Starting January 15th a new Covert Task will be available that, upon completion, will allow users the ability to recruit Sunfire. This will be available for 3 weeks.

New Hero: SunfireEdit

  • Class : Blaster
  • Passive : Flying
    • Immune to ground attacks
  • Passive : Taiyou no Hi
    • Immune to Burning and Radiation Exposure
    • 50% reduction of Fire attacks
  • Passive : Atsuku Nare!
    • Any time any character with Burning attacks, Sunfire gains Heated Plasma
  • Heated Plasma
    • Increases damage done
    • Stacks to 5

1. Moeagare!

  • Grants “Heated Plasma” to Sunfire
  • Stealthy
  • Burning

2. Kyokujitsuken

  • Consumes Heated Plasma
  • Combustible
  • Paragon Exploiter
  • Boon Buster
    • Deals extra damage to characters with beneficial statuses

3. Taiyou Flare

  • Consumes Heated Plasma
  • AOE
  • Burning
  • Melt Armor
  • Pyrophoric

4. Kouen Banjou

  • Quick Action
  • Self-buff
  • Fire Shield on Sunfire
    • When attacked, causes fire damage + Burning to everyone
  • Full Heated Plasma on remove

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