Name Ability Type
Ares Icon 1
Ares-Crush Your Enemies Crush Your Enemies Kinetic
Bishop Icon 1
Bishop-Concussive Blast Concussive Blast Ranged Kinetic
Bishop-Channeled Energy Channeled Energy Ranged Kinetic
Cable Icon 1
Cable-Telekinetic Slam Telekinetic Slam Ranged Kinetic
Cannonball Icon 1
Cannonball-Comin' Through Comin' Through Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Cannonball-Nothin's Impossible Nothin's Impossible Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Cannonball-Crash Landing Crash Landing Ground Kinetic
Cannonball-Cleared For Take Off Cleared For Take Off Melee Kinetic Fire
Cyclops Icon 1
Cyclops-Optic Blast Optic Blast Ranged Kinetic
Cyclops-Mega Optic Blast Mega Optic Blast Ranged Kinetic
Gambit Icon 1
Gambit-Bo Roulette Bo Roulette Melee Kinetic
Gambit-Ace of Spades Ace of Spades Ranged Kinetic
Gambit-Ragin Cajun Ragin Cajun Melee Kinetic
Gambit-Royal Flush Royal Flush Ranged Kinetic
Psylocke Icon 1
Psylocke-Telekinetic Katana Telekinetic Katana Melee Kinetic Slashing
Shatterstar Icon 1
Shatterstar-Vibro Shockwave Vibro Shockwave Melee Kinetic Slashing

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