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Recruited MessageEdit

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These symbiotes aren't like the others, Agent. In fact, I owe them a lot. You see, they were just in pain. Tortured. Alone. ...Like I was.

They thought they needed me to ease their pain, when it was really me that needed them. I could have been another Carnage or Venom, but they kept me from going over the edge.
Now, I have you to thank for freeing us. We have a chance to prove ourselves again. We won't waste it.

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Special Operations - Symbiosis: Mission 3 - Symbiote ShowdownEdit

Boss - HybridEdit

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Venom, Scream, Carnage...and finally Hybrid. You're the last name on my list.

You should not have come here.

The Green Goblin found a way to control my symbiote by exposing us to one of his serums. Now he's trying to extend his domination over all symbiotes. Carnage, Scream, and Venom are walking into his trap, blinded by their desires to kill and destroy, just as your need to purge has drawn you to me. You are all about to join my fate.

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The Goblin's poison means nothing to us. You'll see why once I've purged you of EVERYTHING.


We are too many, and too strong. We will spread... Hybrid:
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