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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Hulk/Boss.

Character-Restricted Empowered ISO-8Edit

Character-Restricted Augmented ISO-8Edit

  • None

Patch HistoryEdit

Team Up Bonuses Edit

For a complete list of Hulk's Team-Up Bonuses, see Hulk/Team-Up Bonuses.

Hulk has the following Team-Up Bonuses:

  • Assemble!: Any pair of core Avengers members
  • Defenders: Members of The Defenders
  • Dr.: Heroes with Doctorates
  • Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Founding members of the Avengers
  • Eggheads: Heroes who are geniuses
  • Equestrians: Heroes who were Horsemen of Apocalypse
  • Explosive Relation: Hulk and Red Hulk
  • Gamma Gang: Heroes who are Hulks
  • Isn't Easy Being Green: Green-skinned heroes
  • Keep it Secret: Members of the Secret Avengers
  • Little Buddy: A-Bomb and Hulk
  • Pro-Precog: Characters for Precognitive Justice
  • Puny God: Avengers movie reference, Hulk massively beat up Loki
  • Sovereign: Heroes that have been rulers of a nation or realm
  • Till Death Do Us Part: Hulk and Red She-Hulk
  • Tossers: Heroes with tossing abilities


For all Images, Artwork, and Icons (Original and Alternate Uniform versions), see Hulk/Gallery.

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