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Kick Energy is an energy drink marketed in the UK by creator Global Brands. Since the product was first launched it has grown to become the second largest energy drink brand in the on trade drinks market in the UK. It now controls 15.3% market share of the On Trade Functional Energy Market. Global Brands sells and distributes about 1,000,000 cans of Kick Energy in the UK per month. Kick Energy is currently available in 250ml cans.

Relationship with Marvel: Avengers AllianceEdit

Kick Start

Kick Energy had a collaboration with The Avengers before the movie came into cinemas. Along with several Marvel-related prizes, a free link on the website and codes were given to contest participants by sending the code on their e-mail for the Item, Kick Start. In order for the participants to receive the Item they must already have an account in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. This Item refills 60 Energy similar to Full Energy. This Item is now unobtainable in the game.

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