New Covert Task AvailableEdit

Palm of Her HandEdit

Rogue has a new covert task available. Complete all four tasks to unlock her Modern Rogue uniform. These tasks will begin Saturday morning, Pacific Time.

New Uniform: Modern RogueEdit

Available Classes : Generalist - Scrapper Power, Generalist - Blaster Power

  • New Passive
    • Classy Lady
      • Absorbed powers are now permanent
      • Retains each absorbed class benefit
  • Scrapper Power
    • Single-target attacks grant a follow-up attack
  • Blaster Power
    • Single-target attacks ignore defense and are guaranteed to crit

Sturdy GloveEdit

Sturdy Gloves are needed to complete the four "Palm of Her Hand" Tasks. Sturdy Gloves may be earned by completing Daily Missions, and are also available for purchase in the Store.

PVP Bonus

  • PVP Bonus OFF +9036
  • PVP Bonus DEF +9036

Undocumented ChangesEdit

Team-Up BonusesEdit

  • Rogue
    • Removed Ran Away From Home team-up bonus

External LinksEdit

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