Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
  Free Action
Attack Buff
 Grants an immediate free turn after using
 Does not trigger follow-up attacks
Related / Similar Effects:
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
 Quick Action
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 005
Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 005
Free Action
Attack Buff
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
 Grants an immediate free turn after using
 Does not trigger follow-up attacks


Name Action
Blaster-Primed and Ready Primed and Ready
(Hero Level 15 only)
Bruiser-Short Fuse Short Fuse
(Hero Level 15 only)
Long Haul Long Haul
(Hero Level 15 only)
Infiltrator-Quick Reflexes Quick Reflexes
(Hero Level 15 only)
Scrapper-Close the Gap Close the Gap
(Hero Level 15 only)
Tactician-Momentary Advantage Momentary Advantage
(Hero Level 15 only)

Augmented Isotope-8Edit

Icon Name Action
A-Iso Blue 007 Secrets of Shao-Lom Augmented Iso-8
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 016
 Secrets of Shao-Lom
(Moondragon Icon 1 Moondragon only)
Moondragon-Mind Suppression Mind Suppression


Icon Name
Adrenaline Injector Adrenaline Injector
Aegis Array Aegis Array
Chorea Gigantum Chorea Gigantum
Combat Acceleration Initiative Combat Acceleration Initiative
Constructive Field Constructive Field
Cosmic Shielding Cosmic Shielding
Crow's Foot Crow's Foot
Defensive Dissipator Defensive Dissipator
Early Warning Radar Early Warning Radar
Fantastic Formulary Fantastic Formulary
Fantastic Shielding Fantastic Shielding
Fantastic Patch Fantastic Patch
Force Field Dynamo Force Field Dynamo
Fourth Law Nullifier Fourth Law Nullifier
Gamma Augmentation Gamma Augmentation
Gamma Gizmo Gamma Gizmo
Goblin Visage Goblin Visage
Heroic Charge Heroic Charge
Holographic Walls Holographic Walls
Impending Doom Impending Doom
Infinite Inoculation Infinite Inoculation
Jade Prism Jade Prism
Jump Starter Jump Starter
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror
Magnetic Field Dynamo Magnetic Field Dynamo
Menacing Pulse Menacing Pulse
Mirror Field Dynamo Mirror Field Dynamo
Mirror Match Mirror Match
Mutagenic Manipulator Mutagenic Manipulator
Nano-Aid Nano-Aid
Obsidian Cane Obsidian Cane
Offensive Drive Offensive Drive
Overwatch Protocol Overwatch Protocol
Paladin Defender Paladin Defender
Polarized Storm Polarized Storm
Precise Focus Scanner Precise Focus Scanner
Psyche Operator Psyche Operator
Radiation Transmitter Radiation Transmitter
Remote Booster Remote Booster
Shocking Arm Shocking Arm
Singularity Matrix Singularity Matrix
Superior Combat Sensor Superior Combat Sensor
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 196
 Arachnid Set
Svalinn Support Svalinn Support
Target Painter II Target Painter II
Teleological Belt Teleological Belt
Timely Chronolift Timely Chronolift
Treasured Norn Stone Treasured Norn Stone
Turbo Overdrive Turbo Overdrive
Xanthine Alkaloid Infusion Xanthine Alkaloid Infusion


Icon Name
Uniform Generalist 8 MaleUniform Generalist 8 Female Generalist's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 189
 Party Time!
Uniform Generalist 10 MaleUniform Generalist 10 Female Generalist's Empowered Trench
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 189
 Party On!
Uniform Blaster 8 MaleUniform Blaster 8 Female Blaster's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 104
 Primed and Ready
Uniform Bruiser 8 MaleUniform Bruiser 8 Female Bruiser's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 077
 Short Fuse
Uniform Infiltrator 8 MaleUniform Infiltrator 8 Female Infiltrator's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 079
 Quick Reflexes
Uniform Infiltrator 11 Infiltrator's Flight Suit
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 021
 S.H.I.E.L.D. Mech Armor
Uniform Scrapper 8 MaleUniform Scrapper 8 Female Scrapper's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 078
 Close the Gap
Uniform Tactician 8 MaleUniform Tactician 8 Female Tactician's Empowered Armor
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 076
 Momentary Advantage


Hero Action
Agent Venom Icon 1
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 170
 Out Of Control
Agent Venom-We Are Venom We Are Venom
Bishop Icon 1
Bishop-Focus Energy Focus Energy
Bishop-No Limits No Limits
Black Cat Icon 1Black Cat Icon 2
Black Cat-Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck
Black Panther Icon 1
Black Panther-Panther Stance Panther Stance
Cable Icon 1
Cable-Techno-Organic Overdrive Techno-Organic Overdrive
Cable-Techno-Organic Control Techno-Organic Control
Captain America Icon 4
Captain Steve Rogers-Take Charge Take Charge
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Captain Steve Rogers-Ranged Awareness Ranged Awareness
Captain Steve Rogers-Offensive Operations Offensive Operations
Captain Steve Rogers-Counterintelligence Counterintelligence
Constrictor Icon 1
Constrictor-Distress Call Distress Call
Daredevil Icon 1Daredevil Icon 2
Daredevil-Radar Sense Radar Sense
Drax Icon 1Drax Icon 2
Drax-Cry for Blood Cry for Blood
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1
Doctor Voodoo-Doom Curse Doom Curse
Enchantress Icon 1
Enchantress-Charm Charm
Enchantress-Alluring Voice Alluring Voice
Fixer Icon 1
Fixer-Switching Gears Switching Gears
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Fixer-Blaster Shift Blaster Shift
Fixer-Infiltrator Shift Infiltrator Shift
Fixer-Tactician Shift Tactician Shift
Hawkeye Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 2Hawkeye Icon 3Hawkeye Icon 4
Hawkeye-Pinpoint Target Pinpoint Target
Heimdall Icon 1
Heimdall-Vigilance Vigilance
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Duck-tini Duck-tini
Iron Fist Icon 1
Iron Fist-Heart of Shou-Lao (Classic) Heart of Shou-Lao
Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Heart of Shou-Lao (Heroic Age) Heart of Shou-Lao
Iron Man Icon 5
Iron Man-Calling Veronica Calling Veronica
Iron Man-Breaking Up Breaking Up
Kang Icon 1
Kang-Out of Time Out of Time
Kang-Back in Time Back in Time
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared Be Prepared
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Loki Icon 1
Loki-Trickster Seal Trickster Seal
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Satan Claw 2.0 Satan Claw 2.0
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Misty Knight-Take It Slow Take It Slow
Morbius Icon 1
Morbius-Experimentation Experimentation
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 063
Nico Minoru Icon 1
Nico Minoru-Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Change Protocol Change Protocol
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Omega Sentinel-Scrapper Protocol Scrapper Protocol
Omega Sentinel-Change Protocol Bruiser Protocol
Omega Sentinel-Tactician Protocol Tactician Protocol
Phoenix Icon 1Phoenix Icon 2Phoenix Icon 3
Phoenix-Mind Link Mind Link
Punisher Icon 1
Punisher-Walking Armory Walking Armory
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Punisher-CFJ-15 Assault Rifle Walking Armory: Generalist
Punisher-Dual WMI J'Woo Walking Armory: Tactician
Punisher-CE-3 Sniper Rifle Walking Armory: Infiltrator
Punisher-Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger Walking Armory: Scrapper
Punisher-Reforged Batstone 2.357 Walking Armory: Bruiser
Punisher-The Migrant Walking Armory: Blaster
Sabretooth Icon 1
Sabretooth-Berserker Berserker
Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 2Spider-Man Icon 3Spider-Man Icon 4
Spider-Man-Spider-Sense Spider-Sense
Squirrel Girl Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 2
Squirrel Girl-Nuts to This Nuts to This
Sunfire Icon 1
Sunfire-Kouen Banjou Kouen Banjou
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Blaster Training Blaster Training
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Bruiser Training Bruiser Training
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Infiltrator Training Infiltrator Training
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Scrapper Training Scrapper Training
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Tactician Training Tactician Training
Vision Icon 1Vision Icon 2
Vision-Melee Interface Melee Interface
Vision-Range Interface Range Interface
White Tiger Icon 1
White Tiger-Taming the Tiger God Taming the Tiger God


  • Some Free Actions can now perform actions in one click, meaning a player no longer required to select a target to perform actions.
    • Only works on All Allies, All Enemies & Self targets.
    • Does not work on Taskmaster's Taskmaster-Blaster Training Blaster Training, Taskmaster-Bruiser Training Bruiser Training, Taskmaster-Infiltrator Training Infiltrator Training & Taskmaster-Scrapper Training Scrapper Training
  • Non-Subtle Single Target gear can trigger follow-up effects.
  • Despite being a direct copy of the old
    Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
     Quick Action, in-game functions don't recognize a Free Action as a Quick Action.

Store Icon
Due to the stats having a difference between players depending on their Agent's Level and Equipment,
Gear stats in the Wiki are now based on a Level 300 Agent equipped with a Generalist's Kevlar Jumpsuit without any Iso-8 slotted on the Uniform and no other items that affect the stats.

Editors must refrain from changing the stats if this is not their Agent setup.

For Customized Gear in addition to the requirements above, editors must have their Customized Gear's Power Level at 300 or greater via Reforging or obtaining the Gear at the required Level. It is recommended to use obtaining gear.

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