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Hogun has the following Team-Up Bonuses:

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Ambassador for Mankind: Jane Foster and Asgardians
  • Asgardians: Heroes who are from Asgard
  • Bearded Bearing: Heroes who maintain facial hair
  • Debbie Downers: Heroes who are dour
  • I'll Drink To That: Heroes known for drinking during combat
  • Murderworld Survivors: Heroes who survived Murderworld
  • Orphanage: Orphaned Heroes
  • Pro-Precog: Characters for Precognitive Justice
  • Warriors Three: Heroes who are members of the Warriors Three

All Possible Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Beta Ray Bill Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Enchantress Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Fandral Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Heimdall Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Hogun Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Sif Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Thor Icon 1Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 or Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1 or Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Beta Ray Bill, Thor (Jane Foster) or Enchantress, Thor (Jane Foster) or Fandral, Thor (Jane Foster) or Heimdall, Thor (Jane Foster) or Hogun, Thor (Jane Foster) or Sif, Thor (Jane Foster) or Thor, Thor (Jane Foster) or Thor (Jane Foster), Valkyrie or Thor (Jane Foster), Volstagg Ambassador for Mankind
Angela Icon 1Destroyer Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Loki Icon 1Sif Icon 1Thor Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Angela, Destroyer, Enchantress, Fandral, Heimdall, Hogun, Loki, Sif, Thor, Valkyrie, Volstagg Asgardians
Baron Mordo Icon 1Bishop Icon 1Blade Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Fixer Icon 1Gorgon Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1Hercules Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Karnak Icon 1Kraven the Hunter Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Baron Mordo, Bishop, Blade, Dr. Strange, Falcon, Fandral, Fixer, Gorgon, Heimdall, Hercules, Hogun, Karnak, Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Volstagg Bearded Bearing
Angela Icon 1Anti-Venom Icon 1Ares Icon 1Baron Mordo Icon 1Black Bolt Icon 1Blade Icon 1Cable Icon 1Cammi Icon 1Cloak and Dagger Icon 1Deathlok Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 1Drax Icon 1Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1Ghost Rider Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Hybrid Icon 1Jessica Jones Icon 1Magneto Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Phoenix Icon 1Phyla-Vell Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Ronan Icon 1Spider-Man Noir Icon 1White Tiger Icon 1X-23 Icon 1 Angela, Anti-Venom, Ares, Baron Mordo, Black Bolt, Blade, Cable, Cammi, Cloak and Dagger, Deathlok, Dr. Strange, Drax, Elsa Bloodstone, Ghost Rider, Heimdall, Hogun, Howard the Duck, Hybrid, Jessica Jones, Magneto, Moondragon, Morbius, Phoenix, Phyla-Vell, Punisher, Ronan, Spider-Man Noir, White Tiger, X-23 Debbie Downers
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Kraven the Hunter Icon 1Lizard Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone, Fandral, Hogun, Howard the Duck, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Morbius, Volstagg I'll Drink To That
Cable Icon 1Cannonball Icon 1Chase Stein Icon 1Doctor Voodoo Icon 1Domino Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Nico Minoru Icon 1Shatterstar Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1X-23 Icon 1 Cable, Cannonball, Chase Stein, Doctor Voodoo, Domino, Fandral, Hogun, Nico Minoru, Shatterstar, Spider-Man, Volstagg, X-23 Murderworld Survivors
A-Bomb Icon 1Angela Icon 1Blade Icon 1Cable Icon 1Chase Stein Icon 1Cyclops Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Jessica Jones Icon 1Ka-Zar Icon 1Karolina Dean Icon 1Loki Icon 1Molly Hayes Icon 1Nico Minoru Icon 1Nightcrawler Icon 1Quake Icon 1Rogue Icon 1Shatterstar Icon 1Spider-Girl Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1Victor Mancha Icon 1White Tiger Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1 A-Bomb, Angela, Blade, Cable, Chase Stein, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Hogun, Hyperion, Jessica Jones, Ka-Zar, Karolina Dean, Loki, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Nightcrawler, Quake, Rogue, Shatterstar, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Victor Mancha, White Tiger, Winter Soldier Orphanage
A-Bomb Icon 1Agent Venom Icon 1Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1Angela Icon 1Ant-Man Icon 1Anti-Venom Icon 1Avalanche Icon 1Baron Mordo Icon 1Beta Ray Bill Icon 1Black Cat Icon 1Black Knight Icon 1Blade Icon 1Blizzard Icon 1Blue Marvel Icon 1Captain America Icon 1Captain Britain Icon 1Cloak and Dagger Icon 1Constrictor Icon 1Crystal Icon 1Deathlok Icon 1Destroyer Icon 1Doctor Voodoo Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 1Enchantress Icon 1Faiza Hussain Icon 1Fandral Icon 1Fixer Icon 1Gorgon Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Human Torch Icon 1Hybrid Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Karnak Icon 1Karolina Dean Icon 1Kraven the Hunter Icon 1Lizard Icon 1Loki Icon 1Medusa Icon 1Misty Knight Icon 1Molly Hayes Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Moonstone Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Mr. Fantastic Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Nova Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Sandman Icon 1Satana Icon 1Sif Icon 1Silk Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Spitfire Icon 1Superior Spider-Man Icon 1Taskmaster Icon 1Thane Icon 1Thor Icon 1Thundra Icon 1Tigra Icon 1Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1Union Jack Icon 1Valkyrie Icon 1Victor Mancha Icon 1Vision Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1War Machine Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1Wonder Man Icon 1 A-Bomb, Agent Venom, Amazing Spider-Woman, Angela, Ant-Man, Anti-Venom, Avalanche, Baron Mordo, Beta Ray Bill, Black Cat, Black Knight, Blade, Blizzard, Blue Marvel, Captain America, Captain Britain, Cloak and Dagger, Constrictor, Crystal, Deathlok, Destroyer, Doctor Voodoo, Dr. Strange, Enchantress, Faiza Hussain, Fandral, Fixer, Gorgon, Hawkeye, Heimdall, Hogun, Hulk, Human Torch, Hybrid, Hyperion, Karnak, Karolina Dean, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Loki, Medusa, Misty Knight, Molly Hayes, Moon Knight, Moonstone, Morbius, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Punisher, Red Hulk, Sandman, Satana, Sif, Silk, Spider-Man, Spitfire, Superior Spider-Man, Taskmaster, Thane, Thor, Thundra, Tigra, Ultimate Spider-Man, Union Jack, Valkyrie, Victor Mancha, Vision, Volstagg, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Wonder Man Pro-Precog
Fandral Icon 1Hogun Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg Warriors Three

50 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Agent Venom Icon 1 Agent Venom Pro-Precog
Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1 Amazing Spider-Woman Pro-Precog
Ant-Man Icon 1 Ant-Man Pro-Precog
Ares Icon 1 Ares Debbie Downers
Avalanche Icon 1 Avalanche Pro-Precog
Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Beta Ray Bill Pro-Precog
Bishop Icon 1 Bishop Bearded Bearing
Black Bolt Icon 1 Black Bolt Debbie Downers
Black Cat Icon 1 Black Cat Pro-Precog
Black Knight Icon 1 Black Knight Pro-Precog
Blizzard Icon 1 Blizzard Pro-Precog
Blue Marvel Icon 1 Blue Marvel Pro-Precog
Cammi Icon 1 Cammi Debbie Downers
Cannonball Icon 1 Cannonball Murderworld Survivors
Captain America Icon 1 Captain America Pro-Precog
Captain Britain Icon 1 Captain Britain Pro-Precog
Constrictor Icon 1 Constrictor Pro-Precog
Crystal Icon 1 Crystal Pro-Precog
Cyclops Icon 1 Cyclops Orphanage
Domino Icon 1 Domino Murderworld Survivors
Drax Icon 1 Drax Debbie Downers
Faiza Hussain Icon 1 Faiza Hussain Pro-Precog
Falcon Icon 1 Falcon Bearded Bearing
Ghost Rider Icon 1 Ghost Rider Debbie Downers
Hercules Icon 1 Hercules Bearded Bearing
Hulk Icon 1 Hulk Pro-Precog
Human Torch Icon 1 Human Torch Pro-Precog
Ka-Zar Icon 1 Ka-Zar Orphanage
Magneto Icon 1 Magneto Debbie Downers
Medusa Icon 1 Medusa Pro-Precog
Misty Knight Icon 1 Misty Knight Pro-Precog
Moon Knight Icon 1 Moon Knight Pro-Precog
Moondragon Icon 1 Moondragon Debbie Downers
Moonstone Icon 1 Moonstone Pro-Precog
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Pro-Precog
Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Ms. Marvel Pro-Precog
Nightcrawler Icon 1 Nightcrawler Orphanage
Nova Icon 1 Nova Pro-Precog
Phoenix Icon 1 Phoenix Debbie Downers
Phyla-Vell Icon 1 Phyla-Vell Debbie Downers
Quake Icon 1 Quake Orphanage
Red Hulk Icon 1 Red Hulk Pro-Precog
Rogue Icon 1 Rogue Orphanage
Ronan Icon 1 Ronan Debbie Downers
Sandman Icon 1 Sandman Pro-Precog
Satana Icon 1 Satana Pro-Precog
Silk Icon 1 Silk Pro-Precog
Spider-Girl Icon 1 Spider-Girl Orphanage
Spider-Man Noir Icon 1 Spider-Man Noir Debbie Downers
Spitfire Icon 1 Spitfire Pro-Precog
Star-Lord Icon 1 Star-Lord Orphanage
Superior Spider-Man Icon 1 Superior Spider-Man Pro-Precog
Taskmaster Icon 1 Taskmaster Pro-Precog
Thane Icon 1 Thane Pro-Precog
Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 Thor (Jane Foster) Ambassador for Mankind
Thundra Icon 1 Thundra Pro-Precog
Tigra Icon 1 Tigra Pro-Precog
Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1 Ultimate Spider-Man Pro-Precog
Union Jack Icon 1 Union Jack Pro-Precog
Vision Icon 1 Vision Pro-Precog
War Machine Icon 1 War Machine Pro-Precog
Wonder Man Icon 1 Wonder Man Pro-Precog

100 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
A-Bomb Icon 1 A-Bomb Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Anti-Venom Icon 1 Anti-Venom Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Chase Stein Icon 1 Chase Stein Murderworld Survivors, Orphanage
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1 Cloak and Dagger Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Deathlok Icon 1 Deathlok Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Destroyer Icon 1 Destroyer Asgardians, Pro-Precog
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo Murderworld Survivors, Pro-Precog
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone Debbie Downers, I'll Drink To That
Enchantress Icon 1 Enchantress Asgardians, Pro-Precog
Fixer Icon 1 Fixer Bearded Bearing, Pro-Precog
Gorgon Icon 1 Gorgon Bearded Bearing, Pro-Precog
Hawkeye Icon 1 Hawkeye Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Howard the Duck Icon 1 Howard the Duck Debbie Downers, I'll Drink To That
Hybrid Icon 1 Hybrid Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Hyperion Icon 1 Hyperion Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Jessica Jones Icon 1 Jessica Jones Debbie Downers, Orphanage
Karnak Icon 1 Karnak Bearded Bearing, Pro-Precog
Karolina Dean Icon 1 Karolina Dean Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Lizard Icon 1 Lizard I'll Drink To That, Pro-Precog
Molly Hayes Icon 1 Molly Hayes Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Nico Minoru Icon 1 Nico Minoru Murderworld Survivors, Orphanage
Punisher Icon 1 Punisher Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Shatterstar Icon 1 Shatterstar Murderworld Survivors, Orphanage
Sif Icon 1 Sif Asgardians, Pro-Precog
Thor Icon 1 Thor Asgardians, Pro-Precog
Valkyrie Icon 1 Valkyrie Asgardians, Pro-Precog
Victor Mancha Icon 1 Victor Mancha Orphanage, Pro-Precog
White Tiger Icon 1 White Tiger Debbie Downers, Orphanage
Winter Soldier Icon 1 Winter Soldier Orphanage, Pro-Precog
X-23 Icon 1 X-23 Debbie Downers, Murderworld Survivors

150 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Baron Mordo Icon 1 Baron Mordo Bearded Bearing, Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Cable Icon 1 Cable Debbie Downers, Murderworld Survivors, Orphanage
Dr. Strange Icon 1 Dr. Strange Bearded Bearing, Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1 Kraven the Hunter Bearded Bearing, I'll Drink To That, Pro-Precog
Loki Icon 1 Loki Asgardians, Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Spider-Man Icon 1 Spider-Man Murderworld Survivors, Orphanage, Pro-Precog

200 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Angela Icon 1 Angela Asgardians, Debbie Downers, Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Blade Icon 1 Blade Bearded Bearing, Debbie Downers, Orphanage, Pro-Precog
Heimdall Icon 1 Heimdall Asgardians, Bearded Bearing, Debbie Downers, Pro-Precog
Morbius Icon 1 Morbius Bearded Bearing, Debbie Downers, I'll Drink To That, Pro-Precog

250 Point Team-Ups


300 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Fandral Icon 1 Fandral Asgardians, Bearded Bearing, I'll Drink To That, Murderworld Survivors, Pro-Precog, Warriors Three
Volstagg Icon 1 Volstagg Asgardians, Bearded Bearing, I'll Drink To That, Murderworld Survivors, Pro-Precog, Warriors Three

350 Point Team-Ups


400 Point Team-Ups


450 Point Team-Ups


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