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February 6, 2015 Patch NotesEdit

New Hero: Karolina Dean

Bio – Karolina Dean used to think she was allergic to penicillin because of the medical identification bracelet her parents forced her to wear. It turned out that she was actually an alien from outer space and her parents used the bracelet as an inhibitor of her true Majesdanian energy manipulating powers. It also turned out that her parents were evil space invaders and members of a supervillain group called The Pride. Not wanting to be part of her parent's plans, Karolina joined with the Runaways to fight against The Pride's plans for world domination.

  • Class: Blaster
    • Passive
      • Flying
        • Immune to ground attacks
      • Majesdanian
        • Chance to Heal instead of taking Damage when hit by Energy Attacks
        • Immune to Radiation Effects
        • Nearby Energy Attacks generate one stack of Empyrean Energy
  • Action 1: Beautiful Beam
    • Unlocked at Level 1
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Ranged, Energy
    • One Enemy
    • Self
      • Perfect Shot
        • Next ranged attack deals extra damage
      • Breakthrough
        • The next attack that hits is guaranteed to be a critical hit
      • Empyrean Energy
        • Attack increased
        • Nearby Energy Attacks generate Stamina
        • Stacks up to 5 times
  • Action 2: Prismatic Shield
    • Unlocked at Level 2
    • Targets All Allies
    • 2 Round Cooldown
    • Buff
    • All Allies
  • Action 3: Lucy In The Sky
    • Unlocked at Level 6
    • Targets All Enemies
    • 2 Round Cooldown
    • Ranged Energy
    • All Enemies
      • Melt Armor
        • All attacks against this target ignore the defense stat
      • Stun
        • 40% chance
        • Loses next turn
        • Reduced chance to dodge
  • Action 4: Empyrean Flare
    • Unlocked at Level 9
    • Targets All Enemies
    • 2 Round Cooldown
    • Ranged Energy
    • Special Properties
      • Catastrophic
        • Can't be Protected against
        • Ignores most Avoidance effects
        • Guaranteed to hit
      • Deadly Crits
        • Deals extra damage on critical hits
    • All Enemies
    • Self

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