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Loading Bar Tips were removed around September, 2015, but later it has been changed with the phrase: "USE THE FLIGHT DECK TO EARN SILVER."

Note:This is a repository of the various game tips that appear in the loading bar.



  • "Blasters' attacks against Bruisers Ignore Defense."
  • "Blasters always Critical Hit Bruisers."


  • "Bruisers' Enraged can be stacked twice."
  • "Bruisers get stronger when they hit, or are hit by, Scrappers."


  • "Scrappers strike twice when they attack Infiltrators."
  • "Scrappers, try to remember some of the basics of CQC."
  • "Enemies can't Avoid attacks by Scrappers with CQC."


  • "Infiltrators can counter when they hit, or are hit by, Tacticians."
  • "Combat Reflexes makes Infiltrators' attacks Stealthy."


  • "Tacticians don't gain extra turns from Quick Actions"
  • "Tacticians gain extra turns when they attack Blasters."


  • "Improve Heroes' stats by placing Isotope-8 in their uniforms."
  • "Heroes with high Health can take more hits."
  • "Heroes with high Stamina need to recharge less often."
  • "Heroes with high Attack deal more damage."
  • "Heroes with high Defense take less damage when hit."
  • "Increasing a Hero's Accuracy raises the chance to hit and crit."
  • "Increasing a Hero's Evasion raises the chance to dodge."


  • "Use costumes to change a hero's class."
  • "Costumes come with new and powerful abilities."
  • "Try different team combinations to plan the best strategy."
  • "Heroes have unique abilities that complement each other."


  • "Status effects are the key to victory!"
  • "Counter-attacks don't cost Stamina."
  • "Characters can't Effect Icon 048 BlueProtect allies from counter-attacks."
  • "Characters can't Protect or counter-attack while Effect Icon 010 Red stunned."
  • "Effect Icon 025 Blue Subtle attacks usually do no damage."
  • "Use Effect Icon 024 Blue Stealthy attacks to get around enemies that Protect."
  • "Attacks that Ignore Defense also ignore Effect Icon 071 GreenShields."


  • "The A.I. does not have a better chance of triggering effects."
  • "The more heroes you have, the stronger your team in PVP."
  • "Heroes level 10 and above give extra PVP bonus."
  • "Heroes can be used in PVP even when busy."
  • "Socket items for offensive and defensive bonuses in PVP."


  • "Only the Agent can use items from S.H.I.E.L.D."
  • "Hover over a character to get important information."
  • "You can click a unit in the turn order to target them."
  • "Using a distress Call doesn't consume a turn."
  • "Use items in combat to overcome difficult fights."
  • "Use the bottom list to select targets that overlap."
  • "Look for hidden Epic Boss Fights by finishing all map events."

Gear & Supplies

  • "Earn 30 Stars in a Chapter to win elite Agent Gear."
  • "Completing Research unlocks new items in the Store."


  • "Earn silver by sending Heroes on Flight Deck Remote Ops."

V-130 DropshipFlight Deck

  • "High level Heroes earn more XP and Silver on the Flight Deck."

Energy icon large2Energy

Shield point-iconS.H.I.E.L.D. Point

  • "Collect SHIELD Points by visiting friends."
  • "Gain SHIELD Points when allies collect your distress call."
  • "Send S.H.I.E.L.D. Points to friends. They'll return the favor."


  • "Avengers Alliance is much more fun with friends!"

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