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June 24, 2014 Patch Notes

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Uncanny X-Force

  • Wolverine formed the one of the latest incarnations of Uncanny X-Force. Its purpose: to deal with the threats that the X-Men could not... or would not.


  • Available for a limited time


  • Uncanny X-Force Passive



  • Uncanny X-Force Passive
    • Don't Die On Me, Bub
      • Attacks that would reduce an Uncanny X-Force ally's health to 0 have a 50% chance to reduce the ally to 1% instead

Uniform Updates


  • Uncanny X-Force Passive
  • Balance Fixes
    • Removed Fatal Blow from Death since it is added by Natural Selection
    • Added Ignore Defense to Death


  • Uncanny X-Force Passive
    • Misdirection
      • 20% / 50% / 70% chance of negating enemy attacks
      • Chance to dodge increases for an Uncanny X-Force ally after being successfully attacked to a maximum of 70% and reduces to 20% upon a successful dodge
      • Does not affect enemies immune to Psychic effects
    • Mental Resilience
      • Chance to block psychic attacks
      • Taking less damage from psychic attacks

Bug Fixes

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