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Level 16 Ranger

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Effect BG 1 Green Effect Icon 118   Level 16 Ranger
 I only roll 20's
This Effect is a part of:
Hero-Only Effects
Level 16 Ranger
Effect BG 1 Green Effect Icon 118
 I only roll 20's


Name Ability Chance
Effect BG 3 Blue Effect Icon 027  Laptop 5%

Related Effects

  • Effect BG 1 Blue Effect Icon 118  Heroic Feats - Grants Super Heroic, but only if Deadpool is a Level 16 Ranger


  • Level 16 Ranger stacks indefinitely.
  • The animation for Level 16 Ranger shows when Deadpool gives thumbs up and creates fireworks on the battle.
  • When Level 16 Ranger is present, Deadpool will gain  Effect BG 1 Green Effect Icon 022  Super Heroic after he used his fourth ability Happy to See You.
  • This effect references the Dungeons & Dragons RPG.

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