt, Mind Games
Gamora Icon 1 Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy, Isn't Easy Being Green
Groot Icon 1 Groot Arboreal, Guardians of the Galaxy
Hank Pym Icon 1 Hank Pym Assemble!, Best Coast
Hercules Icon 1 Hercules Assemble!, Flirt
Howard the Duck Icon 1 Howard the Duck Flirt, Martial Arts Masters
Hulk Icon 1 Hulk Assemble!, Isn't Easy Being Green
Misty Knight Icon 1 Misty Knight Flirt, Martial Arts Masters
Moon Knight Icon 1 Moon Knight Assemble!, Best Coast
Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Ms. Marvel Assemble!, Guardians of the Galaxy
Psylocke Icon 1 Psylocke Martial Arts Masters, Mind Games
Rocket Raccoon Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Arboreal, Guardians of the Galaxy
Vision Icon 1 Vision Assemble!, Best Coast
Wasp Icon 1 Wasp Assemble!, Best Coast
Winter Soldier Icon 1 Winter Soldier Assemble!, Martial Arts Masters
Wonder Man Icon 1 Wonder Man Assemble!, Best Coast

150 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Hawkeye Icon 1 Hawkeye Assemble!, Best Coast, Flirt
Iron Man Icon 1 Iron Man Assemble!, Flirt, Guardians of the Galaxy
Mockingbird Icon 1 Mockingbird Assemble!, Best Coast, Martial Arts Masters
She-Hulk Icon 1 She-Hulk Assemble!, Flirt, Isn't Easy Being Green
Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Squirrel Girl Arboreal, Assemble!, Martial Arts Masters
Star-Lord Icon 1 Star-Lord Close Counsel, Flirt, Guardians of the Galaxy
Tigra Icon 1 Tigra Assemble!, Best Coast, Flirt

200 Point Team-Ups


250 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Moondragon Icon 1 Moondragon Assemble!, Celestial Madonna, Guardians of the Galaxy, Martial Arts Masters, Mind Games

300 Point Team-Ups


350 Point Team-Ups


400 Point Team-Ups


450 Point Team-Ups


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