Magik-Phoenix Five

Magik FB Artwork 1

Scrappericon Cost:
Complete the List of Tasks in Special Operations 3

September 20 - October 16, 2012

Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 106
Ruler of Limbo
• Chance when attacking or attacked to summon a demon

Effect Icon 108 Green Phoenix Potential: Fiery Retribution

• Allies have a chance to unleash Phoenix power each turn

• Deals additional fire damage to enemies when attacking or attacked

Human Torch-Annihilus

Human Torch FB Artwork 2

Annihilus Human Torch

Bruisericon Cost: 56 Command point icon
Blastericon Cost: 42 Command point icon

Effect Icon 109 Green Plasma Body
• Immune to most Fire attacks
• Deals fire damage when struck by melee attacks
• Converts Burning into Flame On!
• Recharge grants Flame On!

Effect Icon 014 Green Blazing Speed
• 25% chance to Avoid Ranged attacks

Effect Icon 003 Green Flame On!
• Increases Attack
• Restores Health every round

Effect Icon 066 Green Flying
• Immune to ground attacks

Effect Icon 091 Green Cosmic Control Rod
• Chance to call warriors from the Annihilation Wave when an ally attacks or is attacked

Effect Icon 098 Green Future Countdown
• Works with other Future Foundation costumes
• Grants Future Countdown with two Future Foundation members
• Permanently increases Attack and Accuracy by 35% on round 4

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