Name Ability Type
Baron Mordo Icon 1
Baron Mordo-Bolts of Balthakk Bolts of Balthakk Magic Ranged
Baron Mordo-Astral Phase Astral Phase Magic Buff
Baron Mordo-Astral Projection Astral Projection Magic Melee Summon
Baron Mordo-Crimson Bands of Cyttorak Crimson Bands of Cyttorak Magic Debuff
Blade Icon 1
Blade-Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 107
Magic Melee Slashing
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: Amorous Congress Magic Summon
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: Beast With Two Backs Ranged Magic Energy Summon
Daimon Hellstrom-Purifying Flames Purifying Flames Magic Heal
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 2
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: Dominatrix Magic Summon
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Act of Darkness Succubus: Act of Darkness Ranged Magic Energy Summon
Daimon Hellstrom-Purifying Flames Twisted Flames Magic Heal
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Doctor Doom-Magic Bolt Magic Bolt Magic Energy Ranged
Doctor Doom-Steal Essence Steal Essence Magic Ranged
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1
Doctor Voodoo-Terron Attack Spell Terron Attack Spell Magic Ranged
Doctor Voodoo-Staff of Legba Staff of Legba Melee Magic
Doctor Voodoo-Doom Curse Doom Curse Magic Ranged Debuff
Doctor Voodoo-Vodoun Crows Vodoun Crows Ranged Magic Debuff Energy Summon
Doctor Voodoo-Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell Magic Buff
Dr. Strange Icon 1
Dr. Strange-Bolts of Balthakk Bolts of Balthakk Magic Energy Ranged
Dr. Strange-Teresing Boost Teresing Boost Heal Magic
Dr. Strange-Vapors of Valtorr Vapors of Valtorr Magic Ranged
Dr. Strange-Shield of the Seraphim Shield of the Seraphim Buff Magic
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
Elsa Bloodstone-Double Tap Double Tap Ranged Gun Magic
Elsa Bloodstone-Blazing Boomstick Blazing Boomstick Ranged Gun Magic
Elsa Bloodstone-The Slayer The Slayer Ranged Gun Magic
Enchantress Icon 1
Enchantress-Magic Missile Magic Missile Ranged Magic
Enchantress-Charm Charm Debuff Magic
Enchantress-Alluring Voice Alluring Voice Debuff Magic
Enchantress-Emerald Wave Emerald Wave Ranged Magic
Loki Icon 1
Loki-Throwing Dagger 1 Throwing Dagger Ranged Magic Ice
Loki-Throwing Dagger 2 Throwing Dagger Ranged Magic Fire
Loki-Throwing Dagger 3 Throwing Dagger Ranged Magic
Loki-Fog of Chaos Fog of Chaos Ranged Magic
Loki-Trickster Seal Trickster Seal Ranged Magic Debuff
Loki-Hall of Mirrors Hall of Mirrors Ranged Magic
Magik Icon 1
Magik-Soulsword Soulsword Magic Melee
Magik-Unleash Hell Unleash Hell Magic Ranged
Magik-Soulflare Soulflare Magic Energy Ranged
Magik-Stepping Disc Stepping Disc Magic Melee
Nico Minoru Icon 1
Nico Minoru-Witch Arm Witch Arm Magic Ranged
Nico Minoru-Die in a Fire! Die in a Fire! Fire Energy Magic Ranged
Nico Minoru-Stick Around! Stick Around! Magic Ranged
Nico Minoru-Freeze! Freeze! Magic Ice Ranged Energy
Nico Minoru-Kick Ass! Kick Ass! Buff Magic
Nico Minoru-Fear Me! Fear Me! Magic Psychic Ranged
Nico Minoru-You Suck! You Suck! Magic Ranged Energy
Nico Minoru-More Dots! More Dots! Magic Ranged
Nico Minoru-Rock and Roll! Rock and Roll! Magic Ranged Energy
Nico Minoru-Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice Buff Magic
Mockingbird Icon 2
Mockingbird-Call the Seas Call the Seas Magic Debuff Buff
Mockingbird-Preserver Preserver Magic Buff
Satana Icon 1
Satana-Fiery Fists Fiery Fists Melee Unarmed Fire Magic
Satana-Fires of Hell Fires of Hell Ranged Fire Magic
Satana-Enthralled Guardian Enthralled Guardian: Bound Blade Melee Slashing Magic Summon
Satana-Enthralled Guardian Enthralled Guardian: Raise Hellth Heal Magic Summon
Satana-Enthralled Guardian Enthralled Guardian: Dark Invocation Ranged Magic Summon
Satana-Soul Kiss Soul Kiss Ranged Magic
Scarlet Witch Icon 1
Scarlet Witch-Hex Spheres Hex Spheres Magic Energy Ranged
Scarlet Witch-Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Magic Energy Ranged
Scarlet Witch-Chaos Shield Chaos Shield Buff Magic
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field Probability Field Buff Debuff Magic
Spider-Woman Icon 2
Spider-Woman-Road to Ruin Road to Ruin Ranged Magic
Spiral Icon 1
Spiral-Flashbolt Flashbolt Ranged Magic
Spiral-Macabre Fandango Macabre Fandango Ranged Magic Buff Debuff
Spiral-Sword Dance Sword Dance Melee Magic
Spiral-Dance Magic Dance Dance Magic Dance Ranged Magic
Spiral-Fouetté en Tournant Fouetté en Tournant Ranged Magic
Spiral-Time Spiral Time Spiral Ranged Magic
Valkyrie Icon 1
Valkyrie-Dragonfang Dragonfang Magic Slashing Melee Electric

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