Abort Task ButtonEdit

An Abort button has been added to tasks that are automatically generated based on heroes that you own. This has been added so that you can skip the task if it gets stuck in your task list and you don’t want it there anymore. If a task is aborted, a replacement task will appear in your task list within 24 hours if a new task can be assigned to you.


Black Cat

  • “Nerve Chop” will now show floating text when attacking a bleeding target

Black Knight

  • Black Knight's skills have been fixed to do the correct amount of damage

Black Panther

  • Flashing Empowered Iso-8 makes Vibranium Daggers a quick action


  • Radar Sense increases evasion or accuracy


  • Spicy Empowered Iso-8 works properly

Doctor Voodoo

  • Doctor Voodoo distress call works properly

Hank Pym

  • Analysis is correctly granting Guaranteed Hit
  • “Smartest Man in the Room” buff is being shared with all the heroes its supposed to work with


  • Cosmic Absorption is generating Cosmic Energy each turn


  • Vigilance animates when it blocks attacks
  • Vigilance blocks attacks

Kitty Pryde

  • Call Lockheed no longer misses if she is phased, unless it’s suppose to

Moon Knight

  • Moon Knight's class change is properly represented when he changes personas


  • She-Hulk's Stomp will now show floating text when attacking a stunned target


  • Fear Pheromones will not put the Pheromones debuff on Mechanical Targets


  • Sunfire does not gain stacks of Heated Plasma on attacks like Pyrophoric
  • Season 2 Chapter 3 Mission 5 full mission dialogue will replay once beaten
  • Plasma Sphere has been fixed to reduce damage only when Sunfire is the target of an attack


  • THING's protect animation will not play when being attacked by an AOE
  • When Thing's Clobberin' Time exploits Slow or Combos will now show floating text when attacking a target with Slow or Combo Setup

Agent Venom

  • In our final polish pass for Venom a couple of his animations and ability icons have changed. 

Known IssuesEdit

  • Iron Fist’s Combo Breaker still does not work correctly, but this will be resolved when we ship PVP Season 14.
  • Dr. Doom’s Cower does not give proper feedback or play an animation, but it is working correctly. We will resolve the feedback it gives in a later patch.

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