Heroes are part of the Agent's team during combat in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Up to two heroes can join in battle at a time.

Heroes are recruited by using Command Points Command point icon , winning PVP Tournaments, or by completing special time-limited missions known as Special Operations.

Each has different Hero Actions which may be used for attack or defense. Team-Up Bonuses are also granted for certain pairings.

There are currently 48 heroes that can be recruited in the game. For a list for when Heroes could be recruited to the team, see Recruitable Heroes.

Hero Levels Edit

Leveling up Heroes unlocks new skills, Isotope-8 slots, and PVP Elite Bonus. Only one Hero can be trained at a time. The Speed Up Training option can be used for free when there are 5 minutes or less of training time remaining.

Level XP-icon Silver-icon Shield point-icon Time Bonus Training Gold icon (Optional)
Rapid[1] Speed Up[2]
1 - - - - - - -
2 250 550 12 3 minutes Skill 2 4 -
3 438 1,100 13 15 minutes Iso-8 Slot 1 6 2
4 656 2,250 15 30 minutes Iso-8 Slot 2 10 3
5 902 5,550 18 1 hour Iso-8 Slot 3 15 5
6 1,173 8,900 22 2 hours Skill 3 25 7
7 1,466 16,500 26 4 hours Iso-8 Slot 4 35 11
8 1,781 33,250 32 8 hours Iso-8 Slot 5 48 17
9 2,114 55,500 38 12 hours Skill 4 64 22
10 2,467 111,250 44 18 hours Iso-8 Slot 6
Bronze Elite Bonus[3]
85 29
11 2,837 222,500 51 24 hours Iso-8 Slot 7
Silver Elite Bonus[3]
110 34
12 3,223 335,000 59 36 hours Iso-8 Slot 8
Gold Elite Bonus[3]
125 45
Total 31,460 792,350 330 105H 48M [4] 827 265

Base stats for heroes are based on a Level 2 Agent, when they are first accessible in the game

  1. Rapid Training allows a Hero to instantly level up without spending time training. It also allows a Hero to skip ahead of a Hero that is currently in the training process. It does not require any XP, but it can only be used if the XP-icon gauge is not completely filled.
  2. Speed Up Training can only be used if the XP-icon gauge for that level is filled and training has been started. There are several different cost options for using Gold icon to reduce the remaining training time.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 For more information, please see Elite Bonus.
  4. Total training time is reduced to 104H 55M if the free 5 Minute Speed Up is used in every level.

Heroes Required for Epic Bosses Edit

Season 1Edit

Heroes Required for Premium Missions Edit

Season 1Edit

Heroes by Class Edit

Blastericon Blasters

Bruisericon Bruisers

Scrappericon Scrappers

Infiltratoricon Infiltrators

Tacticianicon Tacticians

Generalisticon Generalists

Limited Availability - Spec OpsEdit

 Spec Ops 1   Spec Ops 2   Spec Ops 3   Spec Ops 4   Spec Ops 5 

Availability - PVP TournamentsEdit

 Season 1   Season 2   Season 3   Season 4   Season 5   Season 6   Season 7 

Heroes by CostEdit


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  • (?) = Unconfirmed


  • The first Hero outside the original 28 Heroes is Gambit, followed by Rogue and Black Panther. In the original version it was Black Panther, followed by Scarlet Witch and Rogue.
  • The Adamantium League reward for the first PVP Tournament Season was Punisher. In the original version it was Deadpool.
  • The reward for first Special Operation was Magik. In the original version it was Mockingbird.

Alternate UniformsEdit

Alternate Uniforms (Alts) are available for some heroes, similar to Agent Uniforms. These may be available in the heroes' original class, or may allow the use of a different class. Alts may be permanent or limited edition items.

Alternates are bought with Command Points Command point icon , but are not available until the Hero for which it is intended has been recruited.

Alternate uniforms have passive effects that are in addition to the hero's standard effects.

Certain Alternate Uniforms have been released as a set. These include:

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