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The Gift screen as of July 16, 2014


Send gifts to any people. Appears once per day

Gifts are supplies and resources that can be sent and received by players and their Allies.

There is a limit of 350 Gifts that can be received; any additional Gifts will remove the oldest unclaimed Gift. Players can accept up to 50 Gifts per day into their inventory, but there are 50x limits on how many Gifts can be sent( x is number of you friend).

Entering Marvel: Avengers Alliance through the "Notifications" tab in Facebook will automatically accept gifts and count towards the 50 Gift daily limit. Entering through the App page or by using Free Stuff links will not auto-accept Gifts.

The Gifts section can be found by clicking the Gifts tab. Players can also send gifts to their allies by selecting them in the Allies section and selecting the Gift option.

Gift Limit Reset Times

Daily Gift limits reset at the same time every day. For example, it is possible to accept 50 Gifts at 2:59 EST and another 50 Gifts at 3:00 EST after the limit resets.

Daily Gift Limit resets at 12:00 AM PST. See this Article for a list of Timezones.

Current Gifts

Iso-8 Chip Red No Background

Strong Iso-8 Chip
Pumpkin Bomb

Pumpkin Bomb
Dark Elf Mask

Dark Elf Mask
Candy Bucket

Candy Bucket
Murderworld Doll

Murderworld Doll
Energy icon large

Shield point-icon
S.H.I.E.L.D. Point
Unstable Iso-8 Red
Unstable Iso-8

Previous Gifts

Main Article: Gifts/Previous Gifts


  • Before July 16, 2014, Strong Iso-8 Chip displayed as Blue instead of Red.

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