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October 16, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Bug & Balance Fixes:

  • Empowered Isotope-8
    • Fixed an issue with the Air Pressure passive from the Circulating Empowered Iso-8 not being removed from Invisible Woman's allies when she is defeated

April 25, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Adjustments & Bug Fixes

  • Passive Evasion Effects
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a character with the passive evasion effect to miss when attacking using a preemptive counter
    • Fixed an issue where allies were causing the evade to trigger
    • Fixed an issue that caused allies to evade beneficial actions
    • The above adjustments have been applied to the following:

November 12, 2013 Patch NotesEdit


  • Invisibility was updated and fixed and now has 20% chance to proc

March 20, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Future Foundation Uniform Adjustment

  • Reactive Shields no longer expires and continues providing its effect throughout the fight
  • Reactive Shields are only created 70% of the time (down from 100%)
  • Fourth Field is now tagged as buff and can be removed by effects that remove them

Related Adjustment

  • Party buffs brought by a character or a costume no longer continue to apply when that character is knocked out as Invisible Woman's Share the Future

January 31, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Invisible Woman PvP Improvement

  • Invisible Woman has had her PVP AI improved

August 31, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Invisible Woman Adjustment

August 27, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Invisible Woman Improvement

  • Passive Ability - Invisibility
    • 25% Chance to evade single-target attacks
    • If an attack is evaded in this way: grants a bonus to accuracy on her next attack.
  • Level 2 Action "Force Field"
    • Old 3rd Action - replaced the old 2nd Action "Invisibility"
    • Targets All Allies
    • Team Buff
    • Applies "Force Field"
    • Absorbs damage
    • Removed when attacking
  • Level 6 Action "Force Volley"
    • Old 4th Action - replaced the old 3rd Action "Force Field"
    • Targets All Enemies
    • Ranged Attack
    • Stealthy
    • Deadly Crits
  • Level 9 Action "Force Cage"
    • New move
    • Targets One Enemy
    • Enemy Debuff
    • Applies Force Cage
      • Can only use actions that target self
        • If character does not have actions that target self, they lose a turn
      • Can’t Protect or Counter attacks
      • Can’t be hit by attacks
    • Subtle - Does not trigger most status effects
  • Uses "Force Field" as her default counter

New uniform - "Future Foundation Invisible Woman"

  • Uniform classes available: Blaster & Infiltrator
  • Uniform Passive Reactive Shields
    • Creates a shield when attacked
    • Does not overwrite other shields
      • For those who want more shield with their shield, this ability does not replace Invisible Woman’s Force Field
    • Uniform Passive Share the Future
      • Grants Reactive Shields to all teammates
    • Grants Future Countdown with two Future Foundation members
    • On round 4, grants "The Future is Now" - Increasing Attack and Accuracy by 35% for the remainder of the battle.

April 2, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Invisible Woman Adjustment

  • Invisible Woman should no longer lose Invisible if she counter-attacks while Invisible
  • The cooldown for Invisibility has been reduced

Original HeroEdit

  • This hero has no Release Patch Note

Replaced ActionsEdit

Before August 31, 2012Edit

Invisible Woman-Invisibility Invisibility
Target: Self

3 (Turns) Rounds

# of Hits: n/a
Type: Buff

Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 024

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