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Every now and then, Playdom release links to collect unique content or free bonus items. This is a collation of some of those links.

Open each link in a "new tab". Once the page has loaded, you can close the tab and the item will now be in your game when you return to it.

Keep checking these links every 2 weeks or so, as most playdom links refresh.

If you're a Facebook player, you will need to go to our Free Stuff for Facebook Players page.


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...






1,000 Silver

  • ...

2,000 Silver

  • ...
  • ...

4,000 Silver

  • ...


Once per day you can send a request to your Guild to get S.H.I.E.L.D. Points from your Allies for free. Crafty players save this request for Tournaments for CPs.

Dodgy Deals

Gold Sale 3

1 Gold = Possible
100 Gold = Scam

There are several FaceCrack groups/aps that try to claim that if you post links on your wall or other Facebook walls, that you will get free Gold. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

These sites can't track if you've posted on other walls unless they give you a link to "Share". You won't get Gold, and all you'll be doing is making yourself look like an idiot for falling for a Dodgy Scam and helping them to spam other legit pages.

Inactive / Discontinued Links

Previous links that have been deactivated leaving below here for future as they might come active again.

  • ...

Unstable ISO-8

Free Unstable ISO-8

Email Promotion of Special Operations - Long Live the Queen

These links are being "archived" here for when the next Special Ops is released. Who knows, they might work again at that time...

  • ...

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