The Hydra Four are a copy of HawkeyeThor, Captain Americaand Iron Man.

The Hydra Four were sent into Manhattan to cause havoc in an attempt to draw out the Avengers. Only Militant fought his counterpart (Captain America), and although he held his own, he was ordered to retreat, along with the other three. Spider-Man later infiltrated their headquarters, where it was revealed each member has received altered genetics, explaining their strength and abilities. However, later on the building was destroyed. The Hydra Four are presumed to still work with Hydra. Each member wields a weapon/weapons that is based upon the person they are mimicking. Hammer wields a hammer that allows him to send out EMP pulses, cause electrical surges to mimic lightning, and can be thrown, and return to his hand. Militant wields a shield similar to Captain America's. It is made out of an unknown alloy, but is capable of bouncing and ricocheting off objects and people. Bowman's arrows are known to be trick arrows, among them there are explosive tipped and bolas. Tactical Force has the standard Iron Man repulsors, flight capability, and enhanced strength. Statistics and Weaponary are similar to their counterparts.

In-Game MembersEdit


Bowman Icon
Hammer Icon
Militant Icon
Tactical Force Icon
 Tactical Force

Hydra Four-RelatedEdit


Name Name
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 048
 "Hail Hydra!"
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 059
 Power of Four


Icon Name
Power of Four Power of Four


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