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The Lady Liberators, also called the Liberators, were first formed by the Enchantress, to carry out her fiendish plans. She disguised herself as the Valkyrie and mentally manipulated other powerful women such as The Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Madame Medusa to do her bidding. The Enchantress eventually led the Liberators on a collision course with their teammates in the Avengers, and the two teams hesitantly came to blows with one another. The Lady Liberators defeated their male colleagues, and once the Enchantress felt her plan was near fruition, she dropped her disguise and attempted to annihilate the very women that helped her. The Scarlet Witch used her hexes to counteract the Enchantress' magic, and it seemed the Enchantress had destroyed herself. Goliath made a comment on how the women should have learned their lesson, but Scarlet Witch and The Wasp agreed the Lady Liberators would make their return someday. Eventually She-Hulk regathered the Lady Liberators to hunt the Red Hulk and they now assist in humanitarian efforts.

In-Game MembersEdit


Black Cat Icon 1Black Cat Icon 2
Black Widow Icon 1Black Widow Icon 2Black Widow Icon 3Black Widow Icon 4
Colleen Wing Icon 1
Invisible Woman Icon 1Invisible Woman Icon 2
Elektra Icon 1
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
Enchantress Icon 1

(as Valkyrie)

Faiza Hussain Icon 1
Hellcat Icon 1
Medusa Icon 1
Misty Knight Icon 1
Scarlet Witch Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 2Scarlet Witch Icon 3
She-Hulk Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 2
Spider-Woman Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 2
Storm Icon 1Storm Icon 2
Thundra Icon 1
Tigra Icon 1
Wasp Icon 1


Black Widow Icon
 Black Widow
Elektra Icon
Enchantress Icon
(as Valkyrie)
Scarlet Witch Icon
 Scarlet Witch
Skirn Icon
 Skirn (She-Hulk)
Kuurth Icon
 Kuurth (Spider-Woman)

Non-Game CanonEdit

Valkyrie Icon 1

Team-Up BonusesEdit

Deceptive Origin Enchantress once disguised herself as Valkyrie Enchantress Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1
Suffragettes Heroes who are current or former members of the Lady Liberators Black Cat Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Colleen Wing Icon 1Invisible Woman Icon 1Elektra Icon 1Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Faiza Hussain Icon 1Hellcat Icon 1Medusa Icon 1Misty Knight Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 1Storm Icon 1Thundra Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Wasp Icon 1

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