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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Heimdall/Boss.

November 10, 2014 Patch NotesEdit


  • Heimdall's Far Sight Passive will now remove Stealthy properly from enemy attacks
  • Heimdall's Far Sight Passive will now prevent preemptive counter-attacks
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Heimdall to prevent ally actions after using Gjallarhorn

October 22, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Bug Fixes

  • Heimdall's Halting Empowered Iso-8 should now have about a 30% chance of preventing counter-attacks.

October 16, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Known Issues

  • Heimdall's Vigilance is currently preventing allies from attacking, this will be addressed in a later patch
  • Heimdall's Far Sight does not prevent preemptive counter attacks, this will be addressed in a later patch

January 24, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Bug Fixes

  • Vigilance animates when it blocks attacks
  • Vigilance blocks attacks

December 16, 2013 Patch NotesEdit


November 27, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Hero Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Halt (Vigilance) now works correctly against all moves
  • Follow-up attacks in combats with Heimdall now work correctly

October 29, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

  • Bruiser
  • Self-Passive : Asgardian
    • Immune to Burning, Chilled, Poison, and Radiation
  • Self-Passive : Far Sight
    • Most enemy attacks cannot be stealthy
    • Chance to negate preemptive counter-attacks
  • Level 1 : Hofund
    • One Enemy
    • Melee, Slashing
    • Deadly Crits
      • Deals extra damage on critical hits
    • Finest Hour
      • Deals extra damage while Agile, Focused, Fortified, Strengthened, Shielded, or Healing
  • Level 2 : Vigilance
    • All Enemies
    • Buff, Debuff
    • Subtle
      • Does not trigger most status effects
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Target Debuff : Off-balance
      • 50% chance of being applied
      • Removes and prevents Counter-Attack effects
      • Lasts 1 Round
    • Target Debuff : Winded
      • 50% chance of being applied
      • Removes and prevents Follow-Up attacks
      • Lasts 1 Round
    • Self Buff : The Eternal Vigilant
      • Chance to prevent enemy attacks
      • Lasts until next turn
  • Level 6 : Uru Blade
    • All Enemies
    • Melee, Slashing
    • Target Debuff : Wide-Open
      • Taking additional damage from melee attacks
      • Lasts 3 Rounds
    • Target Debuff : Tenderized
      • Takes increased damage from Slashing attacks
      • Lasts 3 Rounds
    • Target Debuff : Staggered
      • Cannot dodge most attacks
      • Ignores most Avoidance effects
      • Lasts 3 Rounds
  • Level 9 : Gjallarhorn
    • All Allies
    • Buff
    • Target Buff : Call to Asgard
      • Transports combatants to the Bifrost Bridge
      • Lasts 2 Rounds
    • Target Buff : Sound the Alarm
      • Grants Agile, Focused, Fortified, and Strengthened

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